You might have heard that the ‘good old days’ are gone or affiliate marketing is dead.

Well, most bank managers will tell you otherwise. The ‘imaginary’ cash has made it possible for many bloggers, influencers, and other content creators to multiply their bank balance in a breeze.

Yes, there are plenty of marketers who barely make a dime on their affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate marketing isn’t just about promoting products. If all you want is to make it rain and forget adding value to your audience, you’ll fail miserably.

Also, an elite affiliate won’t waste their time promoting products that give them one-off $30 commissions. Instead, they concentrate on high paying affiliate programs that offer higher commissions.

People fail for promoting awful products, entitlement issues, and no consistency (lord knows I’ve been there). There are a few secrets that separate super affiliate marketers from the rest. They’ve taken time to research and spend countless hours looking for profitable affiliate networks.

To succeed you need an affiliate program that is valuable, recognizable, and profitable. With these three components, you become an affiliate marketer as powerful as Optimus Prime and MechaGodzilla combined.

And these are the programs you’ll learn here. We’ve got lots of juicy stuff to plow so let’s get to it.

What are Affiliate Programs?

In simple terms, an affiliate program is an arrangement in which businesses/brands pay influencers or another business (the affiliate) an affiliate commission for driving sales or traffic their way.

It is usually done through social media, web content, or even product integration. The affiliate marketer uses a unique link (affiliate link) that helps them track clicks. Basically using cookies. You’ll find the terms ‘cookie length or cookie life’ which means the period of time a cookie will be tracking the audience’s online activity.

Self-Hosted vs. Affiliate Networks

We have two main types of affiliate programs: those in an affiliate network, and the self-hosted programs.

The self-hosted programs are those that can be accessed through a company’s website. You can join them by searching for a specific brand affiliate program. Once you get their program page, they probably have a form for you to apply.

An affiliate network is made up of a group of merchants who offer their links under one secure roof. So you get to join new programs, grab your affiliate link, view your reports and commissions. For example, ShareASale, Commission Junction, and many more. You’ll have to seek approval to join as they have to check if you meet some set benchmarks.

For both programs, and affiliate manager reviews your application before approval.

One-Time Payment versus Recurring Affiliate programs

There are two types of commission structures, one-time payments, and recurring commissions.  Diversification is key when it comes to affiliate programs. You get the most affiliate income from having a range of high-quality programs. A combination of one-off high ticket affiliate products and those with recurring commissions.

You’ll find that most of the best affiliate programs offer one-time payouts. These are products without future upsells.

One-time Payment Pros & Cons

Pro: You can get a hefty upfront amount that’s 500-1000% higher than the monthly payments.

Con: the affiliate revenue stream isn’t consistent so you can’t plan your finances around it.

Products with a recurring commission, on the other hand, ensure you get a lifetime commission for the duration of the customer’s subscription. So make sure you say a prayer or two on the customer retention rate.  The only catch is you have to be in a niche with recurring affiliate programs such as SaaS, web hosting, or digital marketing products, and the like.

Pros & Cons of Recurring Programs

Pro: You have consistent revenue and you can forecast and plan around how much you’ll be bringing in. And if the customer retention rate is high, you’ll make more lifetime commissions.

Con: It’s a smaller upfront amount and if the churn rate is high, your earnings are eliminated.

No matter which affiliate program you use for yourself, remember to also track your affiliate links to measure.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

With recurring commissions, you either get monthly payments, quarterly, bi-annually, or annual. All dependent on how often the customer subscribes. Programs like Leadpages, Teachable, amoCRM, Elegant Themes, ClickFunnels, SEMrush, and ConvertKit never disappoint.  Let’s look at my top of the pops list for recurring program offers.

Elegant Themes

It’s a very popular WordPress theme library with 80+ sleek and easy-to-use themes. A very lucrative venture for bloggers who give their followers web hosting advice. You can get a recurring monthly payout as high as 50%. Why not send some of your traffic their way?


If you run a digital marketing website, SpyFu is one amazing competitive SEO insight digital product to promote. The 40% recurring payout only sweetens the pot.


They run an affiliate program called BeRush and hey no one can succeed online in the 21st century without SEO. Recommend the product for keyword tracking, site audits, and competitive insights to your audience. You get a 40% recurring commission as a balm to soothe you for the hard work.


Got to say you won’t be disappointed using this landing page builder. The templates, forms, and CTAs are off the hook. And the affiliate program gives you a 30% recurring payout.


With a name like amo, this messenger-based CRM delivers. You get a 35% recurring commission as their affiliate partner. And when you hit the $10K mark, the commission goes up to 50%.


It is a newbie in the email marketing world but they’ve gathered quite momentum. Their affiliate manager is super-awesome and the cookie life is 120 days. Have I mentioned the recurring payout is 30%? Well, now you know.

Best Affiliate Programs 2024

Marketing Affiliate Programs

Most companies under these categories have reputations that preceded them. Are you a digital marketing blogger or content creator? Then this list is meant for you.

Marketing affiliate programs mainly consist of tools and platforms that help your audience build their online business. It consists of everything you need to run a successful eCommerce. From CRM platforms to email marketing tools, social media tools, digital marketing job marketplaces, landing page builders, and many more.


World-famous freelance marketplace for digital services

Fiverr Homepage

Founded in 2010, Fiverr quickly became the world’s largest marketplace for online digital services. The reason for its fame lies in the fact that you will find most of the services for $5 only. From content writing, transcription, and marketing to graphic design, programming, and business, Fiverr has over 200 service categories to choose from. That means all sorts of business, big or small can hire freelancers or outsource their work at reasonable costs.

If you sign up for Fiverr’s affiliate program, you can promote any service you want on the world’s largest marketplace. Right now, they are offering many different commission plans and you can choose the right one for you. It offers $15-150 CPA (cost per action) depending upon the service the first-time buyer purchases or you get $10 as a fixed CPA and 10% Revshare for the next 12 months.

And that’s not all. Fiverr has a learning platform called Fiverr Learn where freelancers can acquire skills from professionals. Promoting a course from that platform will generate you 30% CPA. Fiverr also has a SaaS application for freelancers to manage their business tasks. How does a 50% commission sound for promoting it? Well, the numbers are true!

Commission: $15-150

Commission type: Recurring for 12 months, Flat, Hybrid,

Cookie life: 12 months

Moosend (recurring)

A powerful email service provider with state-of-the-art automation features


Moosend is an email marketing platform that lets you automate and create your email and newsletter campaigns. You can track and monitor your campaigns that reveal interesting insights about your customer behavior. Apart from this, Moosend also lets you develop automation workflows and landing pages. All of this can be easily done using its drag and drop builder and customizable templates.

Moosend has also jumped into the world of affiliate programs and if you dream of making passive income in your sleep, you may consider becoming their partner. Using your affiliate link, if a customer buys their plan you receive a 30% recurring commission as long as they renew their subscription. And the good thing is, Moosend has helpful support and you get access to an affiliate account where can see real-time statistics to track your performance.

Overall, if you are looking for a high-paying affiliate program, then Moosend has the bells and whistles as you also earn an extra commission if the customer upgrades his plan. A win-win situation for both!

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 120 days

Buzzsprout (recurring)

A podcast hosting platform that lets you create and promote your podcasts

Buzzsprout Website

Buzzsprout is an easy to use podcasting platform with rock-solid features. Since podcast shows are on the rise, Buzzsprout is in high demand these days. You can either create a new episode right from the Buzzsprout interface or upload a new audio file. Then you fill in the necessary details like episode title, description, tags, and publish time and date. That’s it. As simple as that. Share it with your followers on Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, or Amazon.

If you’re a Buzzsprout user, you can earn some extra income by joining their affiliate program. Every person who signs up on Buzzsprout through your affiliate link will earn you $25 or give you a 20% lifetime recurring commission. The cherry on top, Buzzsprout gives a $20 Amazon gift card to every person who uses your affiliate link. I see what you did there, Buzzsprout!

Moreover, they have helpful customer support that guides you well on how to promote your links. So keep going, podcasters!

Commission: $25 with recurring 2-% commission

Commission type: Recurring, flat

Cookie life: Lifetime

Wordable (Recurring)

The go-to app to import Google Docs pages to WordPress quickly and easily

Wordable Affiliate Page

Any content creator, blog editor, or content manager would love this gem. Have you ever been frustrated copying and pasting content from Google Docs to WordPress? Text formats disappearing, headers not translating, images not showing, incorrect spacing, and you have spent hours reformatting. Luckily, Wordable comes to your rescue.

Wordable is a SaaS tool that helps content creators publish content directly from Google Docs to their CMS (WordPress, HubSpot, Medium, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more). This content management tool allows you to export your content from Google Docs to WordPress quickly and easily. If you’re publishing content more than 5x per month, Wordable comes in handy for your content and editorial teams.

Wordable’s affiliate program offers partners a recurring 30% commission for every sign-up and plans range up to $1,000 per month for enterprise companies. Their most popular plan starts at $99 per month, which means you get a 30% commission every single month for successful conversions. After the first year, the commission drops to 15% for as long as your referrals stay on Wordable.

Joining is as easy as 1-2-3. You first sign up for the program, then Wordable’s team will walk you through the process. Promotional materials and tools are provided as well – this helps you start marketing ASAP. Once your conversions start rolling, automatic payments are set up so cash just comes in your bank.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: Lifetime

SocialPilot (recurring)

A comprehensive platform to handle your social media activities


SocialPilot lets you connect 50+ social media accounts to manage and schedule your posts. You can lay back, analyze your social media performance, and respond to all the messages in just one place. SocialPilot lets you create sub-tasks within your social media campaigns which you can then assign to your team and review it before posting. Since these platforms are all about automating your posts, you can bulk schedule up to 500 posts for upcoming months. Don’t worry, you can edit the publishing time later if you need to.

Now if you need to join their affiliate program, it is absolutely free to do so. SocialPilot gives you links and banners to promote on your social media and when a person clicks on the link, you get a 30% recurring commission. The payment is linked directly through your PayPal account. You will also get access to the SocialPilot affiliate profile as part of your revenue sharing program.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 60 days

Pabbly (recurring)

Subscription management software to handle billing cycles


Pabbly automates the entire payment processes, invoices and lets you create unlimited subscription plans. All in one place!  It caters to all the business needs of the small and midsize businesses. A cloud-based solution, Pabbly also provides you with a central dashboard to keep track of subscriptions, cancellations, and refunds.

It integrates easily with payment systems like PayPal or Stripe and has the support of multiple currencies. Since most of the online platforms have subscription plans, managing them can be a frantic task. So Pabbly is like a savior of mankind. Besides that, you can grow your business by becoming an affiliate.

Pabbly has a comprehensive affiliate management system that will showcase your affiliate payments, referral links, and monthly payouts in a flexible dashboard. You can change the settings by heading over to Affiliate settings. What I admire about their system is that all of the options are fanned out pretty nicely in front of you.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 60 days

Hashtagsforlikes (recurring)

Powerful hashtags analyzer tool for growing your social media business


It’s the Instagram boom these days! Every other business needs Instagram or Tiktok to promote their products as more than 112 million people use Instagram. Therefore, gaining a massive reach on Instagram is crucial for your business.

But how do you drive organic traffic to your content? That’s where hashtags come into play. Hashtagsforlikes is an online tool that lets you discover the trending hashtags on Instagram and Tiktok. It also lets you track your performance against your competitor’s in a responsive dashboard.

Promote this service and you get 30% recurring commissions for as long as the customer uses this tool. There are no tangles involved in joining their affiliate program and the setup is quite easy.  The team guides you through the process to ensure your success and the good news is, some people succeeded in making a 6 figure passive income. That’s quite huge! So you can grow your business both through hashtags and your referrals.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: Lifetime

amoCRM (recurring)

Messaging-based CRM for lead generationamoCRM

As an influencer or a businessperson, you need to manage your account on all the social media platforms to reach as many people as you can. But handling all of them and responding to hundreds of messages every day can be a tedious task. AmoCRM lets you sit in the driver’s seat by integrating with all your social media platforms and doing that for you.

No more app switching! You can also overview all your sales and preview your task status. AmoCRM also lets you create your chatbots so you can stay connected with your clients 24/7. Now you can also share the affiliate links on your social media platforms and earn a 35% recurring commission.

They also have a few success stories on their website to guide you on increasing your revenue with their affiliate links. Not only that, once you earn $10k as an affiliate partner, this percentage grows to 50%. Plus, the links don’t expire. Woohoo! Clearly, an easy way to increase your monthly revenues.

Commission: 35%, extends to 50% when reaching $10k as a partner

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: Unknown

Leadpages (recurring)

A website that lets you create high-converting landing pages and websites


Leadpages is a quick and easy way to build landing pages, websites, pop-ups, alerts, and much more. No need to go through the grueling process of coding websites because you can create them in an easy drag and drop editor. The result will be responsive pages that could turn your visitors into your customers.

To stay ahead in the game, Leadpages allows you to join their affiliate program and market their lead generation tools. Their program includes referring people to sign up for their products. Since a lot of people are jumping into running their small businesses, becoming a Leadpages affiliate may generate a good passive income for you.

They also have tons of blogs, podcast episodes, webinars, and discount deals which makes the product sell itself on its own. You need to be a Leadpages customer already to become their affiliate partner. Also, you can track your conversions through an affiliate dashboard.

Commission: 50%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 30 days

Customerly (recurring)

Online application to create a strong customer service experience


Customerly is a live chat and email marketing solution to handle all your customer relationship requirements. It acts as a multipurpose assistant to you by creating automated emails and answering your customer’s queries at any time of the day.

A delay in response is a frustrated customer. And humanly it is impossible to be available to your clients 24/7. With Customerly, you can create segments, add tags, automate email replies, and even more. Since they are not yet known to large organizations, there’s a huge opportunity for you in joining their affiliate program.

Once you sign up, you’ll instantly be given links that you can start sharing immediately. The payments are made through PayPal and you can review all the stats in the affiliate dashboard. They have a strong reputation of customers sticking around once they sign up, so that means a huge benefit for you as well.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring for 12 months

Cookie life: 90 days

Speak (recurring)

AI platform for researchers and organizations

Speak AI Homepage
Speak is an AI software platform for researchers and organizations to dramatically reduce the time and cost of capturing, transcribing, translating and analyzing meetings, surveys, phone calls and other language data.

Speak currently supports 160+ languages and has a 4.9 rating on G2 with 150K+ users in more than 150 countries.

Affiliate Commissions: 30% commissions on all subscriptions and pay-as-you-go transactions for 2 years.

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

GetResponse (recurring)

All-in-one email marketing platform with world-class features


GetResponse is a full-fledged email marketing solution for big and small brands. It has almost everything you can imagine as an inbound marketing software. From building landing pages to creating automated funnels, GetResponse has got you all covered. Its detailed analytical features let you see exactly what’s going on with your marketing campaigns.

They have 4 pricing plans to accommodate your needs and this software is quite popular among marketers, freelancers, and business owners. But its demand is increasing day by day. Now, GetResponse also has an affiliate program to pay you for referring clients to their platform. Either you choose a recurring program of 33% for every sale or a $100 fixed for every referral. Both of them have 120-day cookies.

You get free promotional material like banners, videos, email templates, sales copy with a detailed dashboard. Anybody can join this program who is a blogger, freelancer, content creator, marketing expert, or an agency. In short, the GetResponse affiliate program is excellent just like its service.

Commission: 33% or $100 CPA

Commission type: Recurring, flat

Cookie life: 120 days

SEMrush (recurring)

All-in-one marketing solution for digital marketers with 6 million users

SEMRush 2

SEMrush gives you a clear picture of how your websites are performing on Google. It is quite popular among bloggers and SEO professionals. You can track your daily rankings, run SEO audits, and research the best keywords for your business.

SEMrush has a wide suite of lead generation tools to fit your digital marketing needs. From content optimization, keyword research to content marketing, and website monetization, SEMrush solves all the challenges. Their affiliate program is called BeRush and is among the best in the world. You get to promote 40+ tools and are equipped with promotional materials.

Now, who can gain benefits from their affiliate program? All content publishers, data integrators, speakers, and agencies can promote SEMrush and make a huge income. Recently, they introduced a new affiliate program called ShareASale, where you can earn $200 for every subscription and $10 for every new lead. SEMrush introduced this program as a result of improving feedback from their current affiliates.

Commission: 40%, $200 CPA

Commission type: Lifetime Recurring, flat

Cookie life: 10 years

AWeber (recurring)

Email marketing software known for its autoresponders and solid performance


Like Moosend and GetResponse, Aweber allows you to create mailing lists, landing pages, set up autoresponders, design newsletters, and view statistics. The company has a strong market reputation with over 100,000 customers. Their support is one of the outstanding features of their product. However, it’s not the best of its kind if we compare it to the likes of tools like GetResponse.

Let’s head over to some profitable business now, shall we? Aweber’s affiliate program is 10 years old and has been a success for many. There are no costs involved and you can set up your affiliate account in three easy steps. Just log in to your account and you’ll get access to an affiliate ID and unique link.

Now, the best thing is you can place the URL almost anywhere you can imagine, for example, email signature, clickable image, Youtube video, clickable text, and via chat or email. And the added bonus is, you can edit your links according to your visitor’s requirement. If someone is searching for videos to learn about autoresponders, you can refer them to Aweber’s video tutorials by changing the URL path a bit. That’s it. You can get really creative with Aweber’s affiliate program.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 365 days

Mangools (recurring)

A complete SEO toolset made up of 5 powerful tools

Mangools 1

Mangools is quite popular among bloggers, marketers, SEO, and SME professionals to optimize their SEO workflow. It has all the key features you need in an SEO tool including keyword research, backlink tracking, competitor analysis, and rank analysis. On top of that, they have a great user interface and the pricing of this product is reasonable. I need to agree, the tool is quite ‘juicy’ as they claim it to be.

I’ll talk about their affiliate program with a major number ahead. The average monthly commission you can earn is $487. That must catch your attention. Every referred customer can bring you a lifetime recurring commission of 30%. Just register for the Mangools account and you get access to the affiliate section right away. You’ll get a bunch of promo materials and the link. Just share it and start earning!

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: Lifetime

Convertkit (recurring)

Email marketing platform designed for bloggers and writers


ConvertKit is a tool designed specifically for those wanting to create a spark with their words rather than a fancy email template. And so, it has a simple interface and is highly popular among bloggers, authors, content creators, and podcasters. ConvertKit simplifies the process of lead generation by allowing you to create pop-up forms, landing pages, email automation, and tons of integrations.

ConvertKit further helps its users by offering them an option to join their affiliate network. You can be an affiliate without being their customer. If you are someone who understands the importance of email marketing and have an audience looking for the solution, then this is for you!

You get helpful resources, evergreen webinars, and graphics to create your content. All you have to do is use your head as a sharp affiliate marketer and share the links accordingly. Plus, you have a dashboard to keep an eye on everything.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: Lifetime

PromoRepublic (recurring)

A comprehensive social media management platform

Promo Republic Screenshot

PromoRepublic helps businesses schedule their social media posts, design graphics, and organize content all in one place. They have ready-made templates for you related to niches like health, beauty, fitness, food, etc. The kicker is that they also generate content ideas for you based on your events calendar. They have more than 150k users.

Their affiliate partnership will also earn you a 30% commission. According to them, the average income you can earn per referred customer is $40-1500, which is huge! Not only that, the top-performing affiliates get extra bonuses and shareable coupons. Looks like they care very well for their affiliate partners.

They also have a central dashboard to look over everything and personalized landing pages to promote them. But all good things come at a price, don’t they? PromoRepublic has one condition though. Your business must be related to marketing if you want to join their affiliate program.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring for 12 months

Cookie life: 120 days

ElegantThemes (recurring)

WordPress Theme Library with 550,000+ active users

Elegant themes

If you’re a WordPress user, you have certainly come across the name of Elegant Themes. It is one of the biggest names when it comes to themes and plugins for WordPress. They have developed over 87 themes and several plugins for the WordPress community. However, the highlights of their themes go by the name of Divi and Extra. Elegant Themes has improved these products to serve a multipurpose function.

Whether it is a blog, eCommerce, or a business site, Divi and Extra will help you build your custom websites without writing a single line of code. You can become a part of their affiliate program and promote these themes to your audience. How much is the value, you ask? You can earn a 50% commission per sale, the highest you can get in the WordPress niche. Their conversion rates are pretty high and you can easily track your sales using their affiliate dashboard.

Commission: 50%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 180 days

NinjaOutreach (recurring)

CRM tool for blogger outreach

Ninja Outreach

If businesses and influencers are interested in growing their presence online, NinjaOutreach is the tool for them. You can extract all the data required for lead generation, analysis, customer relations, and keyword research. This tool makes it easy to create mailing lists and capture your audience’s attention. Besides, you can manage your campaigns and projects easily with its built-in CRM.

NinjaOutreach used to offer a 50% recurring commission as an affiliate but offer only 20%. I know, a little saddening, Nonetheless, their program is all for those in the field of marketing, SEO, PR strategist, etc. The program is free to join and they use a third-party software Postaffiliatepro to track and make payments. They also provide you with banners, coupons, and codes to make help you succeed as an affiliate partner.

Commission: 20%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 6 months

SpyFu (recurring)

SEO tool focused on interactive reporting

SpyFu 1

SpyFu is a prominent name in the SEO game. While it’s a little complex for beginners, it is an excellent tool for digital marketers. It fulfills all the needs of business users by providing complete keyword history, backlink tracking, and PPC competitor research. They have a tool called Kombat which makes SpyFu stand out the most. Basically, if you search your website, it will create a data visualization showing which competitive keywords overlap with yours.

With SpyFu, you can earn a true passive income by getting a 40% recurring payout. Even if you own multiple sites, you can promote SpyFu everywhere with their updated banners. It’s quite a straightforward process. All you have to do is sign up for their affiliate program, embed links in your websites or YouTube videos that will refer your visitors to their website, and that’s it. You receive payouts after every $100 via PayPal or ACH.

Commission: 40%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 365 days

ClickFunnels (recurring)

Landing pages and sales funnel builderClickFunnels

People love ClickFunnels for helping them turn their visitors into clients. With the drag and drop editor, you can build landing pages, forms, and trigger emails. They give you ample integrations to make ClickFunnels act as a powerful business app for you. Founded in 2014, it quickly made its way to the top by offering an easy to use sales funnel builder. You’ll find a range of templates to save your time.

Who is ClickFunnels for, you may think? Generally, it is for all those who have independent ventures like startups, B2B service providers, coaches, and consultants. ClickFunnel increases its money-making opportunities for you through its affiliate program. If you are a ClickFunnels member, you automatically get access to their affiliate program.

Once you refer a customer, they attach a sticky cookie to track your earnings. The good thing is, with 100 referred customers, ClickFunnel pays you $1000 per month. They call it the ‘bonus prize’ and they will give you the funds for any car you want to get on the lease. That’s huge!

Commission: 40%, $1000 for 100 referrals

Commission type: Recurring, flat

Cookie life: 45 days

Unbounce (recurring)

Platform to build high-converting landing pages


Let me start with a single statistic: Over 15,000+ brands rely on Unbounce for their beautiful landing pages.  You can experiment with different templates through their A/B testing feature and measure their performance. What makes them unique is their AMP landing pages that load 85% faster and AI-powered smart tool that drives relevant traffic to your pages.

In short, Unbounce hands you the reins to make your custom landing pages, popups, and sticky bars without the need to code. Now if you love using Unbounce, why not promote it to your audience? For every customer, you earn a 20% revenue. Just imagine, if you refer 25 people, you’d be earning $800 per month, as calculated on their website. They also provide you with promo materials and helpful resources to help grow your earning potential.

If you need help, Unbounce has a partner coach to guide you through the process and answer your queries.

Commission: 20%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 90 days


Online platform for customer referrals


Referral marketing is a strategy whereby you grow a business through your existing customers. It is a powerful tactic that incentivizes your customers to refer a product to their friend. For example, you create deals for your customers “10% off for you, 20% off for your friends”.

Now, Referralcandy plays its part by giving you a ready-made setup for launching your referral programs. They have stunning templates to get you started. All you have to do is customize them to your brand and choose the rewards as you like.

If you have an eCommerce store, their affiliate program will work the best for you. You get a flat commission of $10 for every signup. They also have special rewards for influencers who manage to stand out from the crowd. ReferralCandy integrates with all the big eCommerce giants like Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, etc. So you can sign up with any platform and earn some extra money.

Commission: $10

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: Unknown

Email hunter for marketersHunter

With, you can find contact information on any website by just typing its name in the search bar. It is used by 2,000,000+ professionals including industry giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Adobe. You can apply various search filters and check their verification through confidence scores. This tool is ideal for businesses that want to send cold emails and are finding a quick tool for all the details.

To join their affiliate program, you need to sign up and wait for their approval. After that, you can use Hunter’s affiliate links in many different ways in your content. There’s one thing to keep in mind. The referred users should not be registered already with Hunter.

Commission: 30%/12 invoices

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 45 days


All-in-one marketing automation platform


Omnisend was featured by Capterra in the Top 20 marketing automation platforms for 2020. Like Mailchimp, it provides marketing automation for eCommerce brands. By bringing all your campaigns under one roof, you can automate and personalize them for your targeted audience.  Integrating with third-party apps is a breeze here with Omnisend. Also, they have pre-built automation and robust segmentation to meet all your needs.

Connecting with your customers and monitoring your performance has all become easy. Thanks to Omnisend. Moving over to their affiliate program, they call it an influencer program where you can up to 300% one-time commission for referring businesses. Jaw-opening, right?

But they aren’t selling trinkets here so it looks like they take it pretty seriously. Furthermore, you get access to ready-made promotional content including ads and banners and helpful support. By now, you would have understood it is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs.

Commission: 300%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30 days


A platform for arranging meetings and webinars for over 150 attendees


As the name sounds, ClickWebinar lets you launch webinars for a large number of attendees. Now you would be thinking, why use ClickWebinar when we have zoom? That is because it doesn’t require installation! You can use this platform for online courses, training, business meetings, and online events. It comes with tons of features like slideshow presentation, polls, chat, and document sharing to support your webinars. Plus, it is extremely user-friendly.

ClickWebinar lets you partner up to drive traffic to their website. In return, you get a 30% flat commission. The bigger the plan purchased, the bigger your commission. That means you can earn as high s $515 per sale. Their affiliate program is managed via Commission Junction (CJ). They will provide you with tons of promo materials there with a dedicated affiliate manager to guide you through the way.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 120 days

Viral Loops (30% recurring)

Referral marketing platform

Viral loops

If you are looking for affordable lead generation, Viral Loops is there for you. By creating hype around your products, you have a higher chance of selling them and growing your customer base. Viral loops use the referral marketing tactic just like Referral candy. All you have to do is use their dedicated templates and launch your campaigns.

For some brands, word of mouth marketing works the best as you don’t have to spend tons on advertising. Your customers happily do that for you. Their affiliate program is simple to join. Once approved, you’ll earn a 30% recurring commission for every user signing up for Viral Loops. You will get your payouts via PayPal but a minimum delay of 30 days can be expected.

Viral Loops have sufficient tips listed on their blogs on how to promote their affiliate links. You can create your content around the topics of product comparisons, marketing tools, and video tutorials to reach maximum success.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: Unknown

Inboxally (20% recurring)

Email marketing tool to improve your sender reputation

Inboxally screenshot

Inboxally is an email marketing SAAS tool that helps email marketers increase their email marketing campaign profitability. It does so by interacting with different inboxes and teaching them to place their customer’s emails in the main inbox instead of spam and promotions folders. This in turn will help to warm up new email accounts and/or improve existing senders’ reputation. Most customers see their open rates more than double within two weeks of using the service.

The tool offers very high ROI for its users as increasing open rates is one of the easiest ways to increase the profitability of email marketing, which is already one of the most profitable ways of advertising. Most Inboxally users use it to help them send cold outreach emails or to send emails to their existing list of subscribers.

Their affiliate program pays a 20% recurring commission, which can amount to a hefty sum, given that it’s packages start from $149 and run up to more than $10,000/month. (!)

Commission: 20%

Commission type: recurring

Cookie life: 90 days

Strive (30% recurring)

Editorial calendar plugin for WordPress that helps you plan your upcoming posts.

Strive homepage


Using the visual calendar, you can easily add new posts, reschedule posts with drag-and-drop, and make quick edits. This makes it much easier to stick to the same schedule each month and ensure you’re on track to hit your deadlines. There are also editorial tools included, like the post checklist, that make content creation more focused and efficient.

Unlike most WP plugins, Strive uses a SaaS business model, so customers pay a monthly subscription for access. This is great for you as an affiliate because Strive pays 30% recurring commissions for all sales. If a customer signs up for a monthly subscription, you’ll get paid every month, and if they signup for an annual subscription, you’ll get a new commission every year. As a new product, there isn’t much competition with other affiliates yet, making it easy for you to introduce Strive to new audiences and earn your commissions.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: recurring

Cookie life: 60 days

Online Courses Platforms

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that online courses are not only here to stay but the way to go starting now. They provide a way to not only save money and time but also provide convenience to learners. Currently, education institutions and most training courses have shifted to online platforms.

It’s only prudent if you consider promoting online learning management platforms. So here is my top list of affiliate programs to boost your passive income.

Teachable (recurring)

Online coaching platform with 100,000+ creators

Teachable 1

Are you looking for a platform to sell your courses? Well, Teachable is one of its kind platform where you can create an online course on any subject and sell it to make money. You don’t need to pay for hosting and website creation. Instead, Teachable handles all of that for you. You just need to learn their easy-to-use course creation tool and get going.

Now to make additional profit, you can partner up with them for an affiliate program. They offer a 30% recurring commission which is not bad at all. Teachable has a well-structured program where you get access to a portal to track your earnings. You can A/B test funnels to see which one your audience loves the most.  This can also help you optimize your marketing strategy.

Besides, Teachable has a bundle of premium training for every referred customer. So you stay rest assured that your audience will love them.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 90 days

Kajabi (recurring)

Online platform for marketing digital products

Kajabi 1

Kajabi is an online platform where you can create, market, and sell your online courses. It has all the engagement tools you need to deliver a professional course to your students. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Kajabi also allows you to run your websites or blogs while fully automating your emails.

I wouldn’t say it’s similar to Udemy as you have complete control over course pricing, rules, regulations, and student data. By joining their affiliate program, you can promote this tool with hundreds who are looking for this platform to expand their business. Their affiliate dashboard shows detailed statistics like clicks, conversions, and form submissions. That means you can handle your affiliate partnership right from one central portal.

Getting a 30% lifetime commission isn’t bad at all, right? Besides that, they also offer attractive rewards for special affiliates.  So there is no reason why one wouldn’t try their program.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 30 days

Learnworlds (recurring)

Cloud-based course creation platform

LearnWorlds 1

Learnworlds offers the necessary features to create your courses and boost engagement in them. It is mostly used by creators and small businesses to train their employees or simple sell courses. With the interactive video feature, you can add questions, buttons, and forms to your videos on the fly. To give it a touch of professionalism, Learnworlds allows you to create quizzes, exams, and even certificates for your students.

They have an awesome range of beautiful templates to give your campaigns a boost. With a lifetime commission of 25%, Learnworlds has one of the best affiliate programs in the industry. They have all the terms and conditions listed clearly on their webpage. Every partner gets access to premium training materials along with coupons and promo materials.

Moreover, you can view the detailed analytics in your dashboard like sales, commissions, link clicks, and payments received to optimize your performance. And the kicker is that they let you create a custom partnership according to your needs and audience. This is to ensure that every business can jump in and earn some extra money through their affiliate program.

Commission: 25%

Commission type: Lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 60 days

EasyWebinar (30% recurring)

All-in-one webinar solution platform

EasyWebinar 1

If you are looking for a technology that integrates webinars and marketing, then EasyWebinar is for you. You can host live and automated webinars using their easy-to-use platform. What makes it cool is that they have a full suite of marketing tools to generate leads. For example, you can sell digital products, demonstrate them, give training, and grow your mailing list.

Their customer tracking tools further help you with gathering prospects. If you are looking for a trusted affiliate source, then look no further. Because EasyWebinar has a 30% commission structure for every sign-up. That too, recurring! They make sure to equip you with email templates, sales tools, and video resources to help you succeed. In addition to that, they also offer exclusive bonuses for their happy affiliates.

Promoting EasyWebinar will bring you peace in many ways. In one way, you are helping your audience reach their goals. On the other side, you earn your commission promoting a trusted brand.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Lifetime recurring

Cookie life: Unknown

Thinkific (recurring)

Online course platform with 75 million+ courses


Like Teachable, Thinkific lets you create and market online courses. It is ideal for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to share their knowledge in a professional manner. You can organize all the learning content, quizzes, and videos using a drag and drop builder.

Now you may be thinking, how is Thinkific different from Teachable? Well, the main difference is that Thinkific has better customization tools while Teachable is better at marketing. Otherwise, both of them are quite similar in their features. Thinkific also lets you integrate with 1000+ business tools to make it an excellent experience for your students.  You can also automate student messaging, certificate completion, and more.

Becoming Thinkific’s affiliate can help you earn a 20% recurring commission on all of their plans. You will also get access to exclusive promo materials. With its affiliate partnership, you can earn up to $1100 per referral per year. That’s cool! They handle the signup process via PartnerStack. If you have an audience who wants to share their expertise, then joining their affiliate program might be a good bet for you.

Commission: 20%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 90 days

Podia (recurring)

A platform for selling courses, memberships, and digital downloads

Podia 1

Podia is an all-in-one digital service storefront where you can sell three products under one roof. The three modules are memberships, online courses, and digital downloads. It requires no technical knowledge as the interface is extremely user-friendly. This makes the tool ideal for beginners who want to open a digital storefront. It simplifies everything for you with a drag and drop builder.

Another cool feature is that you can also send emails and newsletters to your audience to keep them engaged. For example, you can notify them of a course update or a new addition to a chapter in an ebook. Becoming a Podia affiliate partner will give you a 30% recurring commission on every referred commission. That means you have a high earning potential. Plus, it is a simple tool for creating digital products and generating revenue. So your audience will love it.

However, they have just a few rules to keep everybody happy. Self-referrals are not allowed and the payments are made through PayPal. You also cannot use affiliate links in Facebook ads.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 90 days


WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) for selling courses

Shopify 2

LearnDash is the WordPress LMS plugin that can be used by educational institutions, entrepreneurs, and training organizations for selling their courses. The site design is such that it is used for training courses at Fortune 500 companies. That means it is quite a trusted platform.

When you activate the LearnDash plugin, it adds several items to your website including new widgets, menu items for quizzes, assignments, questions, and database tables.  All of this can be handled pretty quickly and you can start creating your courses. It also lets you track student progress, deliver certificates, awards, and badges.  It integrates seamlessly with 300+ apps including Mailchimp, Woocommerce, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Partnering with LearnDash as an affiliate will generate you a 35% commission per sale. You can earn up to $115 from the one-time sale including rewards and upgrades. Their conversion rate is known to be high so you have a good chance of earning passive income from referring to this platform.

Commission: 35%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: Unknown

Uscreen (lifetime recurring)

eLearning video streaming platform

Uscreen Affiliate Program

With Uscreen you can start an eLearning business that is both profitable and enjoyable. It is a video streaming platform where you can launch your own branded eLearning streaming websites, OTT mobile and TV apps, zero coding skills required.

Uscreen allows you to create your own controlled learning environment, pick a pricing model and payment options that work best for you and your audience, use analytics for both your videos and marketing, take control of your income.

As a Uscreen affiliate, you can promote their platform to businesses and entrepreneurs who are planning to launch an educational streaming service and earn a 20% recurring commission. There are also higher commission rates and exclusive bonuses for top-performing affiliates.

Uscreen sends payouts through PayPal. There is no minimum balance you have to reach before you start receiving commissions. You get paid even when there is a single referral.

Commission: 20%

Commission type: Lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 60 days

eCommerce Affiliate Programs

You can’t build an eCommerce store without the help of an eCommerce platform. Ask any online store owners and they’ll tell you that only with the right tools will you be able to power up your conversion rate.

In this session, I’ll take you through not only the best eCommerce tools in the market but also those with high paying affiliate programs. Brace yourselves!


A popular platform for building eCommerce stores

Shopify 1

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce solutions for launching and managing a business. There are a large number of online shopping stores these days and so are the tools to manage them. Shopify is arguably the simplest to use because you don’t need to handle the technicalities of website building.

It has a lot of customizable templates that you can match to your branding. With Shopify, you can perform email marketing, payment processing, reporting, shipping, and basically everything you can think of. The company has now over 1,000,000 users. In short, Shopify is at the heart of eCommerce stores just like WordPress is of bloggers.

Shopify’s affiliate program is one of the highest paying programs. It rewards you with $58 per sale. Is that it? No! If your referral signs up for Shopify Plus, you are rewarded with $2000 per subscription. It also saves your time by providing you with ready-made materials like video content, blogs, webinars, and automated funnels.

Commission: $58/user, $2000 for Shopify Plus

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30 days


eCommerce Platform for setting up your online store


Like Shopify, BigCommerce also offers tons of built-in features for creating a powerful online store. It is a solid platform that you can use to sell physical or digital products. With a drag and drop builder, you can set up the look and feel of your digital store. You can integrate with payment systems, organize your products, automate emails, and even SEO optimize it.

The abandoned cart saver option is another helpful functionality in BigCommerce to see who abandoned carts mid-way through the process. You can then send personalized reminder emails to them. BigCommerce affiliate program has the best rewards for you. It is ready to pay you $200 for every referred customer. Also, if you bring an enterprise customer, then you get a whopping $1500 dollars for it.

You are equipped with a dedicated manager to help you grow your affiliate sales and track your performance. In addition to that, you get access to promo materials as well.

Commission: 200% of the first payment or $1,500/enterprise customer

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90 days (Also a website affiliate program)

A platform for building highly customized websites

Wix 4

If you want to create a website with minimal effort and cost, then Wix is the platform for you. With an intuitive interface, you can build powerful websites with rich features. All the templates are modern and attractive with different elements like text boxes, buttons, menus, to selling tickets and creating memberships.

Wix also has an ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) tool to create slight variations of a chosen template. However, switching a theme here in Wix is not possible and so you need to carefully make your decision of choosing it.

Wix has a fixed commission model in their affiliate program, offering you $100 per sale. You need to earn a minimum of $300 per month to receive your commission. Besides, Wix also allows a 14-day free trial so your audience can try it risk-free. You can also manage your affiliate sales from your dashboard and view detailed statistics.

Commission: $100

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30 days

Cloud-based eCommerce tool for selling products


Using Sellfy, businesses can set up their storefronts and sell physical and digital products. It is an all-in-one solution where you can display products, handle payments, and utilize marketing tools and analytics. You can fully personalize your store according to your branding. Also, it has over 750 integrations to power your business.

Sellfy lets you sell almost everything you can ever imagine including ebooks, illustrations, and even music. They claim to “Build your store in under five minutes” and they fulfill it, no doubt. You don’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining your store. You can make more money by joining Sellfy’s affiliate program.

This program is ideal for bloggers, businesses, and marketers alike. You can earn up to a 25% commission from every subscription sale which is great for receiving a passive income. You’ll get regular emails packed with tips on how to drive customers and make more success. Not only that, they have a dynamic plan where your commission increases upon bringing more sales every month. Now, this is amazing!

Commission: 25%

Commission type: Recurring for 12 months

Cookie life: 90 days


An eCommerce website builder with rich bulti-in features

3DCart 3

3Dcart is an established software for building your eCommerce website and setting up an online store. It has 200+ built-in features and a variety of templates to suit your needs. You can send newsletters, chat with your customers, and manage SEO optimization. This platform is not at all new. It was founded in 1997 and is used by over 17,000 people.

If we compare it with other competitive eCommerce platforms, 3Dcart is a little difficult to use. The interface feels a little clunky. But on the brighter side, people found adding products to be simple.

If you become 3Dcart’s affiliate partner, you can earn a 300% commission for every referred customer. This makes 3Dcart one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the world. As long as you have some online influence, you can promote this platform. They also give you access to their blogs, videos, and automated funnels.

Commission: 300%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-360 days

Website Affiliate Programs

Like we said before, to thrive online, every business needs a website. And this is where website builders come in hand. You don’t have to be a tech wiz to create a stunning website. In 2020, coding is overkill, and thanks to easy-to-use builders, anyone should be able to create a website, blog, or an online store.

They have provided the perfect solution for small businesses to develop well-designed sites without hiring developers. And many people are searching for a builder to use thanks to the wide range of options in the market today.

Here is a list of the best website affiliate programs to partner with.


A popular website builder with 50m websites built

weebly 1

Weebly is an intuitive tool with modern templates, integrated apps, and marketing capabilities. The themes are not only attractive but responsive as well. Weebly has many features to offer for your website including shopping carts, coupons, invoices, and many more. You can add plenty of new features to your website using third-party integrations as well.

Weebly was acquired by Space, an eCommerce company in 2018. And so its mobile site building capabilities are similar to Squarespace. It has a button to take you to the mobile site editing but that only works with old templates.

With Weebly’s affiliate program, you can earn a generous 30% commission for as long as the referred customer stays subscribed. The signup process is absolutely free of charge and you need to create your referral profile. There you’ll get access to affiliate links to promote Weebly on your website. Promo materials are available there too.

Commission: 30%

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 120 days


User-friendly website builder

site123 1

Site123 has very nice features to offer from mobile-responsive templates to personalized eCommerce stores. The interface is user-friendly and has the SEO tools to optimize your website. Site123 has robust eCommerce tools that can help you accept payments, display an unlimited number of products, and send marketing emails.

It has several plugins that integrate seamlessly into your website including Google Analytics, Zendesk, Facebook, and chat for customer support. It does not have a drag and drop builder but that doesn’t stop it from being a quick website builder tool.

When you become Site123’s partner, you can earn up to $182 per sale. You can track all your conversions and are even equipped with banners for easy promotion. It lets you withdraw your payments only after you’ve earned $300. They have dedicated 24/7 support to help you answer your queries.

Commission: $182

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 120 days

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Most of us have come across a web hosting affiliate marketer on our online rendezvous. Honestly, all websites need hosting so why not recommend an awesome web hosting platform. It is one of the best and most popular affiliate opportunities.

That’s the reason why it’s a no-brainer for elite affiliate marketers out there. If you want to join them, here is my list of the best hosting affiliate programs.


Popular web hosting company with 2 million websites


Siteground is a top choice to consider if you are looking for a web hosting solution for your website. It has many benefits lined up for you. It has exceptionally high uptimes, which is an essential factor for your server to keep running fast. Most of the web hosting companies offer plugins at a cost, but Siteground offers some free features for you to enjoy like a free SSL certificate and CDN.

Also, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand how things work at SiteGround. You can fulfill your different hosting needs including shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, and cloud hosting.

Their affiliate program works on the ‘more refers, more commission’ rule. They pay you $50 for 1-5 sales per month. If you refer to 11-20 customers, then you earn $100 per sale. They have detailed in-house tracking and attractive banners for you. Siteground also provides you tools to create your own marketing campaigns to see what works best for your audience.

Commission: starting at $50 for 1-5 sales, custom commissions at 21+

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60 days

Kinsta (recurring)

Cloud-based WordPress hosting


You can consider Kinsta to be a rival of the WP engine. Both are in the competition to provide the best WordPress hosting. Kinsta provides hosting in partnership with the Google Cloud Platform. That means more resources for your websites already.

Kinsta makes it easy for you to switch over to their platform without much hassle. And the good thing is, you can do it for free. They include features like CDN in their basic plans as well. CDN ensures your files will be saved in multiple locations around the world for faster loading times.

When you become Kinsta’s affiliate partner, you get $500 for every referred customer along with a 10% monthly recurring commission. That’s huge. Kinsta also gives you access to a sleek dashboard for real-time tracking. Also, you get promotional banners and materials. But after you become Kinsta’s affiliate, you cannot take part in their incentivized programs.

Commission: $500 for every referral + 10% monthly recurring commission

Commission type: Flat, recurring, hybrid

Cookie life: 60 days


Eco-friendly web hosting provider

GreenGeeks 1

It is good for the environment, but is it good for your hosting too? Yes, Greengeeks has remarkably good features at such a low price. It is reported to have an uptime of 99.99%!  It also comes with free domain name registration. What more could you ask for?

How exactly is Greengeeks environmentally friendly? They calculate their energy use and buy 3x more renewable energy credits than the average energy used by their services. In addition to that, it also provides real-time security like spam assassin protection, brute force protection, and SSL secure server.

Their affiliate program is not less rewarding for you. On one hand, you’ll help the environment and on the other, you’ll earn a great side income. You can track your conversions and also get many promo resources. The more you bring in customers, the higher the bonuses awarded.

Commission: $50-100 for 1-6 sales

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30 days


A well-known web hosting provider with over 8 million websites

Hostgator is one of the best web hosting solutions in the market. They have dedicated 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, and offer free domain names. They also provide all types of hosting like dedicated servers, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Apart from that, Hostgator has a 45-day money-back guarantee so the audience takes a risk-free decision. It also makes switching your host to this platform a free process. Hostgator has flexible tiers in its affiliate program. You can earn as much as $2625 a month! Yes, you heard that right, if you send in 21 customers.

If you bring in 1-5 sales, then you earn $65 per signup. And so the rewards increase as the number of sales increase per month. Sky’s the limit here in Hostgator’s affiliate program. You also get coupon codes and banners for your audience.

Commission: $65-2625

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 120 days


Simplifying web hosting solution for your professional websites


Cloudways is a cloud-based platform that helps deploy your websites within a few minutes. Services like AWS and Google Cloud support its infrastructure and so the platform has a solid foundation. Apart from WordPress, it also supports Joomla, Laravel, PHP, Drupal, and other tools.

Cloudways has an intuitive and sleek interface. WordPress, Bigcommerce, Magneto, and other similar applications can be automatically installed. It also has its own CDN to ensure super-fast loading time. Lastly, they have great flexibility in their pricing as they follow a “pay-as-you-go” structure.

Cloudways’ affiliate program is not far behind in offering flexibility. You can switch between their two programs: Slab and Hybrid. Depending on the performance slab, you can earn up to $125 per sale. It works best for marketers, bloggers, and media publishers. The hybrid plan gives you $30 per referral and a 7% lifetime commission. This is ideal for freelancers, developers, and digital startups.

Commission: $125 per sale or $30 per sale + 7% recurring commision

Commission type: Flat, hybrid

Cookie life: 90 days


Premium hosting solution for WordPress


Every person who owns a website needs some kind of hosting. And so the competition for hosting solutions is cutthroat in the market. WP Engine is a web hosting provider specific to WordPress sites. It claims to provide secure, optimized, and lightning-fast hosting to all types of websites.

It provides quick migration from your old host and a free SSL certificate. It also has plenty of tracking options for you. However, one fact is for sure. WP Engine is expensive as compared to other solutions. But it compensates it in providing quality features and solid management.

WP Engine has one of the highest paying affiliate programs. You can earn as high as $200 from your first sale. They have highly incentivized programs for your audience including rewards, custom discounts, and promotions. You also get $50 for bringing in other affiliate marketers to this platform.

Commission: $200 or 100% of the first payment and 35% of StudioPress themes.

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 180 days


Reliable WordPress hosting provider


Like WP Engine, Flywheel also provides a blazing fast hosting service. Designers and creative bloggers are fans of this service because they don’t need to understand the technicalities of it. It has a modern dashboard with everything streamlined for you.

Flywheel has a powerful infrastructure with rich features due to its collaboration with Google Cloud. You can quickly set up your WordPress sites within a few clicks. There are cheaper alternatives available out there but you can trust Flywheel for its quality service.

With Fluwheel’s affiliate program, you can earn up to $500 per referral. That’s awesome. This makes Flywheel’s offer highly lucrative. Since it has a high market reputation, your audience is going to love it. You can promote Flywheel on your social media, blogs, and anywhere you want to. They also have some sweet perks for you which go by the name of Black Flyday and Fly July.


Commission: 300%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60 days

VPN Affiliate Programs

This is another popular niche for affiliate marketers. The great work and school from home experiment thanks to the current pandemic has increased cybercrime. With the current concerns with cybersecurity, people are looking to create more secure online environments.

So regardless of the connection, VPNs have provided secure internet hence safe surfing experiences. Plus it helps increase your internet speed by preventing bandwidth throttling. What more can people ask for?

It’s said every cloud has a silver lining. Here is a chance to get yours by promoting the best VPN affiliate programs.



High-speed VPN for online privacy

ExpressVPN provides you online protection and encryption services with solid performance. They provide high payouts in their affiliate program. Purchasing a one-month Express VPN package will earn you $13. And the commission increases with increased monthly packages.

Commission: $13, $22, $36

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90 days


VPN with strong security features

NordVPN is another VPN giant for advanced virtual privacy and security. Their generous affiliate plans let you earn 100% for 1-month signup, 40% for 6 months, 1 year, and so on. In addition, 30$ for renewal.

Commission: 100% per signup, 30$ for renewal

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30 days

IPVanish (recurring)

Fastest VPN for end-end encryption

Apart from robust security features, IPVanish puts no limit on the number of simultaneous connections. Joining their affiliate program will earn you 100% for all referred customers and 35% upon their renewal.

Commission: 100% per sale, 35% for renewal

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: Unknown


A VPN service provider with over 2000 encrypted servers

PureVPN has some unique features like military-grade 256-bit encryption and split tunneling Their affiliate program has two tiers: $100 per sale and 35% recurring commission. They also have bonuses and high-converting deals for your audience.

Commission: 100% per sale, 35% commission

Commission type: Flat, recurring

Cookie life: 60 days


User-friendly tool packed with VPN features

CyberGhost provides you with a 100% anonymous connection and strict No Logs policy. Becoming their affiliate will help you generate up to 100% commissions. It also has a performance-based commission model.

Commission: 100% commission

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30 days

Fitness Affiliate Programs

According to Business Insider, the fitness industry has reached a whopping $100 billion worth in 2019. Achieving health and wellness will always be an obsession for people as your fitness has a connection to everything else in life. This makes fitness an evergreen eCommerce niche.

Today, there are hundreds of fitness programs and diet plans to keep that blood pumping well. And no wonder, people are making millions in this field as a personal trainer, selling weight-loss products, shakes, and gym wear. But that’s not all. The popular fitness industry is also indulged in the affiliate game. That means you can help people take better care of their health and also earn some money doing it.

Now you may wonder: What fitness websites are offering the best affiliate programs? Because let’s be honest. There are hundreds out there and not every program will yield the best result for you. Well, that’s why we are here to list the top fitness affiliate programs that you can consider joining as an affiliate marketer.

barefoot yoga

Barefoot Yoga

A website that supplies yoga products

Barefoot Yoga is a fitness website that supplies yoga mats, yoga clothing, and similar products at an affordable price. Their affiliate program is free to join and you can promote the affiliate link or specific products on your website easily.

Commission: 10% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-day cookie

A website selling gym wear and multivitamins

BodyBuilding is an online store for fitness clothing and supplements. Their website also has informative blog articles for workout practices. This website has 1.1 million visitors daily and so becoming their affiliate can be a triumphant business.

Commission: 5-15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 9-day cookie

Jade Yoga

Supplier of eco-friendly yoga mats

Jade Yoga takes care of the environment while selling you its yoga mats and mat wash. Joining their affiliate program will help you give something back to Mother Nature, along with getting banners and personal statistics.

Commission: 20% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-day cookie

Life Fitness

Distributor of fitness equipment

Life Fitness deals with the production of fitness equipment like bikes and treadmills. Their affiliate program is one of the best in the fitness industry as the average order value is above $3000.

Commission: 8%+ per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-day cookie


Major supplier of supplements and fitness equipment

Onnit is geared towards providing nutritional-rich foods, apparel, and fitness machines to athletes, fighters, students, and gamers. Becoming their affiliate partner allows you to promote a brand that is trusted by top sports figures.

Commission: 15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 45-day cookie


Provider of in-home fitness equipment

On ProForm, you will find high-grade exercise machines like treadmills, cycles, ellipticals, weight benches, and more. Becoming their affiliate partner will help you promote professional fitness equipment. They care for their customers by having dedicated customer support and charging zero delivery fees.

Commission: 8-11% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-day cookie


Online store of plant-based protein shakes

As the name indicates, Vega is a provider of pure vegan protein shakes. They are a bit on their pricier side but offer high quality organize powders. If you are into sports and fitness, you can join their affiliate program to promote an authentic brand to your followers.

Commission: 8-15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-day cookie


Distributor of fitness equipment

Reebok fitness is a provider of fitness accessories like training mats, belts, treadmills, and cardio equipment. You can promote this large inventory to your audience by joining their affiliate program. You also get monthly newsletters having updates about their sales opportunities.

Commission: 7%+ per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-day cookie

TRX Training

Provide professional training

TRX Training is a website where you can book online training classes from the world’s best coaches. They provide suspension weight training, workout plans, and training tools to fitness addicts anytime, anywhere. Joining their affiliate program can be a great way to make money.

Commission: 8% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-day cookie

Health Affiliate Programs

The global health industry is a trillion-dollar industry. You only got one body to take care of, don’t you? Well, that is why people are willing to spend millions on their health treatments.

But on the other hand, health problems are equally on the rise. With pollution and unhealthy food consumption to blame, there is no wonder you need to take extra care of your body. Many health coaches and nutritionists have started their online blogs to teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle. They have released numerous healthy recipes ebooks, blogs, and exercise tips that are helping people make a better change in their lives.

All of these health and wellness websites also offer affiliate programs. You can market their detox juices, supplements, recipes, ebooks with a good amount of commission. But make sure that your products do what they are supposed to do. Otherwise, it can tarnish your reputation as a health affiliate marketer. So here’s a detailed list of the top health companies for you.

Rejuvinated for life

Rejuvenated for Life

The online page for healthy cooking recipes

They have a Facebook page with a high following where they post healthy recipes for all types of food and educate the audience by posting nutritional facts.

Commission: Unknown

Commission type: Unknown

Cookie life: Unknown

Eat Drink Paleo

Cookbook by Irena Macri

Eat Drink Paleo is a published book that contains paleo-friendly diet recipes. Paleo diet consists of no processed sugar, junk food, or gluten products. It contains over 110 healthy and delicious recipes. Eat Drink Paleo is a part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program which is an affiliate program. You will get affiliate links from Amazon which you can promote on your website and earn a little money through referrals.

Commission: Unknown

Commission type: Unknown

Cookie life: Unknown

E3 Live

Producer of organic blue-green algae for consumption

E3live is a frozen AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) which is harvested and converted into medicine for consumption. It is known to be dense in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Their affiliate program is only for USA and Canada sales.

Commission: 20% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90 days

Boku Super Food

Online store of organic foods

Here you’ll find doctor-formulated organic powders and snacks to support your immune system and keep you healthy. They have a ‘Give $15, get $15’ rule in their referral program which lets you give a $15 discount to your friends on orders about $75 and you receive $15 in your pocket.

Commission: $15 per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: Unknown

Powbab Superfoods

Superfood company with organic products

Here you’ll find immune boosters, powders, and oils for better skin and hair. Their chewy bites products fulfill all your antioxidant needs of the day. If you are a health and wellness coach, you can become their affiliate partners to promote their products and earn some commission.

Commission: $15 per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-days

1UP Nutrition

A one-stop-shop for all health drinks

This online store will provide you health products specific to men and women’s needs, collagen and glutamine powders, and other vegan superfoods. You can monetize your website by promoting their affiliate links. Their products have a 30-days money-back guarantee as well.

Commission: Unknown

Commission type: Unknown

Cookie life: 30-days

Fashion Affiliate Programs

Fashion is an evergreen niche! People always want to be in style. New trends come and go and viral fashion takes its place. Keeping yourself up-to-date is important to everyone and there are numerous fashion bloggers on social media everywhere. They guide you on different looks for the office, home, gym, etc.

And now many people want to shop online. Almost all well-known brands have online websites and ship their clothing worldwide. And yes, they are offering high-paying affiliate programs as well. So if you are one of the fashion influencers, you may not wanna lose this chance.

Funny thing is, even in times of crisis, people don’t wanna stop shopping! So here is a list of profitable affiliate programs that you may want to consider joining.

General Fashion

General fashion means that fashion stores deal with your daily clothing, needs. Looking for a new shirt, jeans, shoes? Well, these are the stores you go to. They earn their daily bread from you. Unlike designer fashion, their prices are not sky-high. So anyone can get what they need at affordable prices from here.


JNCO Jeans

Online store for men’s clothing

JNCO stands for “Judge None, Choose One”. They make clothes specifically for kids and men. They gained popularity in the 90s and so their style still depicts that street-look style. Through its affiliate program, you can earn 20% per sale which is quite good in the clothing niche.

Commission: 20% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days


Plus size clothing store

RoseGal is an online store with tops, bottoms, swimwear, and outerwear for curvy men and women. You can partner with them through an affiliate program if you are an influencer of body positivity.

Commission: 20% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-days


A clothing store with chic designs

At Newchic, you’ll find all fashion-related items like men and women’s clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, etc. If you join their affiliate program, you can earn as high as 50% commission per sale, which is high as compared to other clothing brands.


Commission: 18-50% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

Shapers Fit

High-quality shapewear for women

They have a range of compression garments that bring out your body shape in the best way possible. They also have body shapers for post-surgical treatments. Their affiliate program is free to join and you also get exclusive rewards like coupon codes and discounts.

Commission: 15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

Fashion Mia

Affordable women clothing store

Fashion Mia has a dedicated page on Facebook where they display stylish women clothes including tops, blouses, skirts, blazers, and maxis. Joining their affiliate program can be a win-win business for you as they give you 15% per sale along with cash bonuses. You get access to promo materials as well.

Commission: 15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90-days


Clothing boutique

Jane boutique is an online store which deals with women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and baby clothes. They release over 400 deals every day. If you are in the fashion industry, you can join their affiliate program. But generally, their customers face shipping issues due to which the credibility suffers.

Commission: Up to 11% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90-days


Affordable clothing store for all

Ericdress offers reliable, cheap options for men and women’s clothing, shoes, and special occasion dresses. You can promote their designs if you are into affordable lifestyle fashion. They have over 2,000 products in stock and ship worldwide. You also get updated links, coupons, banners, and much more as an affiliate partner.

Commission: 10-15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-days

Women’s Clothing Affiliate Programs

zaful 1


Trendy fashion store

Zaful has a wide collection of affordable and chic wear for women. Including dresses, swimwear, and accessories. You can directly send their affiliate links to your friends and earn money. They also regularly offer discounts for their customers so your audience is going to love it.

Commission: 30% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

Stevie Sister

Vintage style clothing store

If you are into Bohemian and vintage style clothing, then Stevie Sister is the choice for you. They partner with ShareASale to track your affiliate links and payments. The company is well-known for creating beach style apparel and have great marketing.

Commission: 15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days


Online fashion store connecting 400+ designers

StyleWe has a unique concept of connecting customers with independent designers. Now people can shop for designer clothes without breaking their banks. That’s their philosophy. Their products are high-quality and feature diverse choices.

Commission: 12% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days


Popular fashion retail store

SHEIN is a leading fashion store featuring trendy clothes for teens and women at an affordable price. They have men and kid’s apparel too. You can become part of their affiliate program if you are a social media influencer and blogger.

Commission: 10-20% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

Men’s Clothing Affiliate Programs


500 Level

Online store for sports apparel

500 level features sports gear and fan apparel that is unique and bold. As an affiliate marketer, you have over 90,000 products to promote. They stay true to the philosophy of “Made by the fans, for the fans.”

Commission: 10% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days


A one-stop-shop for fitness gear

Here you’ll find men and women’s compression garments, biker shorts, tops, and bottoms with sweat-proof technology. Joining their affiliate program will help you promote activewear that is intended to make people’s fitness lifestyle easier.

Commission: 10% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days


Formal and casual men’s fashion store

ZLAY gives you the best shopping experience by offering men’s clothes including jackets, coats, pants, dress shoes, briefcases, and much more. You can directly join their affiliate program to promote their formal and casual wear if you are into men’s fashion.

Commission: 10% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

Shoe Affiliate Programs


Hey Dudes Shoes

Store with light and comfortable shoes

Hey Dude Shoes feature a trendy collection of men and women’s slip-on, boots, and also eco-friendly shoes. The brand has a massive reputation in the market and so you can join their affiliate program to promote their products.

Commission: 25% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days


A brand with high-quality shoes for all

Shoespie is an online brand having chic shoe designs for everybody. You can find stilettos, heels, boots, sandals, and pretty much everything. They have worldwide shipping and offer daily discount deals. As part of their affiliate program, they also offer bonus campaigns. So, a win-win situation for all.

Commission: 11-15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-days

Hari Mari

Premium store for comfortable shoes

Hari Mari features a vast range of footwear including flip flops, sandals, boots, runners, etc. Their affiliate program grants you creative banners and they have an excellent conversion rate.

Commission: 10% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90-days

Xero Shoes

Minimalistic footwear store

Xero Shoes is an online shoe store that does not compromise on the comfort of their footwear. Their designs are minimal and perfect for a casual outdoor look. You can earn money if you are a lifestyle blogger by becoming their affiliate partner and promoting their products.

Commission: 10% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-days


Online store with handcrafted shoes

M, Gemi is an Italian brand that features carefully-handcrafted footwear. You will find heels, pumps, loafers, boots, flats, and many more. They have a referral program where you get $50 for every customer you refer to.

Commission: $50 per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: Unknown

Finance Affiliate Programs

Not everybody makes money by being a banker or financial advisor. You can make money through finance affiliate programs too. Yes, that’s right! But how?

There is a reason why every business is going online. That’s because with the internet, people want to handle their financial matters from the comfort of their homes. Whether it be online banking, tax filing, financial consultant, trading, or legal advice, they want it all from home. But dealing with money is a sensitive business online and people may be reluctant in doing the online trade.

That’s why 76% of financial companies are ready to collaborate with affiliate marketers. That’s where your step into your game. Most importantly, with the quarantine phase, people are definitely on the lookout for reliable financial management services. So if you are into finances and have a blog, you can generate a new income stream for yourself by marketing these services.



Software that makes tax filing easy

Turbotax guides users through the process of American income tax returns. So people don’t actually need to go through the hefty tax procedures. You can join their affiliate program to promote the leading tax product to your audience.

Commission: 15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 7-days

Personal Capital

Online financial advisor

Personal Capital is here to handle financial matters for you. They have combined this with the power of technology like financial tools for a personalized experience. So if you have a personal finance blog, you can join their affiliate program

Commission: Up to 100% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-days

Checks Unlimited

Sells personal checks online

At Checks Unlimited, you can order personal, business and your favorite reorder checks from the comfort of your home. They have free shipping and you can track your order right from the portal on their website. They have over 30 million customers who rely on them for ordering checks.

Commission: 12-20% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 120-days

The Royal Mint

Producer of the coins in the UK

The Royal Mint is a government-owned mint that handles the production of gold, silver, and platinum coins. It develops currency for more than 60 countries. You can buy all the coins online. You can partner with the oldest mints in the world if you are a finance blogger.

Commission: 1-4% on bullion products. 5-7% on other products.

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days


A company dealing with options trading

OptionsHouse was acquired by Etrade in 2016. Options are a trading method that gives the owner the right to buy or sell assets for a fixed price. It is a high-performance trading platform for investors.

Commission: $3.95 per trade

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: Unknown


Online trader for stocks

TradeKing has been acquired by Ally Financial company. It officially deals with stocks, bonds, and options with the help of online tools. You can join their affiliate program and share links on your website about buying and selling stocks.

Commission: Unknown

Commission type: Unknown

Cookie life: Unknown

Frugal Fanatic

Online website teaching budgeting techniques

Frugal Fanatic is here to help you save money. They give you extensive, practical tips to build an income from home and get you out of debt.  They have high commission rates and offer free resources for your customers.

Commission: 40%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: Unknown

Ultimate Bundles

An online platform with a collection of ebooks and e-courses

Ultimate bundles has a huge collection of useful resources containing online courses and ebook about a productive lifestyle. You’ll find tons of inspirational ideas in these books that will motivate you to reach your goals. According to them, their affiliate partners have earned over $8 million already.

Commission: 40% per sale, 70% if you’re a contributor

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

Small Business Bodyguard

A business that helps carry out legal procedures

Small Business Bodyguard is a team of business lawyers that provide legal advice in business matters.

Commission: Unknown

Commission type: Unknown

Cookie life: Unknown


Service that provides investment opportunities

Lesko is an independent firm that gives legal advice and wealth management services. They offer a good commission as part of their affiliate program.

Commission: 20% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90-days


Financial management services

Ovation provides expert financial services and planning for businesses. They offer high commission services. Their founders are known to be one of the largest investors in the world.

Commission: $70 per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

Identity Guard

A company that provides theft protection services

Identity Guard protects businesses from identity fraud and credit card theft. The company has over 20 years of experience. You can partner up with them to generate a new income stream while providing data security to your audience.

Commission: $37.5 per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days


Identity theft protection services

Like IdentyGuard, they provide identity theft protection software to businesses and organizations. They have award-winning protection services and so you can protect the online community by joining their affiliate program.

Commission: $35 per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

CBD Affiliate Programs

The CBD industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is found in hemp and cannabis plants. But why it has become so famous? Aren’t there any legal problems to follow? I know, these are the questions that may be arising in your mind right now. But that’s why we are here to clear your doubts.

CBD is extracted from these plants to make CBD oil, which is then used in multiple forms like gels, creams, and liquids. It is known to offer numerous health benefits. And so people run after these products as they are an all-in-one natural solution to many health problems.

Also, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp extracts but some regulations are still under consideration. Since the CBD is on the rise, you can join in the boom! With the power of affiliate marketing, you can find new business growth with this industry.


Joy Organics

Producer of CBD products with the finest ingredients

Joy Organics offers premium THC-free CBD products. They are one of the most well-known CBD companies that have been featured in Forbes, Vox, etc. On top of that, all of their products are affordable.

Commission: 25% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-days


Online website dealing with CBD topicals

CMDMedic sells a wide range of CBD products including creams, tinctures, gels, etc. Their affiliate program also provides you with marketing materials.

Commission: 20-30% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90-days


Online store with a vast collection of CBD products

At direct CBD, you’ll find almost any CBD product including hemp oil, tinctures, sleep raspberry gummies, skin creams, and more. This website has a high conversion rate and so your chances of success as an affiliate marketer are doubled.

Commission: 20% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

CBD Pure

Organic producer of CBD oils

CBD Pure derives CBD oils from hemp plants in Colorado. Their products consist of soft gels, creams, and pet products. Their affiliate program has been going on for 10 years now and you can promote their affiliate links if you have a strong fan following.

Commission: 40% commission per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90-days

CBD Essence

A one-stop-shop for CBD products

CBD Essence is one of the leading companies in the production of CBD products. Some of their products include capsules, oft gels, oil tinctures, pet creams, pastes, and more. They have a good customer rating and offer a high-paying affiliate program.

Commission: 20-40% commission per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 180-days

Savage CBD

Online store of lab-tested CBD products

Savage CBD is indeed savage in producing top-quality CBD products at affordable prices. Apart from usual CBD creams, they have wellness shots and drink powders as well. As part of their affiliate program, they give out free visuals to share on your social media.

Commission: 35% commission per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-days

HempMy Pet

A company producing CBD pet products

HempMy Pet has many wellness bundles like CBD biscuits, pure olive oil, and hemp dog products.  They are the best option out there for customers looking for pet products.

Commission: 30% commission per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90-days


A company producing cannabis seeds

They have a range of high-quality seeds like feminized, auto-flowering, and regular.  All of their seeds have top-quality genetics from over 80 countries. They are consumed for various health benefits.

Commission: 15-20% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-days


Online store for smoking accessories

At Grasscity, you will find smoking pipes, bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, bubblers, and similar products. By joining their affiliate program, you will get weekly updates, banners, Instagram images, and more. They also offer monthly bonuses so yay!

Commission: 8% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

Travel Affiliate Programs

The urge to travel is embedded in our DNA. That’s how Christopher Columbus discovered America, right? These days people travel and post pictures on Instagram about their lovely travel experiences. People want to get tips and tricks about discount deals and airline information from reliable sources.

So, if you are a travel blogger, then do know that this niche is very much in demand and always will be. Since people rely more on the internet and information from travel bloggers, there are several travel affiliate programs that you can join through affiliate marketing. You can promote travel apps, travel essentials, discounts, best hotel reservations, and more. So if you use the right monetization methods, you can make your blogging a profitable business.

But since this niche is something where people face a lot of scams, you may want to consider promoting only trusted programs. This will further increase your chances of success as an affiliate marketer as your audience will know you are a loyal blogger.



Travel affiliate network

Travelpayouts have over 60+ travel affiliate programs. They give you access to advanced promo tools like White Label, widgets, WordPress plugin, and more. They have a dashboard where you can view detailed statistics as well. It also lets you integrate services like Airbnb,, etc.

Commission: up to 70% commission, 1.2-1.4% average for flights, $400 for flight bookings.

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days


Online website offering hotel reservations and reviews

On TripAdvisor, you can make bookings for transportation, restaurants, hotels, and flights. You can als0 check out reviews and recommendations before making reservations. Their affiliate is deeply linked to 500,000 hotels and cities.

Commission: 50% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 14-days

A popular online travel agency

With, you can book hotels in over 150,000 destinations. You can browse hotel reviews and book lodges at the best prices. It is a safe and reliable platform. However, they have a short cookie period.

Commission: 4-15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 1-day


A travel agency that offers discounts

HotelTravelClub offers discounts on your travel deals and airline tickets. The best part about their affiliate program is that it has a recurring commission. They have discounts and promotions from over 800,000 hotels.

Commission: 20% per sale

Commission type: Recurring

Cookie life: 30-days

Expert Flyer

Online service to find flight availability

ExpertFlyer has contacts directly with two GDS services and so you can access airline information without having to go through the hefty process of booking tickets. So if you are a frequent business traveler, you can join their affiliate program.

Commission: 25-50% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: Unknown

Beauty and Makeup Affiliate Programs

The revenue generated by the beauty and cosmetics industry was estimated to be 49.2 billion US dollars in 2019. This industry has grown to massive heights in the past decade.

Everyone wants to improve their current lifestyle and groom their personalities. It is not just limited to women, but also men. The beauty industry has advanced by introducing aesthetic trends that then become popular all over social media. Since almost every person uses at least one social platform, the masses have become conscious of their beauty.

They want to step up their style and so beauty and fashion bloggers drive a huge influence on their audience. If you are looking to monetize your websites, we have presented a list of top beauty affiliate programs that you can join. All of these pay you above 10% average commission and so you have a huge chance of earning a passive income.


Girlactik Beauty

Online store for makeup

Girlactik Beauty has top quality makeup products to make women smile! Their cosmetics are feminine and fun. So if you are a makeup and beauty blogger, you can join their affiliate program.

Commission: 18% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-days

 De Rose Health

A cosmetic company with supplements

Apart from cosmetics, De Rose Health has organic, plant-derived health supplements. They also offer a pet care range and focus on the best ingredients for their products. After joining their affiliate program, you’ll get your tracking number, banners, and promotional landing pages.

Commission: 20-50% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90-days

BH Cosmetics

Affordable makeup store

BH Cosmetics have a huge collection of affordable makeup like eyeshadow palettes, mascara, lipsticks, blush, and more. They also offer bonuses and monthly incentives in their affiliate program.

Commission: 15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60-days

Yves Rocher

Worldwide beauty brand

Yves Rocher operates in over 88 countries. They have botanical-based skincare products for all. So if you are passionate about natural beauty products, you can become their affiliate partner and promote an all-natural skincare line.

Commission: 15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

Makeup Geek

Cruelty-free makeup store

Makeup Geek has a line of professional quality makeup products. They are rapidly gaining popularity in North America. If you are a makeup lover and have a social media presence, go and join their affiliate program.

Commission: 12% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 15-days

Wander Beauty

Makeup store with skin-loving ingredients

Wander Beauty’s cosmetics are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrance. They have a wide range of beauty products with excellent packaging. You can refer customers to Wander Beauty and I’m sure they will love it over first glance.

Commission: 15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days

Cuvee Beauty

Haircare store

Cuvee Beauty has shampoos and conditions that have champagne extracts. These hair care products claim to have smoother hair with 50% less breakage. Their products also contain truffle extract, pea protein, and colloidal platinum. If you are into hair care, you can promote their superior products as part of their affiliate program.

Commission: 15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90-days


Luxury beauty product store

Violet Grey has all types of beauty products including bath and body, hair, makeup, skin, fragrance, and more. If you are in luxury content creation, you can shake hands with them as an affiliate partner.

Commission: 12% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30-days


All-natural skincare line

Priody cosmetics are 100% natural and come from environmentally-friendly sources. If you are a nature lover and want to give something back to Mother Nature, their affiliate program will be the best choice for you.

Commission: 25% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 50-days


Easy-to-use beauty essentials

Follain has skincare products with minimalistic packaging. They have cleansers, moisturizers, detox masks, and hair care products. They believe in toxic-free personal care. Their affiliate program is managed by DMi partners.

Commission: 15% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 45-days

Modern Minerals

Haircare inventory

Modern Minerals are yet again a cruelty-free, all-natural beauty brand with a focus on making your hair look great. If you are into clean beauty, then your audience will definitely love their clean formulas.

Commission: 12% per sale

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90-days

Sports Affiliate Programs

In 2018, the global sports market was valued at $471 billion and is expected to increase to $614 billion by 2022. Sports have both digital and physical products including merchandising, sponsorships, and media rights. Plus we can’t afford to ignore the rise in fantasy sports.

It’s honestly a big market to dive into and give the affiliate programs a shot. Especially if you’re already blogging about sports news, equipment, or various tournament and match previews. Also, if you’re into fantasy football, you can use your knowledge to gain daily commissions from sites like FanDuel or DraftKings.

Here is my list of the best paying sports affiliate programs.


BPI Sports

Sports Nutrition Company

With fitness on the rise, BPI provides high-quality products including fat burners, protein powders, pre-workout formulas among other sports nutrition.

Commission: 26-31%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60 days

Enigma Fishing

Fishing sport affiliate program

I have to say fishing sports popularity surprised me. The average purchase is $210 and the affiliates get a good deal from it. It’s actually more than what Amazon gives you.

Commission: 20%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 90 days


The world’s largest online retailer of licensed sports merchandise

It’s the place where sports fans can get gears of their favorite teams. They have products from all the major professional leagues from NFL to MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, NASCAR, FIFA World Cup, Olympics, you mention it.

Commission: 10%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 7 days

Drafts king

iGaming affiliate network

They have a list of casino games, fantasy sports, and sportsbooks under their portfolio. It mainly works as a referral program and you get paid through EFT or cheque.

Commission: 40% of referral’s net gaming revenue first 30 days, 25% days 31+

Gaming Affiliate Program

Over the past few years, gaming has really gained popularity. I’ll tell you one thing about gamers, most of them are utterly obsessed with the hobby. Like staying up all night long playing deathmatches. And they don’t mind spending almost an unlimited amount of cash on their hobby.

The gaming industry is predicted to be worth $300 billion by 2025. It was once a nerd’s only hobby, now it’s gone mainstream. So there are numerous affiliate programs for gaming. And if you blog anything about gaming you can generate income from video game subscriptions, game purchases, and new trials.

One more thing, gamers can spot a fake a mile away so you better know what you’re talking about. Here is my list of fat gaming affiliates.



Gamers boosting service marketplace

They are hosting games like Apex Legends, Destiny 2, and Wow Classic. This site gives gamers an opportunity to level up their gaming characters while they sleep.

Commission: 10%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 15 days


A gaming mice store

They have limited edition mice meaning once one is bought, it’s gone. Each is one of a kind gaming mouse. Gamers are very particular with the mouse they use; they don’t want to waste time tweaking and configuring mice settings. And thanks to their commission, it’s a no-brainer for affiliate marketers.

Commission: 25%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30 days


Top-notch gaming products manufacturer

These guys refer to themselves as ‘the leading lifestyle brand for gamers’ and I can’t say it’s not true. They have all the products any gamer would like to be equipped with. From mobile gamer toys to PC games, and console players. And I have to mention they have an energy drink for gamers. Plus their products don’t come cheap.

Commission: 1-20%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30 days


In-game guides for World of Warcraft & Wow Classics

It offers gamers an opportunity to quickly level up and still have fun in the games they choose. It helps them get a bang off their bucks in a short time. Zygor is a top performer and has the potential to give you recurring commissions.

Commission: 50%

Commission type: Flat, Recurring for xx months

Cookie life: 60 days


Puts video games in the hands of gamers

It’s the place you can get all the games and movies under one roof from Xbox One to Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS, as well as older systems. It saves gamers a trip the video store.

Commission: 15% for trial signups, 10% for use games, 5% for new games

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30 days

Crypto & Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Four years ago the world got into the crypto-mania phase when ICOs and digital wallets were the talks of the town. Some even went as far as remortgaging their houses to dive into the gold rush. Yes, the market has slowed down since then we can see it slowly making a comeback. And the 2008 economic crisis taught us the importance of relying on something else than fiat currency.

Blockchain technology is still at its infant stage so if you want to work within an up and rising niche, here are some top-paying partner programs to check out. They are more of referral programs in that you get a cut off of your sign-ups trade for up to 1 year.

And most of them pay you with the crypto-currency your referrals’ trades.



World’s leading cryptocurrency exchange

It started as a crypto-to-crypto exchange platform but it’s grown to support the major fiat currencies. The best thing about their referral program is that it provides you with an opportunity to give kickbacks to your referrals. It incentivizes people to sign up using your links.

Commission: up to 50%

Commission type: Flat


An instant, secure, and private bitcoin marketplace

It’s one of the few sites with zero risks when trading bitcoins. They have an ‘Escrow Wallet’ that ensures both parties of a trade get their dues. Plus you can trade bitcoins in 248 countries, U.S.A included.

Commission: up to 40%

Commission type: Recurring for 12 months

Crypto taxes done in minutes

Under normal circumstances, taxes aren’t fun. Now add the crypto complexity and you totally screed trying to do it on your own. If you blogging about crypto recommending this is a no-brainer as it’s made work so easy. Upload trading docs and tax is automatically calculated.

Commission: up to 25%

Commission type: Recurring for lifetime


A platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies

It is a crypto-based website that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies. There is no limit to the much you can or the number of people you can refer to. It’s more of a referral program where affiliates can earn up to 50% of their referral trading fees for like 3 months.

Commission: up to 50%

Commission type: Recurring for 3 months


Best cryptocurrency hardware wallet and trading platform

The last place you’d want to store your crypto is online. Ironic, right? The security breach and little personal slip-ups may result in losing your entire wallet. Trezor provides the perfect solution for storing private keys making it an easy platform to recommend.

Commission: 12-15%

Commission type: Flat


Your simple and secure access to cryptos

It’s kind of a new kid on the cryptocurrency block. You can trade up to 150 cryptos without depositing cash with them. Just look for the best trade and lock in a trade.

Commission: up to 50%

Commission type: Recurring for a lifetime

Music Affiliate Programs

The music industry is vast. We have artists, composers, music teachers, vocal coaches, sound engineers, equipment and so much more. With its vast products, you’ve got plenty of ways to make some good buck off it.

Look at music equipment for instance, in the U.S alone, $4 billion is spent purchasing instruments annually. Remarkable, right? Nope. China spends $6 billion annually.

And you don’t have to be a record-breaking musician to get into this niche. You can be blogging about parenting and how musical instruments are beneficial to kiddos’ IQ. Or blogging about the best songs of all time.  The opportunities are endless.

Masterclass Screenshot


Learn your desired skill from the best

Can you imagine learning guitar from Tom Morello? Or jazz from Herby Hancock? How cool is that? Masterclass allows you to learn different skills from the world’s best artists, photographers, writers, etc. And your audience will be as excited as you are about the opportunity so why not let them know.

Commission: 25%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 30 days

Piano for All affiliate

Best digital piano tuition product

They’ve helped over 250,000 students learn and master tinkle the ivories. Instead of spending years of training, Piano for All has turned it into weeks. They offer eBooks, audio lessons, and videos on one-off purchases. They use ClickBank as their affiliate network so you’ll have to create an account there.

Commission: $22.89

Commission type: One-off payment

Cookie life: n/a

Guitar center

Best deals on all recording hardware and software

These guys have been selling musical equipment for over 50 years. They have everything from guitars to keyboards, amps, PA systems, drums, DJ equipment, you name it.  Their prices are a steal making it easy to sell.

Commission: 6%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 14 days

Sam Ash

Best musical instrument and gear available

In their own words, the affiliate program ensures “your customers can access the world’s largest online inventory of musical instruments and gear.” They have collaborated with LinkShare, an eCommerce marketing service, to ensure affiliates can access real-time reports and paycheque.

Commission: 7-10%

Commission type: Flat

Cookie life: 60 days

How to Join Affiliate Programs

First, the basic requirements are a website and a way to get paid. So set-up a bank account or a PayPal account. High-end social media influencers now do it without a website but I’ll always recommend getting yourself an SSL certified site.

We have three ways to join affiliate programs. One, applying directly to the merchant’s website. Two, signing up under affiliate networks that run various advertiser’s affiliate programs. The most popular kids on the block are CJ affiliates, Rakuten Linkshare, FlexOffers, ClickBank, or ShareASale.

The final way is through an invitation. Sometimes, companies find your website and get in touch with you expressing their interest in you becoming their affiliate. One affiliate marketer was given a rigid inflatable boat as a bargaining chip to join a company’s affiliate program. Cool, right?

Let’s see a step-by-step guide to join through a merchant’s website and an affiliate network.

Bluehost Affiliate Program Registration

The signup is free and it will only take you a few minutes.

You need a PayPal account and also to prep your tax information as you’ll be providing it.

Step 1

Bluehost Affiliateprogram

Visit the Bluehost affiliate program page to learn all about the program and to sign up.

Step 2

Blue Host Affiliate Signup Form

Upon pressing the signup button, fill in the form. Enter your username, password, email address, and PayPal account details.

Step 3

You’ll then be directed to a dashboard and asked to enter your tax details.

Bluehost Tax Form

Select if you’re a U.S person and upload your Form W-9 or Form W-8BEN for non-U.S persons for Bluehost IRS purposes.

Step 4

Now, you’re ready to be a Bluehost affiliate partner. Visit their links page to create your affiliate links and banners.

Bluehost Affiliate Links

And that’s it! You are good to go.

ShareASale Affiliate Registration

The process here is going to be a bit longer than the Bluehost one. Let’s say between 5-7 minutes.

Step 1

Visit and click the Affiliate Sign up button.

Step 2

Shareasale Affiliate Register

Enter our username, password, and country of residence on the form provided. Keep in mind that your username and country can’t be changed. Well, you can always change your password.

Step 3

The questions here are straight forward. We also have some common answers to this section.

Shareasale Affiliate Register Step

  • Fill in your Primary website. The one you’ll use for affiliate marketing.
  • Then check the PPC box if you use PPC advertising on Google, Facebook, or YouTube.
  • If you use Coupons choose YES.

Keep in mind that ShareASale doesn’t allow you to place ads on sites that aren’t yours. Like on Craigslist for instance.

Step 4

Enter your main email address. They give you two options, standard and fast track.

Standard emails are the generic Gmail/Yahoo addresses. Fast track addresses are those with domain-specific details. Both applications will be reviewed but the domain-specific addresses are reviewed faster.

Step 5

It’s the ‘tell us about yourself/your website’ section.

Shareasale Affiliate Contact Information

Make sure you include your address in this section because that’s where your affiliate payment checks are sent. Otherwise, they remain with the sender.

Also, put your best foot forward while giving a description of your website. Anything you think will make merchants say YES to your application, add it. You’ll also find questions like if you run an incentive program on your site and about domain ownership. If you are running a or site, this is the place to state.

Step 6

Choose your payment method.

Shareasale Affiliate Register Payment

There are three options to receive payments. Through Direct Deposit, FedEx, and Postal Mail. The good thing is that you can change this information anytime.

Step 7

After agreeing to the T&Cs, check your email for a confirmation link.

Shareasale Affiliate Register Email Confirmation

Their affiliate managers take 1-3 days to approve or decline your application. Keep an eye on that. If they approve, you’ll receive an email with a link to your account.

Click on the confirmation link you receive and Voila! You are good to go.

Not so first though, they’ll have a few more emails to help you get started.

Where Can I Post Affiliate Links?

You can post your affiliate links on your website or social media platforms.

Yes, you can do without a website but my advice, have a well-designed website and business email address connected to your domain.

How to Promote Your Affiliate Links

Affiliate programs can’t promote themselves. Elite marketers will tell you they pay Attention to Content Creation. They are aware of the power of human connection in the marketing context. They use content to help their audience know, like, and trust the product. They walk them down all the stages of their buying journey.

You can promote your affiliate links through:

Automated Welcome Emails

Email marketing is one very effective tactic for building relationships with your audience and increasing conversion rates. Don’t be spammy.  First, share relevant content that will help them most then start sharing your affiliate links.

Digital products

As your website grows you can venture into providing digital products like eBooks or online courses to your audience. You can embed the affiliate links organically in your content without making it sound salesy.

YouTube Affiliate links

Video has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for affiliate marketers. You can create video content and embed affiliate links in the video description. Or have them on YouTube annotations.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

You can distribute your affiliate links on your personal profile or business page. Again don’t spam the already sales adverse followers. Instead, create educational, intriguing, and entertaining content. And for Twitter, you only have 280 characters so make them count.

Landing Pages

One of the best ways to guide your audience down your sales funnel is through creating landing pages. An affiliate landing page should be relevant to the products you sell. You can create ads that will increase the visibility of your landing page and bring traffic to it.

How to Promote Affiliate Links on Your WordPress Blog?

You can use all the above methods in addition to the ones below.

Product Tutorials

Product reviews aren’t the only way you can promote your links. Creating in-depth tutorials on the product is a powerful awareness tool. Dive deep into how-to focused guides. For example, for the Amazon affiliate, you can focus on how to use the products, order, pros, and cons, or insider tips.

Affiliate Banners

I’ve always found it so cool that affiliate programs provide links for affiliate banners for you to place on your site. So in addition to text, you can embed banners in your emails, blog content, blog sidebar, or header and footer of your site.

Take for instance Bluehost Affiliate program, they have a wide array of banners that come in shapes and forms. Yes, they are eye-catching but you can’t fully rely on the banners and forget to add value to your readers. You need to add value to them and give readers some form of incentive (like discounts) to click on your banners.

Bluehost banner example

Resources or Tools Pages

You need to be a thought leader in your industry to be able to continuously generate passive income. A resource page that highlights the top products or tools you recommend positions you as an authority in your niche. Be as authentic and real as possible to create credibility.

How to Manage Your Affiliate Programs

We have to admit that affiliate marketing is like a game of numbers and it can get a bit murky not to mention overwhelming.  You’ll need help to track links, cloak links, and even encourage your audience to click on them.

It might seem easy to do it manually when you’re starting out since you’ve only got a handful of posts and affiliate programs. Fast forward to a few years later, things get confusing. You’ve got hundreds of posts and affiliate programs.

You’ll need an affiliate management platform that helps you aggregates data from all of the affiliate platforms you work with into one unified dashboard. This way you can save time and focus on growing your business.

One of the best management platforms in the market is Affluent.

With Affluent, you’ll be able to get a custom report and dashboard that’s based on you or your team’s KPIs. There are so many things that may be swept under the rug but Affluent helps scan data and identify any opportunities that you might have missed. They offer training and support if you need it.

And the best thing, you can get revenue emails to send in your inbox every day for ease in keeping tabs.

How to Manage Your Affiliate Programs for WordPress

In addition to Affluent, WordPress has some amazing link management plugins you can use for your affiliate marketing.


They have a bevy of functions that need to make your affiliate marketing on your WordPress website a walk in the park. To start us off, it’s the to-go place to get your long affiliate links shortened. It also helps you out with 301 redirections and allows you to set global no-follow options for your affiliate links.

I like that it provides an easy way to add affiliate links to your content. You don’t have to keep logging into your affiliate programs to get links as long as they are on ThirstyAffiliate, you can just use the dropdown link inserter.

Plus if you need to change an affiliate link, just edit the one on ThirstyAffiliate’s interface and that’s it. You won’t have to manually go through all the posts you had created to edit the link.

And guess what? You pay nothing to get all these features. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

However, if you want to go hard and be a super affiliate, get hooked to their Pro version at $49/site. It gives you access to the Auto-linker feature. You can automatically link keywords to your posts. Plus you get to be able to automatically add affiliate links to ‘SiteGround’ whenever you mention it.

Pretty Link

It serves almost the same function as ThirstyAffiliates with a few different features. The free version allows you to create ‘pretty links’ saving you from those long ugly URLs with like 30 different alphanumeric characters. And you can also use the 301,302, and 307 redirects on your links.

But here is where the magic begins.

The tracking. You get to see the most clicked links, the number of clicks, IP addresses of the clicks, location, and other important click stats. You can also add nofollow to links, and organize your affiliate links by creating link groups. All these in the free version.

If you opt to upsell, you’ll part with $59 annually. But it’s worth every dime as you get advanced conversion reports and statistics. In short, everything you need to analyze and optimize your affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest without a Website

Three years ago, it was impossible to do affiliate marketing without a website. But in 2017, Pinterest brought a huge revolution in the affiliate marketing world.

Is it worth being an affiliate marketer on Pinterest? Pinterest and I will tell you YES. A study carried out by Pinterest shows that 89% of people on Pinterest use it to make their purchasing decisions. Meaning your chances to make money are higher than on other crowded social media sites like Facebook.

There are two types of affiliate marketing on Pinterest, PPL, and PPS.

PPL (pay-per-lead): You get rewarded when any of your audience takes an action like signing up for a product or an email list. They don’t have to make a purchase. Some of these programs are like Tailwind, Grammarly, LinkedIn Learning, or

PPS (pay-per-sale): Here you’re only rewarded once a sale is closed. The programs pay much more but they’re harder to bank on compared to PPL. Some affiliate programs include Bluehost, Coinbase, PicMonkey, and Etsy Affiliates.

It’s tasking to move from one program to another looking if you can promote it on Pinterest without a website. But affiliate networks were created to make life smooth for Pinterest affiliates. They give you access to top Pinterest affiliate programs under one roof. Most of them need you to have at least 1000 or so followers on Pinterest.

Once you’ve found a product or service to promote, go to Canva, create a killer pin, and post the pin on a relevant board. Don’t forget a keyword title, SEO descriptions, and add your referral link. Also, one of the most important things, add an affiliate disclosure.

Here is a list of programs that you can use on Pinterest:

Amazon associates

There are so many super affiliates who’ve earned 6-figures from Amazon affiliates. Their commission rates are varying so you’ve got to work with that. It’s one of the most powerful affiliate networks thanks to the popularity of the platform.

The conversion rate is high thanks to millions of products and traffic on the site. The only kicker is the 24 hr cookie life but hey, that’s not a deal-breaker.


It is a large network with 4000+ merchants who’ve listed their affiliate programs through ShareASale. So you can only access these programs via ShareASale.


Do you want to sell online courses or eBooks on Pinterest? You can sign up for the SendOwl affiliate program that lets you sell site memberships.

Shopstyle Collective

It’s a fashion site with tons of accessories and clothes. If you’ve been on Pinterest, you know how big fashion boards are. They have an intuitive interface that gives you great affiliate reporting tools and help in building your audience.

Etsy Affiliate

Etsy is like an Amazon for creatives selling everything from retro mats to hand-drawn sketches and hand-made jewelry. Their audience is huge. The commission of up to 8% with a 30-day cookie life.


It is a crypto-based website that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies. It’s more of a referral program where affiliates can earn up to 50% of their referral trading fees for like 3 months.

CJ Affiliates

Previously known as Commission Junction, it’s one awesome affiliate network for publishers and affiliates. They have a big laundry list of big partner programs from Kiplinger and Wirecutter to Time. They have awesome tools to help you track your customers’ journeys including nitty-gritty details like cross-device targeting.

Flex Offers

They have over 12K affiliate programs for you to choose from. And they made it to Top 10 Affiliate Network for Revenue and Performance in 2015 and 2016. Plus their editorial team is super-helpful as they assist you with content creation to promote.


These guys have been voted as the best affiliate network six years in a row. What else do I need to say about them?

They provide top-notch affiliate programs as well as provide analytics for both merchants and affiliates. You’ll get a long list of global retail stores here from Walmart to Best Buy and Lacoste.

What Are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs?

Looking for the crème de la a crème? Well, these are those with the fat referral fees we should all be going for.


It’s a super popular hosting affiliate program with plans starting as low as $2.95/month. I love it because, with such a low-cost barrier, you get a one-time payout of a whopping $65 whenever someone signs up from your link.


Another lucrative one-time payment web hosting affiliate program that lets you make up to $150 but the base payout is $60. It comes at the perfect price for small businesses $0.99/month hence providing an awesome conversion rate.


I love them because they offer two payout options for their affiliates.

One, you can opt for the one-time payout of up to $125 per sale. Two, the hybrid model that gives you $30 for each sale plus a 7% monthly lifetime commission until the customer opts out.

Liquid Web

These guys pay their affiliates 150% of the sales. We talking from $150-$7000 per sale. How cool is that? The WordPress hosting has the most conversion but the moneybags are in the dedicated cloud hosting.

WP Engine

They have the highest affiliate one-time payout that starts at $200. If you love blogging about WordPress plugins and themes, don’t miss your chance to make money online with WP Engine. And guess what? They give you bonuses. Make five sales, get $100 extra. Ten sales, get $250 extra.


This is another bigshot email marketing tool for marketing teams and small businesses. They have top-notch email templates and design features. Your audience will thank you later for the recommendation. And the 30% recurring commission won’t hurt your pocket.


This bloggers and creatives email marketing tool by Nathan Barry is another affiliate partner to consider. They offer a 30% monthly payment.


I love this email marketing tool for the numerous landing page templates. And their 33% consistent commission doesn’t hurt.


The largest digital services market place doesn’t disappoint. They have a one-time payout of up to $150 for every first-time buyer you drive their way thanks to their dynamic CPA (cost per action) model.


It’s a powerful influencer marketing tool that gives wings to your content promotion efforts. They provide a 20% recurring commission but they used to do 50%.


Any small business owner interested in building lead funnels has probably come across Russell Brunson ClickFunnels landing page. It is a very popular landing page builder with a lot of courses and ads for you to promote. Plus the recurring payout is 40%. No brainer, right?


This learning management system allows website owners to offer online courses to their audience. They have a 30% recurring payout.


It’s an eCommerce platform that lets you sell online courses, digital products, or memberships. You get a 30% lifetime commission for your efforts.

Why Should I Concentrate on the Top Paying Affiliate Programs?

Glad you asked.

I have to let in you in on a secret, good marketing can’t replace bad Maths. If a product costs $20, you’ll have to sell 50,000 pieces to make a million. But if it costs $2000 you only have to sell 500 to make a million. High paying affiliate programs that offer good commissions help you get to your revenue goal faster than the small, small payouts.

What Do You Look for in High Paying Affiliate Programs?

A lot of hearts have been broken by affiliate programs thanks to a lack of proper guidance when picking one. Here are the four important things to look at before making a commitment to an affiliate program.

Commission rate

This is the sales percentage that a brand/advertiser gives the affiliate for bringing in a new customer. And it can range from below 5% to 50% or higher.

Average Order Value (AOV)

It is the average dollar spent each time a customer completes an order. To get it, divide the total revenue by the total number of orders. The fact remains that high commission rates and high average order value result in high affiliate revenue.

Earnings per Click (EPC)

This is the payout an affiliate gets from every click generated by their affiliate link. The definition can be a bit misleading as most programs calculate EPC per 100 clicks.

Cookie duration

It’s similar to the ‘cookie length or cookie life’ that we’d talked about earlier. For instance, with a 30-day cookie life, the referral has to make the purchase within 30-days from when they clicked the affiliate link. If they don’t, the lead becomes untraceable and the affiliate may lose the commission if the item is purchased. Cookie duration can be as low as seven days and as high as 90 days. Longer durations are the best.

When looking for an affiliate program, get those with high commissions, AOV, and long cookie life.

Let’s Make Some Extra Cash Today

There you go.

Congratulations! For getting to the end of our roundup traversing numerous profitable niches in the market today. I haven’t featured affiliate networks much because I didn’t want to mud the waters.

But you can choose to be an eBay partner network, an Amazon affiliate, or signup with smaller niche-specific programs like ClickBank for digital products.

And this is just a sample among thousands of affiliate programs waiting for you to jump on board.

There is no perfect timing to start affiliate marketing. The time is now.

If you watched the Matrix, you can relate to Morpheus’ words, “I can only show you the [affiliate] door. You’re the one that has to walk through it!”

Your audience is your superpower, go ahead and multiply faster than the Matrix.

What are you waiting for?