About Susan Mershon and the Techie Mentor

Susan Mershon is a full-time working mom. Like many of you, she has also been a full-time corporate bound employee for most of her life. Before starting her own business, Susan had worked as a Project Manager in multiple firms. Also, when her son Sam was born, she was working as an IT Project Manager in a Fortune 500 company.

It was soon after her son was born that Susan got on the pathway which led her towards launching her own business – now known as the Techie Mentor. And no, she didn’t have everything figured out. Like most of us, she had to go through a slow and gradual process and found her way up the ladder.

For anyone who is having career issues, Susan and the Techie Mentor is a classic example for you to draw inspiration from. She gives us a lesson to believe in ourselves, to never lose hope, and most importantly, her story teaches us to keep working hard!

The Techie Mentor

What Susan Mershon Achieved?

Well, to break the ice, she was already a super successful working mom for years in the corporate sector. Not only was Susan good at her job, but she was known for reviving near-dead projects and taking them to new heights.

The cherry on top – after running into some problems at her job, Susan found her way into marketing her years of skills towards private clients.

And it wasn’t until Susan combined her passion for teaching to her tech-chunky nature and years of experience. Susan went out on a limb and started her own business, where she taught and trained new VAs through her extensive experience.Therefore Susan successfully launched the Techie Mentor in 2013.

What is The Techie Mentor About?

At the Techie Mentor, she trains Virtual Assistants the skills they need to build, helps them, and guides them on their way to launch successful businesses. Through the Techie Mentor, Susan has created a smart signature system comprising of techniques, tools, and programs which teaches thousands of VAs just the right steps of getting great results.

After quitting her six salary figure job, Susan had to work hard to be her boss. As opposed to most of us now, she didn’t have access to many resources back then. Just a few good books and exposure to market-led her towards gaining back her sustaining income.

Her entrepreneurial mindset convinced her to start a venture where other potential VAs can learn from her. Her thoughtfulness, coupled with her entrepreneurial nature saw an opportunity out of helping others. And that’s what the Techie Mentor is about, helping fellow VAs to learn the skills they need to get clients and succeed with zero hype or fluff.

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How Did It Start?

Susan didn’t see it coming, but it started when she took 90 days of maternity leave from her job. She had just revived a potentially great project and had to pass it on to a new colleague. Upon her return, she was expecting to get her project back. However, the firm refused to let her take over her project.

“She’s way too equipped with her children’s responsibility to take up this project”, the company officials said. This fueled her already fired up frustration from the corporate. She didn’t want her officials dictating her anymore, so she started her journey.

At first, she was only using her tech skills and experience to score clients privately. Eventually, when she realized this was an opportunity to help new people and make a living from it. Susan decided to go another way and soon found herself starting a whole new successful business, hence became a supermom.

What is the Motivation Behind the Business?

As I hinted above, Susan had worked in the corporate sector all her life. Having extensive experience as a Project Manager, she was used to taking directions from her officials. However, this also led her towards deep frustration at times when she wasn’t able to pursue what she wanted. Being in a job sucks you out of your creativity, and most of you can agree with it.

That’s precisely what Susan felt as well. When she returned from her maternity leave, after her son Sam was born – she was denied her right to continue her existing project. Being the career-driven and focused woman that she was, she couldn’t deal with being dictated anymore.

Therefore, the drive and motivation that birthed from this experience led her to start her own new business, where she taught other Virtual Assistants.

How Long Did it Take to be Successful?

Susan has been in the VA industry for more than ten years now. This also includes the time she took after quitting her job and chose to work privately. Everything that Susan owns right now comes from years of experience and hard work of countless days and nights.

The courses she teaches at the Techie Mentor are based on her skills, exposure, and valued experience. It won’t be wrong to say that Susan has dedicated her whole life to building a career. Even her 20 – 25 years old experiences have played a significant role in shaping her success as it is today.

How is Susan Mershon Making Money?

The Techie Mentor is a program where Susan teaches and trains new Virtual Assistants, willing to get in the industry. That’s precisely how she earns; she charges her customers according to the services, training, and program she offers.

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How Much Money is Susan Mershon Making?

Susan has never explicitly declared her pricing criteria or income reports. However, she does have a 4-parts video series on how should VAs charge their clients. Similarly, prices on her various programs and courses vary. In other words, there is not one fixed rate that answers this question.

However, given her long years of success, we’re sure that Susan makes a 6 figure plus yearly salary.