Effective inbound lead generation strategies lead to an increase in qualified leads.

We’ve got 7 such strategies that will help you develop brand awareness, increase the number of individuals visiting your site, and convert more of those individuals into high-quality leads.

If you observe the present scenario, customers want to be armed with valuable information about the offerings of a brand before they even begin their first interaction with the brand. Therefore, brands now need to follow more and more inbound lead generation strategies for the same.


Executing these fundamentally-powerful and subtle strategies help people discover and learn more about your brand and empower you to achieve exponential business growth by boosting sales. This post will shed light on such strategies. Let’s dive right in:

What is Inbound Lead Generation?

For those who are new to the term, inbound lead generation is a strategy where marketers publish valuable content that defines their offerings or brand across different online platforms without targeting any specific kind of customer. Now, if a person wishes to personally engage with the brand or know more about it after they view this content, they approach the brand themselves (instead of the brand directly reaching out to them).

So, you can say that the customers take the first initiative in generating direct engagement rather than the business itself. This is a pull strategy proven to have a range of benefits. Some of the benefits of inbound lead generation include:

Generates quality leads that have some interest in your brand’s offerings.

Promotes interaction and nudges your target audience to explore more about your business.

Generates organic traffic as customers contact you on their own.

Shares as much brand information and content as possible, in turn, building trust among customers while generating leads.

7 Inbound Lead Generation Strategies to Help Grow Your Business


The methods of generating leads are ever-evolving. Hence, you need to implement those strategies that drive maximum value to your business. Before we dive into different inbound lead generation strategies, let’s first take a look at how inbound strategies work. This entire process is divided into 4 separate parts, namely:

  1. Attract: You can call this the first phase of the lead generation process. In this phase, you need to get discovered by your target audience. The methods through which you can accomplish this include running social media campaigns, writing blogs, etc.

  2. Convert: In the second phase, a potential customer is ready to contact you. Make sure you offer them a variety of options, such as through website hyperlinks, ‘Contact Us’ forms, or CTA buttons to get in touch with you. The person is now converted into a lead.

  3. Cultivate: In this phase, you approach your leads and convert them into customers.

  4. Delight: This is a process where you constantly interact with your customers, ask for and receive their feedback, and put in the work towards keeping them contented and happy. This process is an ever-lasting one.

Inbound process

Image Source: DashClicks


Now it’s time we discuss some easily implementable, powerful strategies for inbound lead generation. Let’s begin:

1.   Develop a Strong Social Media Presence

As per the latest social media statistics, there are currently 4.59 billion social media users. Moreover, with the rising global internet penetration, this number is only going to increase.

Given the massive reach of social media platforms, you need to have solid social media marketing strategies in place. Plus, your brand needs to have a sound presence on not just one but multiple platforms.

To develop a strong social media presence, the first step you need to take is identify the platforms your target audience hangs out on. Then, start with an effective social media marketing campaign.

We recommend that you post content on social media to get more inbound leads. Don’t forget to embed links to your product pages and website in the posts. Also, add contact details in every caption. Furthermore, ensure you incorporate hashtags to boost the discoverability of your posts.

With so many people browsing through their social media feeds every day, you need to develop a solid and lasting impression on different social platforms to grow your brand, if not done already. Today, customers are increasingly relying on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to engage with fellow users to learn more about a brand or to even check brand reviews. So in order to generate inbound leads, it’s imperative that you don’t ignore social media marketing and post consistently.

2.   Concentrate on Video Marketing

As per recent statistics, 85% of marketers are of the view that video is an effective way to grab attention on the internet. A high percentage of consumer traffic can come from video content. Hence, if you don’t have a video content marketing strategy in place, you are missing out on a lot.

There are a variety of videos you can create for your brand. For instance, you can produce how-to videos or explainers for your YouTube channel to explain the working of your product.

You can even create testimonial videos by partnering with your current customers. Then, you can embed them on your landing pages. You can also distribute them via social media or email.

You can also add a video on your homepage, just like Slack:

Sendpulse video on homepage

Image Source: Sendpulse

Note: Long videos work best on Youtube, and short videos are well-suited for Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. While posting on YouTube, ensure you carry out thorough keyword research to increase the visibility of your videos.

Tip: Don’t forget to repurpose your video content. For instance, split your YouTube videos into two for social media or use a clip from one of your webinars and create a YouTube video from it.

In all, focus on video marketing as it can work as a game-changing inbound lead generation strategy for your brand.

3.   Start and Maintain a Blog

Blogs are one of the most effective ways to generate inbound leads. The greatest advantage of starting a blog and maintaining it is that it keeps on driving constant traffic to your site. It also helps you position your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

We recommend that you post quality pieces on your blog that help pique your audience’s curiosity or solve their problems. This way, they will always keep returning back to check for any upcoming trends or the latest updates in your field.

Note: After publishing a few pieces on your blog and not seeing any immediate results, you might lose interest in it altogether, hindering the flow of leads. Hence, we recommend that you make a conscious effort to maintain your blog. Getting leads through your blog may take time, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Here are certain tips you can follow to maintain your blog and also increase its lead generation potential:

  • Apart from creating new content to keep the traffic flowing, ensure you regularly repurpose old content.
  • Publish high-quality, relevant content.
  • Incorporate a concise CTA at the end of the blog. Don’t overstuff it.
  • Put up an on-page ‘Subscription’ form that lets readers subscribe without the need to switch to another page.
  • Add a short and crisp company description at the blog’s end.

4.   Leverage UGC

UGC, short for user generated content, is unpaid content about a business that its customers create. It is a potent inbound lead generation strategy that can build trust and influence the purchase decision of your potential customers.

You may see UGC in many forms, such as a follower tagging you in one of their posts or a review on Yelp.

Now, the question is, how can you use UGC?

You can utilize UGC for your social media campaigns to reach more audiences and earn more leads. Here’s an example:

UGC example

Image Source: Sendpulse

You can even use it in the form of customer testimonials on your landing and product pages to help prove your reliability and convince your potential customers to purchase from you.

Note: How to get more UGC?

First and foremost, you need to provide an excellent customer experience. Secondly, you can encourage your customers to create content for you (via a contest or a hashtag campaign). You can even request them to leave a review for you.

5.   Create Podcasts

As per the latest statistics, there are over 21 million podcasts, and the popularity of podcasts is only expected to rise in the coming future.

If you are looking for one of the most effective inbound lead generation strategies, then you should start creating podcasts. It will help you increase the reach of your brand and also keep your existing customers engaged.

To search for podcasting topics, you can look for educational and exciting topics in your niche. Ensure you provide new information and insights to your listeners and stick to a regular publishing schedule so that you don’t keep them waiting.

Do make sure you invest in quality equipment to record high-quality audio in your podcasts.

Note: Promoting your podcast is highly important. For instance, you can add some interesting excerpts of your episodes to your blog posts. Market the podcast on your mailing list and socials too.

6.   Retargeting Ads

If a person visits your website and then decides to leave it, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t interested in dealing with you. There can be plenty of reasons behind them leaving your site. For instance, they may have a work call or some urgent work at home.

We recommend that you observe the journey of your visitors and send them retargeted ads on the basis of it. As not every person makes a purchase the first time they visit a site, these ads help such visitors come back to your site. This way, you get another opportunity to convert them into leads.

7.   Use Live Chats

Now, you may think that live chat is just for offering customer support services. But that’s far from true! A great live chat function can give wings to your lead generation efforts!

How, you may ask?

Think of live chat as an in-store sales rep. The live chat option allows your support team to interact in real-time with your prospects. With such an interaction, they get to understand the needs of your prospects. This, in turn, allows them to offer personalized product recommendations to those prospects.

The live chat function also helps customer reps recognize upselling and cross-selling opportunities. They may even offer discounts and other offers to convince prospective buyers to purchase more.

Take a look at how Vue, a business that sells eyeglasses, uses the live chat option to reply to FAQs and even take orders:

VUE livechat example

Image Source: Sendpulse

A live chat function helps establish a better communication channel between you and your prospects, which, in turn, develops trust for your brand and eventually boosts sales.

Wraping Up

Lead generation can be a time-consuming and difficult process. But, the right inbound lead generation strategies will help you meet your customers where they are and enable you to generate leads on autopilot. From capitalizing on UGC to creating podcasts, implementing the strategies we have discussed will help boost your leads flow and eventually catapult your business towards growth.

You can also use a white label lead management software to easily manage all your inbound leads across different third party platforms. Good luck!

Author’s Bio –

Sean DavisSean Davis works as a content developer at DashClicks, one of the renowned digital marketing platforms that helps small and medium-scale agencies grow. With his five years of experience as a content strategist, blogger, and digital marketer, he wants to spread knowledge and explain technical concepts with simplicity to help readers understand.