Combining a full-time job with being a mother is not an easy feat. If you do not miss precious moments in your child’s life like the first time he smiles or when she takes her first step, your 9-5 job might suffer from neglect. Do not fret though because there is a way to be a successful stay-at-home mom and a career woman effortlessly.

Technological advancement has made it so easy for women to spend quality time with their families and still contribute meaningfully to household expenses. This is because you work with your schedule without stress. With just your mobile phone, a laptop computer and a stable internet connection, juggling work with motherhood is at your fingertips. Read these jobs for stay at home moms to learn how to do what you love part-time, work in the Passion Economy, be a mom in style, and to find your Ikigai!

Digital Fresh and Trendy Stay at Home Mom Jobs: Make Money With Your Passion

1.Virtual Assistant

Most successful businesses today require the skills of virtual assistants for the smooth running of their business. As a VA, your job is equivalent to that of an administrative assistant, which requires you to be able to multitask and thank heavens for motherhood; you are a pro at multitasking. You will handle customers’ inquiries via phone calls, organize meetings and manage your employer’s email and newsletters. As a virtual assistant, you might also be required to create schedules and make travel arrangements.

What Skills Do I Need?

As a VA you must have sound communication and interpersonal skill. Since you will be interacting with the customers as an office manager, you must possess good client relations skills. You can learn all you need to become a successful virtual assistant, by enrolling in such training as Pinterest VA and become a work from home mom like Suzie who landed 3 dream clients in just 1 week. You can as well grow your VA business by regularly updating your knowledge like Liz.

Suzie- Skills that a VA needs


How Much Can I Earn As a VA?

According to Payscale, VAs earn an average of $15.73 per hour. As virtual assistants are never out of demand, you can earn as much as you want base on your schedule.

Payscale - VA Earnings


Where to Get VA Jobs?

Online job platforms like flex jobs, up works, WAHM, and freelancer offer so many opportunities to apply for a job as a VA. However, through designated virtual assistants’ sites like VA Networking and Pinterest VA, you can network and meet a community of other VA that will teach what it entails to be a VA.

Where to Apply for Jobs - VA


2. Transcriptionist

Transcription Certification Institute - Transcriptionist


As a transcriptionist, you will be required to listen to audio files and convert them to typed words. You may be requested to listen to meetings, proceedings, and even lectures and type them with utmost accuracy.

What Skills Do I Need?

As a transcriptionist, high proficiency in typing is a requirement. More importantly, you must be able to pay attention to details. Typing what you hear accurately will give you bonus points therefore, you must be versatile with grammatical skills. Also, your punctuation and spellings must be top-notch.

How Much Will I Earn As a VA?

A beginner transcriptionist earns $15 per hour but as you advance, you can earn as high as $30 hourly according to Payscale. However, BLS stats reported that transcriptionists who work for medical and legal professionals can make up to $36,400 annually. To boost your transcriptionist skill, you can enroll in courses with the Transcription Certification Institute.

Transcription Institute Certification - Transcriptionist Skill


Where Do I Find Transcriptionist Jobs?

The internet is a great resource to get transcriptionist gigs. Outsourcing job boards like Transcribeme, Go Transcribe and Scribie and some of the best places to start your transcription journey. To make your work easier, you can use such online tools like Express scribe, Otranscribe, and Transcribe.

Transcribe Me- Where to Find Transcriptionist jobs


3. Customer Service Representative

Service Strategies - Customer Service Representatives


Just like a full-time CSR, you do not necessarily need to have prior experience in customer relations to be a customer service representative. An Internet connection and a working phone are all the facilities you need as a CSR. Being a CSR requires you to have the zeal to help people solve their problems; therefore a good knowledge of the company you work for will be an added advantage.

Skills You Need to Be a Successful CSR

The obvious and most important skill you need as a CSR is an excellent communication skill. A good negotiation skills as well as a friendly and personable disposition will also come handy. You must have a passion for relating with people and be ready to learn about the product or the service your employer is offering to excel in this work from home part-time job.

How Much Do Customer Service Representatives Make?

Customer service representatives make as high as $13.15 hourly but you can earn more by acquiring the necessary skillsets on Skillsoft and Service Strategies. Apart from your wage, there are other benefits accrued to you as a CSR, you learn to pay close attention to detail which can help you to understand your child better.

Skillsoft- How Much Customer Service Representatives Make


Where Can I Get a Customer Service Job?

Check online job boards like Indeed and Flexjobs or you can check companies like Centurylink and Kelly services for work at home job offers.

Centurylink- Where to get customer service job


4. Online Tutoring - Tutor Online


If you feel you have the required flair, teaching experience, and qualification to teach other kids or even adults, then this work-at-home part-time job is for you. As an online tutor, your job is to assist students in their weak subject, help with their home works and monitor their performance. A bachelor’s degree is usually a must for most online tutor home job, however, if you are a college student, you can also apply.

How Much Can I Earn As an Online Tutor?

According to Payscale, average pay for online tutor is $17.57 per hour. You can work flexible hours, teach what you are passionate about and decide what you are paid. You can be like Rachel and start your own online tutoring as a stay at home mom.

Rachel - How Much I Earn As an Online Tutor


Where Can I Get Online Tutoring Jobs?

Base on Glassdoor reviews,, Pearson Smarthinking, and Wyzant are some of the top job platforms to earn extra cash work at home jobs.

Pearson - Online Tutoring Jobs


5. Writer/Editor

If your head is full of ideas you wish to share with the world through writing or you know how to perfect other people’s write-up, then you are best suited to being a writer or an editor. With your computer and a cozy home office, you can work remotely, wait for your kid’s nap time and pen your thought for the world to see.

What Skill Sets Do I Need?

Apart from knowing the right words to create beautiful prose or describe vividly, a professional writer needs certain skills to stand out among millions. One way to acquire the necessary training is by learning via Skillshare or by taking relevant courses on Udemy. You can choose any genre or style from the extensive list at your disposal for this home job.

Skillshare - Skill Sets Needed


How to Get Writing/Editing Jobs?

There are so many avenues available on the internet to get a writing job. Online freelance platforms like flex jobs, solid gigs, and Fiverr have an extensive list of writing job opportunities for writers while dedicated content platforms like Problogger, Freelancewriting, Textbroker, and Contena allows you to meet a community of freelance writers that will give you tips on how to get the best home opportunities.

Freelancewriting - Writing or Editing Jobs


How Much Can I Make From Writing?

You can make up to $23.19 hourly for a writing gig. However, most writers get paid per word. Therefore, what you earn is determined by the word counts.

6. Social Media Manager

Door-to-door advertising is fast fading to give way to social media marketing, so, companies need people to monitor and manage the social media of a company. You are saddled with the responsibility of creating content, increasing brand awareness and reaching the target audience on social media. Your interpersonal relations and communication skill will come handy here.

How Much Can I Earn As a Social Media Manager?

You are already tweeting about those happy moments in your baby’s life, why don’t you take up a notch by earning money managing a Twitter account of a company and earn as high as $15.59 hourly. Remember that managing a personal account and a business account is quite different so ensure you learn the ropes by subscribing to the relevant courses by Lottie on Udemy where you will gain insight into everything it entails to be a successful social media manager. Jasmine on Creative live will teach you how to reach your company’s target audience and achieve the goals your employers set for you with ease.

Udemy - Lottie as Social Media Manager


7. Translator

Every day, billions of people in the world wish to communicate with people who are speaking another language. If you speak more than one language, then you have gotten a job that is perfect for you. Translating from one language to another requires fluency and accuracy. Unlike interpreting, online translation allows you to work from the comfort of your home while tending to your kids.

How Much Do Translators Earn?

Your earning is determined by the language pair you choose to translate. According to Glassdoor, English into Chinese translators earn an average of $51,629 per year. One of the beauties of being an online translator is that you do not need to have a bachelor’s degree to qualify to be a translator. Your level of proficiency is determined by your experience and the training you have acquired.

Glassdoor - How Much Translators Earn


8. App and Website Testing

With billions of websites online and many more being developed every day, developers and companies want to ensure they beat competitors. If you know you possess analytical skills, then you can do a remote usability test for an app or a website as a side hustle. This remote job is not only fun but also provides you extra money.

How Much Can I Earn as App and Website Tester?

As a side hustle, you can earn as high as $15 for each app or website you test. Getting an App and website testing gig is easy but doing it requires a stable internet connection, a mobile phone, a computer, and sometimes a microphone.

How Do I Become a Tester?

You can make extra money testing websites from home with Userbrain or help startups review the usability of their website with Startuplift.

Userbrain - Become a Tester


9. Virtual Call Center

Similar to the conventional call center, a virtual call center takes care of both inbound and outbound calls of a company. Unlike the traditional call center agent, you can work from your kitchen, balance family life with work life and you certainly do not need to commute to your workplace.

Skills Needed to Be a Successful Virtual Call Center Agent

Some of the duties of a virtual call center agent is telemarketing, therefore a virtual call center agent must be able to convince through oral communication. Also, you will need the patience you use to deal with your two-year-old for this job. Furthermore, you must be able to listen and attend to the customer’s complaint. You can become proficient as a virtual call center agent through such training as ICMI virtual classroom.

ICMI - Skills Needed to Become Successful Virtual Call Center Agent


How Much Can Make As a Virtual Call Center Agent?

According to Glassdoor, Virtual call center representatives earn $30,061 annually.

Glassdoor - Virtual Call Center Agent Salary


10. Data Entry

If you are fast in typing, pay close attention to detail and are conversant with the use of data entry forms and spreadsheets, then a data entry job is ideal for you. As a data entry freelance agent, you are expected to be able to handle a company’s sensitive information with the utmost care and thoroughness.

How Much Can I Make From Online Data Entry Job?

Depending on the type of data you need to enter, your experience and the skills you have, you can earn up to $17 per hour according to Payscale with the average payment being $13.08 per

Payscale - Data Entry Salary


Where Can I Get Data Entry Work From Home? has thousands of openings for online data entry. Similarly, you can get a remote data entry work that is suitable for you on Upwork.

Freelancer - Work from Home as Data Entry


11. Online Travel Agent

The Travel Institute - Online Travel Agent


Being an online travel agent is perfect for stay-at-home moms not only because of the flexibility it offers but also due to so many perks attached to it. If you enjoy planning trips for your family then you can ace being an online travel agent. As an online travel agent, your job is to help people have a hitch-free trip. An online travel agent has work that is similar to that of a sales rep but you market and sell travel services. From booking a hotel to advising your client on their destination, an online travel agent deals with people’s total travel arrangements.

How Much Do Online Travel Agents Earn?

Being an online travel has many perks for stay-at-home moms, apart from the extra income on the side and the happiness you derive from helping make the right choice when traveling, you can also get huge discount on travel tickets for you and your family to unwind. That’s awesome, right? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, online travel agents make an average annual salary of $38,700 in 2018.

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Online Travel Agent Earnings


Skills You Need As An Online Travel Agent

You must have excellent communication skills and good customer relations. You must have a passion for traveling and be able to research to know the suitable spots base on your client’s needs. Check the travel institute to more about what it takes to be a skilled online travel agent.

TheTravelInstitute - Skills Needed to Become Online Travel Agent


Where to Get An Online Travel Agent Job?

You can work for a travel agency like Travel with the magic and Cruises for a while to gain the right experience then go on to start your travel agency. Better yet, you can get regular gigs on job boards like flexjobs, upworks, and truelancer.

Cruises - Where to Get an Online Travel Agent Job


12. Direct Sales Consulting

A direct sales consultant sells the company’s products and services directly to the people. If you have experience in marketing, have enthusiasm, can network, and convince people, direct sales agent job is for you. This remote work is suitable for stay-at-home moms who want to earn extra income through commission.


How Much Do Direct Sales Consultants Earn?

There is no limit to how much you can make as a direct sales agent as you get paid commission as a percentage base on what you sell. A good knowledge of what you are selling will boost your confidence when you market and can help you to increase sales. As a tech-savvy mom, you can get clients online through social media which will also go a long way in boosting your sale.

Where To Get Direct Sales Consulting Job?

There is no limit to what you can sell through direct sales. Most stay-at-home moms go for products they are familiar with like make-up or DIY tools. However, you can also get direct sales agent gig on online job boards like Recruit 4 work and Indeed. Join the ranks of successful stay-at-home moms who earn as high as $200,000 a year.

Recruit4work - Where to Get Direct Sales Consulting Job


13. Music Reviewer

If you are a music lover that likes airing your view about albums, artists and their performances online, a career as a music reviewer is suitable for you. A music reviewer is both a writer and a music expert. Your opinion about a song or an artist is very important and can influence people’s decisions about a particular song.

How Much Do Music Reviewers Make?

You can earn as high as $25,000 per year if you are just starting but with experience, you can determine your rate. However, the average salary for a music critic is $45,000 per year.

Where Can I Get a Music Reviewer Work-From-Home?

Most influential music blogs require the service of a talented music reviewer every day. If you have what it takes to be a music reviewer, you should check out Pitchfork, Pigeons and Planes, and Careers in Music for openings.

Careers in Music - Music Reviewer Work from Home


14. Make Money on Instagram

Influencer Marketing Hub - Money on Instagram


Are you someone who can public opinion on social media? Do you have a heavy following on Instagram? Then you should consider being an Instagram influencer. According to a survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, Instagram users have grown phenomenally over the years and 63% of marketers said they will continue to use influencers to promote their brands. So, if you have not taken advantage of your influence on Instagram, it is high time you started.

Influencer Marketing Hub - Make Money on Instagram


How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make?

Influencers can make as high as $100,000,000 for their posts about a particular brand. Micro and nano influencers do not have many followers but they still command the right audience and can earn as much or even more than influencers with many followers. Therefore, a huge number of followers do not automatically guarantee higher pay. Click here to learn how to become an Influencer.

How Do I Gain Followers and Make Money on Instagram?

You can gain followers by posting pictures and videos of your hobbies or what you passionate about on Instagram. You can make Instagram Influencer a career but first, learn the ropes on Skillshare and Udemy. You will have both fortune 500 companies and small business vying for you in no time. You can use also tools for Instagram that help you gain followers.

Udemy - Gain Followers and Make Money on Instagram


15. Create Product Reviews and Get Paid

Do you like sharing your opinion about a particular product or brand? If you are a mom that likes helping other moms to make their purchasing decision, then here is your chance to air your opinion and earn money. Many sellers will pay to know their customers’ opinions about their products. Writing reviews is the best way to get freebies.

Where Can I Go to Get Paid to Write Reviews?

The best way to earn money and freebies from review writing is to be an experienced shopper. That way, you can give honest opinions about the products you are reviewing. Tomoson allows you to share your opinion and experience about products and you are rewarded with free products as well as a huge discount. You can also become an Amazon reviewer and get paid through their vine program.

Tomoson - Where to Go and Get Paid to Write Reviews


16. Start a Podcast

The internet has made it easy to find solutions to virtually any problem you could think of. A podcast is like a mini broadcast. If you know how to create content that is addictive and interesting either as an audio or video file, then starting a podcast should be easy. Remember, anyone can record audio but your commitment to your podcast will give you the right audience you need.

How Do I Make Money From Podcasts?

Having regular episodes in your podcast is not enough to earn you money, ensure you leverage podcast sponsorship and attract the right sponsors and advertisers. With the right podcast hosting, good equipment, and the ability to deliver, you can make podcasts that bring money. It is easy for stay-at-home to start a podcast because of the flexibility of the work. There are thousands of podcasters on different platforms online but Itunes and Spotify take the lead in the industry.

Spotify - How to Make Money From Podcast



17. Start An Ecommerce With Dropshipping

Why do you need a brick and mortar shop when you can sell any product in your baby’s nursery with dropshipping? The whole concept of dropshipping is to buy directly from the wholesaler and sell to a consumer without holding stock or creating an inventory. Apart from the benefit of working at home drop shipping, you can make as many sales as you can with your persistence.

Where Can I Do Dropshipping?

Shopify does not only serve as a platform for dropshipping to sell their products smoothly, it also offers useful guides and resources that will help you grow your dropshipping business. To fast track your business, you can attend Spocket academy where you will meet Marc and other instructors like him who will teach you how to make more than $10,000 from your own business. Better still, Oberlo is the best platform to learn how to set up your store, the right product to sell and the A-Z of dropshipping.

Spocket - Dropshipping by Marc


18. Sell Handcrafted On

Stop wasting your talent and creativity especially if you know how to make unique, priceless, one-in-a-million pieces with your hand. Etsy is an e-commerce platform where buyers and creators of handmade art and antique pieces meet. If you are a collector or a stay-at-mom cum artist, this is your chance to showcase your talent and make money.

How Do I Sell My Item On Etsy?

To set up a store on Etsy, you need a product name and at least a picture of the item you want to sell. After you have finished the registration process, you are ready to sell on Etsy. However, you must keep in mind how much it cost to sell on Etsy. You pay a listing fee, payment processing fee, transaction fee, and shipping fee to sell on Etsy. Selling on Etsy is can be profitable. If you can make unique products, you can be like Judith, Roza, and Michelle who are making big bucks doing what they love from the comfort of their home.

Etsy - How to Sell Items on Etsy


19. Start a Blog and Make Money On the Side

Eduard Klein -Make Money by Blogging

Owning a blog is a great work for making money. Millions of people blog but you can stand out and join the ranks of the most successful bloggers who make more than $100,000 a month. There are many free resources online to help you determine what is trending and how to succeed in blogging and how to make money blogging.

Create and Go - Highest Paid Bloggers


How Do I Make Money From Blogging?

Online platforms like WordPress and bloggers are perfect for beginner bloggers to build their blogs. With millions of topics to choose from, you can grab the right audience to attract sponsors, create affiliate marketing, and sell products like ebooks on your blog.

Blogger - How to Make Money from Blogging


20. Take Surveys and Earn Money

You can make money by sharing your opinions online through surveys. It does not take a genius or require special skills to take surveys you can earn extra cash by sharing your opinion base on your experience. Legitimate survey sites like Swagbucks, Datadiggers, Survey Junkie, and Life Points will offer you both cash rewards and vouchers for shopping. Online surveys pay between $1 and $5 depending on the nature of the survey. Do not fall into the trap of scammers while looking for your next online survey.

Take Surveys - Earn Money


21. Search Engine Evaluator

While search engines typically use algorithms to rate the quality of search results, human input on the ranking of content cannot be dispensed. If you are versatile with the use of a computer, own a bachelor’s degree and you have an aptitude for research, you can be an excellent search engine evaluator. Remember, you must be able to read between the lines, unlike an algorithm.

How Much Do Search Engine Evaluators Earn?

You can earn as high as $700 in a month as a search engine evaluator like Steve. Most popular search engines like Google, Lionbridge, Leapforce, and Appen can pay you about $12 to $15 per hour.

Steve - How Much Do Search Engine Evaluators Earn


22. Recruitment Coordinator

A recruitment coordinator is a human resource specialist that helps companies to find the perfect candidate for open positions. As a recruitment coordinator, you will handle the logistics of hiring the right job seeker for the right position in an organization. From posting available vacancy on online job boards to interview and even arranging travel arrangements for candidates, a recruitment coordinator is involved in all the process of recruitment.

Skills a Recruitment Coordinator Need

You are required to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field to be hired as a recruitment coordinator. However, you can boost your chance of getting a gig by attending online training. You can earn an average of $60,880 per year as a recruiting coordinator.

Recruiter - Recruitment Coordinator Skills


23. Online Beauty Expert

If you always stand out among other moms in the way you combine colors, textures, and styles, you should consider a career as an online beauty expert. With the right openings, training, and experience, you can go on to become a celebrity’s most important personal stylist right from your home office.

You can get an online beauty expert job from home through job posting sites like Indeed, upwork or Prestoexperts. You can enjoy the flexibility that comes with being a beauty expert, enjoy freebies from companies whose products you recommend and be happy to do what you love doing. Most importantly, you get paid for your invaluable service.

Presto Experts - Online Beauty Experts


You can take advantage of the internet and live a smart digital lifestyle. A smart digital lifestyle is one that allows stay-at-home moms to spend quality time with their family and still generate income on the side. With this lifestyle, you can take care of your loved ones, manage your business, and still go on vacation whenever you want. Since you work remotely, commuting to work every day is out of the equation.

Raising a child can cost you an arm and a leg especially when you think about the cost of a pram, car seat and baby formula. However, you can turn your passion into money by doing part-time jobs from home. With your dedication and consistency, you are set to becoming a superwoman.