Creating a solid sales presentation is not a piece of cake. You have the enormous task of impressing your viewers sufficiently to persuade them to take your goods or service into consideration.

Some may manage to do it quickly and easily as they possess convincing qualities. However, some may have trouble doing it. Are you among those? If yes, then you’re at the right place.

Remember that there is nothing that you can’t do. However, a little time invested in learning and practicing it can do wonders. Therefore, to help you get along with solid sales presentations. We have compiled a few tips that, if considered, can help you ace your sales presentation; they are as follows:

1. Raise the Bar on your Research:

Researching your prospect beforehand will aid you in determining the best approach for a sales pitch presentation. Try to gain more knowledge about the potential client, their objectives, and their individual preferences. Few questions that you must search for are:

  • What difficulties do your clients face, and how can you assist them?
  • What does the prospect’s definition of success entail?
  • What is the current state of their industry?
  • Is it flourishing or battling with a particular issue that your service or product can aid with?
  • Are there any other items or services similar to yours in the market?
  • What makes your product unique?
  • Is it more valuable or produces better results?

Keep in mind that you need to be prepared to answer such questions when you’re selling to a well-informed prospect. And to find answers, you can look up social platforms, blogs, industry journals, chats, feedback from previous pitches, etc.

2. Express your Value Statement:

It’s critical to provide the client with some general details about oneself and your company. In addition to that, also speak about your company’s principles and goal statements. Doing this can assist you in establishing trust with potential clients and provide them with extra information about your company.

Nike Vision Statement

“Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.

*If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

3. Your Prospect should be the Center of the Attention:

Please avoid bragging about your company or the qualities of the products or services you have to offer. Instead, your prospect should be your center of attention. Because you aim to persuade them; hence the conversation should revolve around the prospect and their requirements.

Explain why, given the prospect’s specific preferences and circumstances, your service or product is the best fit for them.

4. Discuss Issues and Potential Solutions to them

Concentrate on the challenges and talk about the solutions that can be considered to resolve them. Avoid dragging down your potential client with a list of features and technical jargon. Instead, identify the challenges that a prospect is experiencing, either through research or dialogue and then explain how your product or service will address those concerns.

“Before-after Bridge” is one of the most effective ways of presenting issues and solutions is to begin by describing the initial problem. Tell how it is badly influencing the firm in detail. In addition, include any negative consequences if it has any. This would be the first part of “Before”. Then, in the “After” part, inquire the prospect to think how much better life would be if those issues were resolved. Lastly, connect the two circumstances using the “Bridge”, which would be the means by which they might arrive at their destiny through the help of the service or product you are offering.

Bridge Diagram Slide

5. Experiences with Previous Clients:

Customer stories may do wonders if incorporated in a sales pitch presentation. Begin by telling the previous customer experiences. It would be great if you select those stories to which the potential client can relate to. Discuss the details of the customer that was having a similar issue, further explaining to them how your service or product helped solve it.

This technique, however, requires additional efforts; you need to provide evidence that supports your claim that your product has the ability to solve problems. The prospect may have experienced some of the same issues and worries as the customer in your narrative. It’s important to remember that numbers are easily forgotten, whereas a story can be engaging and memorable and can leave a huge impact on your prospect’s mind.

Case study slide

6. Provide strong evidence to prove yourself:

It’s critical to be prepared with evidence points to support any assertions you make throughout the presentation. For example, whenever you state that your technology or product increases sales force productivity, you should be capable of backing it up with evidence. This will showcase your offer’s quality, originality, and importance.

7. Make your Presentation more visually Appealing:

Graphics are an excellent approach to communicate a message to your audience in a clear and concise manner. When a pie chart or graph suffices, you wouldn’t need to talk about your service or product, as you’ll present. However, to comprehend the information clearly, make sure your visuals are as clear as possible. As a result, your audience would be able to grasp what the image has to convey the moment he looks at the image.

Hence, to make your presentation visually appealing, you can utilize the template that SlideModel is offering. The slides provided here incorporate a whole lot of graphs and charts that can help you present your stats or your info more effectively.

8. Establish a Conversational tone in your pitch:

According to research, sales presentations that are more conversational in style have a higher success rate. Thus, to make your pitch conversational, you must incorporate open-ended questions in your presentation regarding the client and their business. This way, you will make the interaction two-way and will keep yourself on track, with no irrelevant talks.

Involving them while you present will create both an informed and relaxing environment. In addition, this method allows you to discuss problems and answers that are unique to the prospect in an effective manner.

9. Make a compelling Call to Action:

Your audience may be completely engrossed in your stories and persuaded to accept what you say, but in case they depart without knowing what they should do, then your hard work behind this presentation would go to waste.

Hence, make a compelling call to action at the end of the presentation. It should be:

  • Be concise.
  • Instill a sense of urgency in your audience. (fear of losing and bonuses can help you with this)
  • Encourage people to take action.
  • Make sure you’re clear about what you’re offering.

Templates for Sales Presentation:

Along with the above discussed tips, consider establishing your sales presentation with the help of templates. They’ll work the best together and will give you a fruitful reward, guaranteed. 

1. Global Concept Slide for PowerPoint

Global concept slide

The Global Concept Slide is a single template with two color themes slides: white and blue. Slides incorporate the earth’s globe map with small connecting icons, which facilitates in comprehending the strategic view of your sales/marketing plan.

The graphical elements on the slides are editable. You can even insert PowerPoint objects like logos, brand information from the insert menu. In addition, you can add effects and elements of the presentation using the transition tab.

This template aids in reporting the statistical survey analysis of services and products. As each slide has placeholders, enabling you to provide the financial information in a precise manner.

2. Profit-Seeking Metaphor Slide for PowerPoint

Profit seeking metaphor slide


The Profit-Seeking Metaphor Slide features a modern contemporary design with a unique cartoon graphic. This PowerPoint shows a businessman running on a treadmill as a prize for his accomplishments. This slide depicts a businessman’s incentive to work out in terms of money. As a result, it serves to portray the social norm of money as the primary motivator for people to labor. Moreover, the visual content is a fantastic approach to grab the audience’s attention while also being humorous.

This template would work best for people who work in the financial industry, investors, and managers, for example, who are concerned with sales, revenue, profitability, stocks, profit and loss, and so on.

3. List of Tools PowerPoint Templates

Tools slide template

List of Tools PowerPoint template is an interactive business presentation template that allows you to create a story, define SMART goals and targets, describe major features, and make a compelling argument about your services and products.

This template could also be utilized to highlight tools or software that aren’t related to digital marketing, such as preferred tools or the most efficient or productive tools in a company. Moreover, it can also be modified to create an employee handbook from a PowerPoint presentation.

4. Flat Shopping PowerPoint Icons

Flat shopping powerpoint slide

You can utilize the Flat Shopping PowerPoint Icons template to show consumer buying habits concerning direct advertising and sales banners and display the latest trends that have found momentum in the consumer community or a specific focus group.

With its brief, straightforward, and readily accessible presentation design, it enables you to ensure that your report starts well, ends strong, and persuades the target audience by adding clean yet visually appealing symbols to your PowerPoint presentation.

5. Pricing Options Comparison Table for PowerPoint

Pricing options slide

Pricing Options Comparison Table for PowerPoint is a professional flat design presentation with highly editable elements. Incorporating a pricing options comparison table in your PowerPoint presentation can help you in presenting the evaluating alternative value propositions and product mix.

This template provides a wide range of tables, such as simple tables and cross and tick icons. These tables are used for explaining the elements of a mix, and a final four-column pricing options table aids in displaying the costs and descriptions in a web-friendly format.

6. Global Sales Bar Chart Template for PowerPoint

Global sales bar chart slide

Global sales bar chart PowerPoint template features a set of colorful bar charts, which makes them stand out against the dark blue background of the slides. These slides can effectively present the different statistical data, enabling the audience to make critical business decisions. Utilizing graphs, the presenter can display the data highlighting trends. Through graphs, the viewers can see where the data is leading. For further customization, the presenter can also look through the Data and Charts Gallery for more PowerPoint Charts to the add-in.