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This video is by Neil Patel, a top digital marketer, and SEO guru. In this video, he explores four proven strategies that can help increase your blog traffic with less blogging

The primary desire of every blogger is to have as much blog traffic as possible. Most bloggers spend their time producing new content because they think that writing content regularly is the only way to attract web visitors.

However, according to Neil Patel, that is not always the case. More content does not always result in more blog traffic. Actually, you should use the 80/20 rule. That is, spend double the time you write a blog post promoting it. With this strategy, he saw his web traffic grow from 800,000 visitors per month in January to 1.6 million visitors per month in less than a year.

Here are the four tips he explores on how to grow your web traffic with less blogging:

1.  Send out Emails

Every time you write a blog, let your email subscribers know that a new blog post has just come out and how it is useful to them. For example, Neil writes one blog post per week, and then he spends the rest of the days of the week promoting it. You don’t want your blog posts to overwhelm your readers and appear like spam. So, he writes one blog post and then, sends out an email blast to promote it.

2.  Use is a push notification software that allows your reader to subscribe directly to your blog (without Email, Inbox, etc.). It prompts your website visitors an immediate notification whenever you have published a new blog post – directly in their browser. Whether the visitor is using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox to browse, they get the notification. The software is free up to 200 subscribers and has also premium plans.

3.  Use Buzzsumo

Another excellent strategy to help get more web traffic is by using Buzzsumo. This is a platform that lets you know who shared content that looks almost similar to the one you’ve written.

You just type in the keywords related to your article and a list of people who shared related content will pop up. Then, reach out to them through email and let them know you have a similar blog that they can check out. Here, you may have to do some Google searches to find their email addresses (or you can use

4.  Work on your Headlines

Writing blog posts of high-quality can help you receive more web traffic. However, you must create an SEO-friendly and captivating title to retain the traffic.

Research shows that 8 people out of 10 will like your blog because of the title, but only 2 out of 10 will click through and read the rest of your article. Therefore, to get more web traffic, spend more time crafting amazing headlines. You can come up with at least 6 to 10 titles and then eliminate each one after a thorough analysis.

Parting Shot

If you want to get more blog traffic, don’t just spend time writing blog posts but spend double the time marketing them.



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4 Ways Increase Blog Traffic