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This is a video by TED talk, a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from great thinkers and doers that are invited to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. 

In this particular video, an author, teacher, and entrepreneur, Seth Godin, spells out why, when it comes to getting our attention, bad or bizarre ideas are more successful than boring ones.

Seth Godin offers an incredible marketing strategy that marketers and entrepreneurs should embrace if they want to win. He gives numerous real-life examples of people who did unique and remarkable things, and in the end, their ideas spread.  

A true but sad story of sliced bread by Otta Rohweder

Rohweder concentrated most on making and packing of the bread. But for the first 15years, it was a complete failure until wonder came in. Why:

The success of everything is not about how the patent or factory is like, but it is about, ‘Can you get your idea to spread or not”. Regardless of what you do, spreading your ideas is the most vital thing.

The Century of Idea Diffusion

Media like TVs and others are at the heart of spreading ideas. Some of the TV and mass media have helped spread the word for a long time. However, it led to the tv industrial complex.

The TV Industrial Complex

The TV industrial complex or model is a vicious cycle. It involves:

  • Buying some ads

  • Interrupt some people to get distribution

  • Use the distribution you get to sell more products

  • Use the profits you get to buy some more ads

Most products succeeded in this complex because someone figured out how they can touch people in a way that wasn’t expected. And also, in a way, they didn’t necessarily want over and over (that is ads) until they bought. This led to its failure, and over the years, it’s no longer working as before.

Companies spend millions of dollars to market ideas with commercial ads on TV and Magazine, but what happens when you go to the store? You most certainly won’t care because you got way more choices and way less time than ever to buy.

Too many choices and also less time result in consumers ignoring stuff. So marketers should look for unique ways to get to consumers e.g., through showing us something unusual. 

For example, if you create an ad of an ordinary cow, no one will notice. But try creating an ad with a purple cow. People will notice it, at least for a while, and the ideas will spread.

Is your Idea “Remarkable”?

Being remarkable is the marketing strategy that will get people talking. The thing that decides what gets talked about is, what gets changed, what gets purchased is if it’s remarkable. Meaning, can people make remarks about it? 

They include:

  • Those out of the ordinary or different
  • new and fresh ideas

Companies should not make average products for the average person, which is just mass marketing. Market your idea to “early adopters” and “innovators” because they listen and get obsessed with things unlike the “geeks and the laggards.” 

He compares it with a Japanese concept called “Otaku.” Sell to people who are listening and maybe, those people will tell their friends about it, and it spreads.

2 Examples of “Remarkable” Ideas

Some fantastic instances of remarkable ideas and how they quickly spread:

  • A paint can by a Dutch boy paint company that costs 35% more than the regular paint, but it made them a fortune because the can was different or rather “remarkable.” They didn’t create a new ad but change what it meant to build a paint product.

  • Cremains gems made from cremated bodies are the fastest growing business in the mortuary industry.

How to Advertise Ideas Faster to Masses

  • Design rules: Design is free when you get to scale

  • Safe is Risky: The riskiest thing to do is to be safe

  • To be too good. Very good is boring and average


With this incredible marketing strategy by Seth Godin, you can get to spread your ideas faster, and more people will be talking about it.

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How to Get Your Ideas to Spread