Growth hacking is one of the most spoken about buzzword in digital marketing and eCommerce startups.

Growth hacking is about optimization as well as lead generation. It focuses on lowering cost per customer acquisition and long-term sustainability. Wikipedia

Most people refer to it as ‘traditional marketing on steroids.’ It focuses on the entire sales funnel, including blog posts, ad copy, user experience, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, A/B testing, and rapid growth.

Is growth hacking any different from traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing focuses on the business, pricing strategies, achieving business goals, and it solely relies on marketing campaigns and strategies. On the other hand, growth hacking leverage technology to develop products and services that fit customers. Growth hackers use data to understand customer behavior and achieve growth.

You can’t sit around and wait for things to happen when you have some tools that will get you ahead of the competition faster. Growth hacking tools come in handy when you want to achieve growth while keeping your costs down.  

Sounds amazing, right?

But How Does Growth Hacking Work?

You can never say there is a foolproof growth hacking checklist as the entire process is based on doing something new and leveraging technology. Every stage of the growth hacking funnel requires different tools of the trade.

The growth hacking funnel helps you visualize every stage of your eCommerce interaction with your target market. It comprises of:

  • Customer acquisition: This involves finding the most cost-effective channel to create brand awareness for your target audience.
  • Activation: Getting people to try out your services or products.
  • Retention: Keeping your customers engaged in building a long-term relationship with them.
  • Revenue: How do you get your existing customers to purchase your product and be brand ambassadors?
  • Referral: building a sustainable revenue stream for your online business.

Why Should I Focus On Growth Hacking Tools For My Online Business?

Market Disruption

Introducing your target audience to a new way of doing things causes market disruptions. For example, Uber started a new way for people to access affordable taxi services easily. For so many years, people relied on hailing cabs, but a mobile app came and revolutionized the entire industry. Be among the online entrepreneurs looking for smart solutions for your clients.

Speed And Agility

Online entrepreneurs have to introduce their products to the market before their competitors beat them to the punch. You don’t have to have a massive marketing campaign costing you so much money, and you don’t get your ROI. Growth hacking tools help you save on marketing expenses, and you aren’t bound to use a specific marketing strategy.


Data is what drives online businesses now. It is the foundation on which marketing decisions are made. You need to have relevant data on your customers and be ready to shift your marketing strategy based on facts. You don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to gather data as growth hacking tools help you do that quickly and at lower costs.

Fortunately, there are so many growth hacking tools to help you leverage the latest product-development and marketing trends to gain more authority and increase your conversion rate.

Now let’s get to business!

15 Best Growth Hacking Tools

Best Growth Hacking Tools For Automation

1. Phantom Booster

You don’t have to know coding languages to automate some tasks on your site. Tools like Phantom Booster empower you to automate your business effortlessly. You can build fast customized workflows available 24/7. From Instagram Auto-follow to Twitter Auto-follow, auto sends messages, email feedback, contact information, and follower extractor, among others. 


Moreover, you can use it on almost all social networking sites from LinkedIn, to Slack, GitHub, Facebook, or Craigslist. It offers you a free plan, which is very limited, but paid plans begin at $30 per month.

Phantom Buster - Code Free Automations

2. Zapier

Are you tired of working on multiple different apps doing the same thing?

Zapier is the solution to combining thousands of apps and making them work seamlessly together. It allows hundreds of integrations focused on the marketing and business functionality of your website. You don’t have to spend time on regular tasks as it sorts that out for you. From your Gmail to the Dropbox to your productivity tool like Slack, you can build efficient workflows.

Zapier - Automation Should be Easy

Best Growth Hacking Tools for Email Marketing

3. Drip

Would you love to personalize your emails based on customer behavior?

Awesome, right? With Drip’s intuitive interface, you can segment your visitors based on their different demographics and online behavior. It provides real-time customer activities enabling you to create complex workflows for your audience.

You can drive meaningful engagements with your customers because you understand their unique journey. The prices start at $49/month.

Drip - Track and Use Customer Data

4. Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

Unless you send regular emails to your subscribers or email list, your brand won’t be the top thing in their minds.  YAMM provides you with an opportunity to do that. You can easily send personalized emails from your Gmail account and track the results.

Yet Another Mail Merge - Create email Campaigns

5. Integrately

If you are a non-techie looking to automate your business workflows without any hassle, try Integrately. It is one of the best automation platforms that has zero learning curve. You can quickly connect the apps you are using and set up your workflows without coding. Moreover, it offers millions of ready-to-use automation, right from social media platforms to eCommerce tools that can be set up in just a few minutes.


Best Lead Generation Growth Hacking Tools

6. Linkedin Outreach-Lempod

LinkedIn is the leading professional’s social networking platform. Getting relevant groups ready to comment, like, and share your work within their circles is most feasible on LinkedIn.

Lempod enables you to discover engagement pods for your niche for you to share your content. Your post is boosted to get multiple views, likes, and comments, increasing your brand authority on the platform. 

Create relevant content, use Lempod to boost it, and drive massive traffic to your sites. You can also build your email list from the people who are interested in your posts. 

Lempod - Discover Engagement Pods


Lempod - Pricing Plans



7. Linkedin Automation Outreach- Expandi

When it comes to LinkedIn Outreach, no one does it better than Expandi. Engagements and leads have never been any closer. From CRM integration (Zapier) to personalized message templates and image-personalization, your marketing campaigns are sorted out. The user-interface is friendly enough for you to create and send automated drip message campaigns on autopilot.

Flawless outreach is the key to a successful marketing strategy. You are only as good as your toolbox, so work with the best.

Expandi - Growth Hack

8. Lemlist

As an online entrepreneur, you might have some experience sending out numerous emails and not even getting one reply. Frustrating, right?

Don’t worry, Lemlist is the magic tool you need to have your email in the Primary inbox. You can send cold emails and not feel ignored by your potential customers. They have personalized email templates that are ready to use accompanied with pre-made landing pages to build your email list and increase conversion rate.

Lemlist - Cold emails that Get Replies

Additionally, you can integrate it with any automation tool you want to make your work easier. It’s perfect for email automation and follow-ups.


Lemlist Pricing

Best Growth Hacking Tools for Content Outreach

9. Hunter

Whether you are reaching out to be a guest blogger, get a backlink, collaborate with an influencer, you need the contact details. In particular, the email address. In ideal cases, you’d click on the contact page and voila! Here it is. Unfortunately, ideal cases are rare, and the struggle to get an email is real. Hunter comes in to save the day.


Hunter is an email finding tool that automatically fuels your content outreach campaigns. It’s a free growth hacking tool that allows you 100 monthly searches with just a domain name. Just type in the domain, and it finds the email addresses associated with it.  

To make things more interesting, you get to see the confidence score associated with the specific email address. It’s both an email finder and verifier. The pro plan starts at $49 billed monthly.

Hunter - email Finder

Another great option to find email and phone numbers is ContactOut. They offer a chrome extension to find emails and phone numbers straight from a LinkedIn profile. With their search portal, you can build lead lists out of 30M cpmüany and 250 M professional profiles.

10. Help A Reporter Out

Are you looking for some media coverage for your online business or blog?

Well, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) provides an avenue for you to have your story published. It’s a free platform that connects entrepreneurs to journalists who request specific niche topics on the platform. If a request is relevant to your niche, respond to the journalists, and if you are a good fit, they publish your story with links to your website and posts.

HARO has a premium plan that starts at $19

Help A Reporter Out - Connects Journalist

Best Growth Hacking Tools For Blog Promotion

11. Quu Promote

Are you tired of having zero shares on your social share stats?

Quu is your answered prayer. It’s a win-win solution for publishers and influencers. One team is looking for content to promote; the other is looking for someone to promote their content. Guess who plays the middle man? Quu.

Signup, post your content and hit on the ‘Promote content’ button. However, Quu manually evaluates your content before it gets on an influencer’s queue. Feels worth a shot?

Quu Promote - Content Marketing Tool

12. Bloglovin

Are you a fashion, inspiration, or lifestyle blogger?

You have to promote yourself, or no one else will do it. Bloglovin is the butter to your bread. This platform offers you a network not only bloggers but ready blog readers for your content. It’s like ready-made traffic waiting for you to dive in. Have catchy titles, high-quality content, stunning images, and remember to tag yourself. 

And the best part, it’s a free marketing tool.

Bloglovin - Get DiscoveredSource

Best Growth Hacking Tools For Productivity

13. Getslash

With productivity being one of the most mentioned hacks freelancers and online entrepreneurs must learn, there are so many life hacks given on the topic.

Getslash is one of the best productivity hacks in the market. With cool features like hyper-focus and stay in the flow that show you what you should be focusing on and your next task keeping you in a continuous productive zone.

Being able to access it on any platform, be it Mac, Windows, or Android, makes it more convenient for you to keep your tasks in check.

Getslash - Productivity Hack

Best Conversion Rate Growth Hacking Tools

14. Mouseflow

Do you want to know your customer’s journey on your site to boost conversion rates?

Mouseflow helps you see the customer’s experience by replaying their actions on your website. It gives reports on JavaScript errors, abandoned tasks, or any other friction issues that frustrate your page visitors. You don’t need to use guesswork to discover your visitor’s struggles.

Generally, it tracks and records every mouse movement and scroll on your website. With this information, you are empowered to act faster on making changes that best suit your customers. Additionally, it provided heatmaps and A/B split tests to give further analysis on the customer journey.

You can easily integrate it with your Shopify or WordPress sites to boost conversion rates. The prices start at $29 per month.

Mouseflow - Identify Pain Points of your Website

15. Optinmonster

You can’t have a growth hacking toolkit without mentioning Optinmonster.

Over the years, Optinmonster has been known to boost conversions by over 485%. It has a very powerful drag and drop builder that creates stunning opt-in forms. Mobile optimized popups, fantastic sound, and animation effects, simple yes/no forms all to engage your audience and boost conversion rates. 


With the exit-intent technology, you can easily convert your abandoning page visitors into customers. Also, when it comes to targeted campaigns and campaign triggers, Optinmonster never disappoints. Only at $108 annually. What more can you ask for? Try it out!

Optinmonster - Conversion Optimization Toolkit

16. Leadpages

Leadpages has a straightforward dashboard that works well with both novice and expert digital marketers and bloggers. The drag & drop builder makes it easy to create mobile-friendly high-converting landing pages and websites.

If you want to come up with opt-in text alert bars, and popups, Leadpages will do that for you and deliver real-time analysis of your audience interaction with your pages. Ready to grow? The prices start at $25 monthly billed annually.  Start on the free trial before you buy it.

Leadpages - Capture and Convert


As an online entrepreneur, you are only as good as your equipment. Always keep checking the best growth hacking tools as technology is rapidly changing.  All these tools will help you take your business to another level. The premium tools all have a trial period so you can give them a test drive.

Who knows?

You might be surprised when you find the next indispensable tool for your marketing campaign.


Now over to you!

 There are so many growth hacking tools poised to grow your business at every stage of its development. You can use one of the tools above that work well with your specific brand. Are there other tools that we’ve left behind that you have found useful?  Let us know below!

I’d love to hear from you.