About Alex and Lauren and Avocadu, Createandgo

Alex and Lauren are online content creators and blogging gurus who have mastered the art of successfully running multiple six-figure blogs. Alex and Lauren met via Tinder and immediately realized the extent of their mutual interests. They both had been working full-time 9 to 5 jobs, but neither of them was happy living the monotonous lifestyle that society had expected them to live. They both yearned for the freedom to travel and to live a life on their terms.

Alex was working with several clients, as a personal trainer, and Lauren had been working on a 9 to 5 job with an MBA degree. Despite getting paid fairly for their jobs, both Alex and Lauren wanted something more significant. They wanted financial freedom, and this desire had been turning them into a disappointed, frustrated duo. But they decide to turn things around for them and stepped foot into the blogging world without even knowing it at that time.

Avocadu and Creatandgo are two of their top blogs. Avocadu is a blog solely dedicated to health and fitness, and Createandgo is established with the goal to teach others how to blog.

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What Alex and Lauren Achieved?

Alex and Lauren successfully established their first blog on health and fitness, i.e. Avocadu. The success of this blog encouraged them to start their other blog Createaandgo as well. Their win with their blogs wasn’t the only thing they achieved.

After their blogs took off, Alex and Lauren joined a global community of co-working and co-living digital nomads who go by the name of Wifitribe. They were able to live their travel dreams thanks to the lifestyle and freedom offered to them by their blogs.

Lauren was able to live as a digital nomad eventually. She had been working and living in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and she also had the opportunity to travel and go on some epic adventures during her stay there.

What are Avocadu and Createandgo About?

Avocadu is a successful health and wellness blog that provides thousands of readers around the globe with health and nutrition knowledge. The blog also provides its 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge with the endeavor to help overweight people lose weight fast, with the right exercises and diet.

Avocadu also provides a plethora of information on food and the health benefits of choosing the right kind of food. It motivates to select the right type of diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is diet plans for weight loss or the right kind of diet for glowing skin, avocadu provides guidance related to all.

Createandgo, on the other hand, is a course oriented blog. They provide courses on traffic, monetization and blogging via Createandgo.

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How Did It Start?

Alex is a certified personal trainer and a nutrition specialist, whereas Lauren is a dedicated vegan and highly passionate about fitness. Both Alex and Lauren were seeking financial freedom and wanted to escape the monotony of their work lives. That’s when they decided to start a blog related to their core interest, i.e. health and wellness.

What is the Motivation Behind the Business?

Alex and Lauren created Avocadu after they started challenging each other’s views on health and fitness and soon realized a massive gap in the existing health and fitness industry. They were baffled by the statistics of the dieting community of the US and the numbers of overweight citizens despite health and fitness being a prominent industry in the country.

Upon doing further research in their niche, they realized that the health and wellness industry needs a lot of work in demystifying the believes around overall health and wellbeing of people. They identified the need for providing people with knowledge of maintaining their weight and fitness with the optimum diet, hence, the start of Avocadu.

They started getting a lot of attention on their blog and eventually realized the need to share their blogging knowledge with the rest of the world as well. When they were starting with their own blogging journey, they wasted a lot of time and effort on money-making courses online ,which they later realized, weren’t up to par. This led them to start createandgo with the aim to provide real, valuable content to people.

How Long Did it Take to be Successful?

Alex started his first blog after coming back from an entrepreneur conference. Lauren joined him, but their first blog failed after three months of effort. They tried again in the year 2015 when they registered their domain avocadu.com, and they eventually started gaining momentum.

After few months of struggle with their second blog, they finally made revenue of only $172 in the year 2016. After seven months of constant struggle, hard work and dedication, they hit the $10k per month mark with their blog. And now three years later, they have successfully crossed the $100k per month milestone as well!

How are Avocadu and Createandgo Making Money?

Alex and Lauren make money via affiliate marketing, email marketing as well as by selling their courses and products via their blogs. Affiliate marketing alone makes a significant chunk of their overall income. They promote a plethora of products, online courses etc. with the help of their affiliates, and get paid hefty amounts in return. They also sell digital products and several services via their blogs. Apart from selling courses, they also sell ebooks which add up to their multiple income streams.

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How Much Money Is Avocadu and Createandgo Making?

Alex and Lauren made up to $130,061 from avocadu and createandgo combined, in October 2019 alone! Update: $204,121.13 in June 2020!

They started avocadu in 2015 but didn’t see lucrative results until early 2016. Avocadu went from bringing in a few hundred bucks a month to eventually making $18,996.97 in October 2016 and finally both their blogs have now crossed the $100k per month mark.

As evident from their yearly income reports, Alex and Lauren made $66,527.53 from just their affiliate marketing in October. They started out with one goal i.e achieving financial freedom. But not only have they achieved financial freedom, they have also found fulfillment in the work they do.