How to Beat Google Algorithm and Boost Traffic to Website Content in 5 Simple Ways

Today we talk about a video that was created by Neil Patel,  a top digital marketer, and SEO expert. He explores the four major changes in SEO for 2020, how they are likely to impact your site ranking results. Then, he offers five smart tips to help you beat the Google algorithm and increase traffic to your website in 2020.

The SEO trends keep changing with each passing day. According to a recent study, Google makes over 3,200 algorithm updates per year.

Knowing what is on the horizon will help you make the relevant changes to your websites to ensure that you get more prospects through search engines.

These are the four major changes in SEO 

  1. Almost half of all Google searches are no-click, and this trend could continue.

  2. Visitors from organic traffic could drop.

  3. Google will compete more heavily with Amazon.

  4. Most people will continue to get the information they need directly from a rich or a compelling snippet without clicking through.

According to Neil Patel, adopting these five incredible tips will help you beat the Google algorithm and boost traffic to website content in 2020.

1.      Master Uncovering the Search Intent

Most marketers today are looking for keywords to rank their websites. But, you need to know that it’s not just about keywords but the value you offer with your content. Make sure that your content provides solutions to people’s pain points.

You can use SEMRush to identify what people are searching for and how different things compare to each other and thus can create quality content.

2.      Increase your Click-through Rate (CTR)

You can increase the click-through rate by writing compelling headlines to lure people into clicking through. You can even get more click than a person who ranks better than you if you:

  1. Have a compelling title
  2. Use keywords in the title that your competitor has not used
  3. Write captivating Meta descriptions
  4. Use schema markups
  5. Make use of tools like “Click Flow ” to optimize your title tag
  6. Explore Schema Markups to help your listing stand out.

3.       Make use of Schema Markups

Using schema markups is one of the best ways to increase your site visits. For example, you can use FAQ schema markup to enhance the visitors’ user experience.

4.      Build Audience Loyalty

Some of the incredible ways to build a loyal audience include:

  • Using email opt-ins
  • Using tools like “Subscribers” to send your subscribers alerts when there is something new up for grabs in your site.
  • Leveraging on social media channels.

5.      Adopt an Omnichannel Approach

An omnichannel channel approach helps you to make use of cross-channel content strategy. Instead of just using content marketing, social media, SEO or paid advertising resources, you have them orchestrated to cooperate.

Parting Shot

Google makes new changes every year to improve the user experience. Therefore, it’s crucial to arm yourself with the right tools to be ahead of Google algorithms and boost traffic to website content in 2020.