Why Natalie Left Her $110k Salary Job to Pursue Her Dreams

About Natalie Bacon and Her Blog

Natalie is a certified life coach and an online entrepreneur who now runs her blog Nataliebacon.com. She started her career as a business attorney. She also practiced as a financial planner for a couple of years, but the work she was doing, never really felt fulfilling to her. She knew she wasn’t tapping into her full potential. She felt unhappy, and she wanted more freedom in the work she was doing. That’s when she decided to give blogging a try, and things completely changed for her.

She decided to quit her job and work as a blogger full time, and also saw a significant shift in her life in terms of personal development and her financial situation. Today, through her blog, she uplifts several women worldwide. She helps highly successful women, find a new meaning in their lives and careers. Overall, she now strives to help other women achieve personal development and become the ideal woman they always wanted to be.

Her blog now provides several free personal development training, along with podcasts on designing a dream life. Her blog also guides women in all areas of their lives, be it success in their career or relationships. Her work has been featured on CNBC, The Huffington Post as well as Forbes.

Natalie Bacon Blog

What Natalie Bacon Achieved?

When Natalie Bacon started her Life Coach Blog, she didn’t know anything about running online businesses or blogging. Today, thanks to the success of her blog, she can achieve multiple six-figure incomes. Just five years ago, she was crumbling under her student loan debt which was a hefty amount of $206k.

What Her Blog is About?

Natalie always felt the need to help other women achieve their goals and become their best selves. She knew that she was fully equipped with the right knowledge and personality to guide other women ace every area of their lives.

This is what her blog is about. Her blog focuses on helping women maximize their lives, by assisting them in building a fulfilling career, creating stress-free habits etc. Not only that, but her blog is also a source of motivation for those aiming to get financially free, or increasing their self-confidence as well as those wanting to make their existing relationships much healthier.

Natalie was able to craft her own dream life finally, and now through her blog, she is helping other women carve their way to their dream lives!

 Natalie Bacon Latest Blog Posts

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How Did It Start?

Natalie started her blog when she could no longer see herself working her 9 to 5 in her law firm, for the rest of her life. She was yearning for freedom and wanted to pay off her student loan debt as soon as possible. She also realized that she enjoyed writing about Money and was good at financial planning. So, she started as a personal finance blog about her student loan debt. She took a leap of faith and quit her job to give full attention to her blog.

What is the Motivation Behind the Business?

Natalie knew she enjoyed being a financial planner. Her interest in financial planning, combined with her writing skills, paved her way to be a blogger. Even though she had achieved the pinnacle of success and was maintaining a healthy work-life balance, she still felt something was missing. She couldn’t help but think that she could do more. That’s when she got certified to become a life coach and eventually felt fulfilled in her online career. It was the fire in her, to do something more, to utilize her full potential and to live the life she truly deserved, which was her primary motivation behind her online business.

How Long Did it Take to be Successful?

Natalie was working as a young associate in early 2015. She shifted her career from law to personal finance in June 2015 and acquired the CFP Designation in mid-2016. She started and monetized her blog during the same time period, and as of 2019, she makes up to $100,000 per month.

How is Her Blog Making Money?

Her blog makes Money by selling courses that equip bloggers with the right strategies to attract traffic on their blogs. She also has several other digital products such as:

  • Her money mindset course
  • Her Personal Development and Goal-setting workbook
  • Her ebook on her blogging success.

She makes a couple of thousand bucks from affiliate marketing and advertisements as well.

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How Much Money is Natalie Bacon Making?

Life Coach Natalie is making over $100,000 via her blog. When she started, she wasn’t making any money on her blog. But as she developed her blog through her passion and determination to succeed, her blog went from $100 to eventually $15,000 month before finally hitting the $100k mark.