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Jessica Kleiner is an avid traveller and an adventure junkie. She is on a constant hunt for new, amazing destinations to explore, but here is a catch. She also works a full-time job!

Jessica wanted to figure out a way to travel the world without leaving her job. Most people can hardly manage their work-life balance, let alone travel the world, but Jessica is one of those few people who have mastered the art of travelling while working 9 to 5!

She decided to share her secrets that made it possible for her to be a globetrotter while on a job, hence, leading to the birth of ” A passion and a passport”. She works as a Speech-Language Pathologist during the day and as a passionate blogger by night.

Her goal was to travel to up to 30 countries before turning 30, and she smashed that goal like a pro. She continues to travel today while managing her successful blog and her job side by side. And she has become a real inspiration for all those having a travel bug inside them. Her blog is a massive source of motivation and knowledge for those yearning to go on a vacay, while on a job!

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What Jessica Kleiner Achieved?

Jessica is one of those few people who have manifested their ultimate dream of travelling into their reality. She has travelled to up to 45 countries while maintaining a work-life balance. But the highlight of her achievements is her super successful travel blog.

Her blog “A passion and a passport” bags in about 175,000+ visitors a month! Thanks to the quality content she has been producing on her blog, she was also able to make her way into Mediavine; a full-service ad representation company.

Her blog’s acceptance to Mediavine became a huge factor in an exponential increase in her blog’s revenue. Apart from that, she also attracts lucrative sponsors and brand deals that help her continue living a travellers life.

What is A Passion and A Passport About?

A Passion and a Passport’s tagline says: “proving travel is possible with a normal 9 to 5” and that’s exactly what the blog is about; helping people explore the world while successfully working a full-time job.

Jessica has turned A Passion and a Passport into a considerable reserve of travel knowledge. From travel itineraries to travel hacks and necessary checklists, everything is available here. Jessica’s goal is to enable full-time, employed people to live their travel dreams without sacrificing their work. And her blog successfully inspires travel-hungry people all around the globe.

A Passion and A Passport also gives its audience an inside view into how Jessica wrote her blog to the ladder of success. It also teaches people how to establish their blog and provides them with valuable tips.

A Passion And A Passport Travel Blog

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How Did It Start?

Jessica first started her blog back in 2010, but she didn’t take it seriously until 2013. She had frequently been travelling now and then, and she wanted to document her trips. She always loved photography as well, so she started this blog as a place for keeping track of her pictures and travel adventures. Her initial endeavour was to keep a public diary of her trips and maybe to gain some fame. But back in 2010, she only wrote five posts and forgot all about her blog.

She resumed her blog back in 2013 and wrote some posts on her recent travel journeys in 2013. That was the proper starting point of A Passion and a Passport.

What is the Motivation Behind the Business?

The blog that Jessica initiated with the intention of maintaining a public diary, started gaining attention. She quickly realized that she had the potential to turn her online travel diary into a profitable blog. And that her blog had the potential to bring in sponsors and new opportunities. She scored her first-ever hotel sponsorship back in 2014 and was eventually making a couple of hundred bucks from A Passion and a Passport. That motivated her to continue producing quality content based on her travel experiences, ultimately inspiring her to take her blog seriously as a business.

How Long Did it Take to be Successful?

After starting her blog back in 2010, she eventually started seeing results around the year 2017. Jessica had migrated her blog to WordPress in 2014 and had started treating it like a proper business. She also got her first hotel sponsor that year. Since then, her blog A Passion and a Passport went from earning a few bucks to earning a substantial income of $4000 a month by the year 2019.

How is Jessica Kleiner Making Money?

Jessica has numerous income streams from her blog A passion and a passport. She promotes products, hotels, tourism companies, etc. on her blog. Apart from that, she also gets sponsors, brand deals, and get to work with tourism boards directly. But her major source of income is from her ads.

Her blog got accepted in Mediavine, which is an ad representational company, and she generates thousands of bucks thanks to her partnership with them. Known as an eBay for ads, Mediavine helps Jessica generate revenue for her blog through advertisements of all sorts.

How Much Money is Jessica Kleiner Making?

Jessica made $30k with her blog in her first year of partnership with MediaVine. “A passion and a passport” was already getting 25,000 real sessions, which made it possible for Jessica to get it accepted in Mediavine.

As mentioned earlier, she is getting up to 175,000 + page views a month, and that much of traffic makes her on average $4000 a month. This adds up to more than $30k per year. And her blog generates this monthly revenue even if she doesn’t post anything. She is expecting to break $100k barrier next year with her Mediavine earnings. And let’s not forget her earnings from her full-time job as well.

Her dedication and desire to achieve her goal of traveling the world, is a huge source of inspiration for those who feel stuck and unable to travel due to their jobs. Jessica manages to travel to her dream destinations and her life story is a source of light for those wanting to follow her footsteps.

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