ChatGen is a chatbot platform that qualifies your website visitors 24/7. It has taken the computer to human interaction a notch higher.

Have you watched any blockbuster movies that have people terrorized by antagonizing messages send by rogue bots? Relax, ChatGen is the superhero, not the villain. I know brands have a habit of abusing new technology until people are buried to the eyeballs with spam messages. It won’t be the first time they’ve screwed up.

But I got to say this is one effective chatbot that helps convert your leads to revenue whether it’s on WhatsApp, Messenger, Website, or SMS. You get to build conversational landing pages to generate leads by using the bot to schedule meetings.

I know you’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘Bots are the future.’ But if you’re still waiting for that future, well, bot-powered eCommerce is here now. It is part of the big shift seeing in consumer behavior. Honestly, we are in a world of instant gratification and people need feedback or information ASAP.  ChatGen uses AI to understand complex requests, improve interactions, and send personalized messages.


Visitor Targeting

The sole purpose of ChatGen is to move your audience from the interest stage of the sales funnel to the decision stage. The interest stage can make or break a potential customer so you need to have a quick and effective conversion. ChatGen captures the IP address for geo attributes, user default info like name/company/contact details, and UTM attributes.

With these, the chatbot will help you create personalized messages for your audience making them feel appreciated. As a result, they are more engaging with the chat widget.

 Facebook bot

Also, ChatGen bot builder can help you create a Facebook Messanger bot that eases and streamlines your lead gen efforts on Facebook.

Agent Scheduling

Are you selling a Saas product?

Potential customers will always expect a demo before they can make a decision to buy your product. With ChatGen you can automate the demo scheduling process and fill your sales agent’s calendar. ChatGen integrates with Calendly making it possible to display available slots on your agent’s calendar for visitors to book. Once an audience selects their slots, a notification is sent to both parties for meeting confirmation.

Intelligent Routing with Custom Bots

The higher your website traffic the more complicated it is to manage your visitors using a handful of people. Enters Chatbots. They help you cater to all your visitor’s generic or specific questions. You can set up an initial chatbot to answer generic questions 24/7, and use intelligent routing to send department focused queries to the particular department. This way, your customers get whatever they’re looking for 24/7.

What’s Cool?

Conversational Landing Pages

ChatGen is an intuitive bot builder that allows you to create awesome, customized, and conversational landing pages. You can use the pages in your email marketing campaigns, social media, and SMS to capture leads. And they thought out of the box and made it possible to embed a Chatbot into your Google Ads. Cool, right?

The audience can interact in real-time with the ads helping you drive meaningful engagements.

You can integrate the Chatbot with email marketing services like Mailchimp, and CRM platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, etc. And if you don’t want to integrate, ChatGen has your back. It stores all your leads’ contact details and information securely on its dashboard.

Optimizing your Botflows

Ever heard of email marketing workflows? Well, ChatGen allows you to create bot-flows for lead generation. So you can create multiple bot scenarios from support to book a demo or purchase product. Whichever option your audience clicks, the specific flow pops up.  And guess what? You get to test and measure different flows to see which one works best for your target audience and brand. As a result, you can optimize your bot-flows for optimal conversion.

Target Group

ChatGen’s main target is small and medium-sized businesses. However, large enterprises like PayPal use it as well.


They deserve a thumbs up for the free plan. You can’t do your custom branding but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

But you got to pay up to access all the goodies. They have 3 more tiers. Business, Business Pro, and Business Elite.





It is one of the most popular chatbot platforms supporting 23K+ businesses across 150 countries. You get to solve your customer’s queries 24/7 within minutes. Also, they have one of the coolest features the ‘sneak-peek tool’ that allows you to peep what a customer is typing so that you start preparing a response. Super impressive, right?

They have a free trial, and their tier prices are pretty much affordable starting at $16/month.


This is the OG of all chatbot conversational platforms. It’s was the world’s first and after setting the pace, others followed. They help businesses interact in real-time with their audience thanks to AI. Their chatbots facilitate lead gen, conversions, automated email campaigns, and enhance sales. They have numerous integration options with almost all CRMs and email marketing platforms.

They have a freemium plan, and Standard, Pro, and Premium plans. However, you got to have plenty of cash to spare if you want access to their Pro or Premium plans.

Final Thoughts

ChatGen gives you a scalable way to have a one-on-one interaction with your audience. The Chatbot doesn’t forget what you said three bubbles later. They have harnessed the bot interface to yield maximum conversion with minimal fluff. I love that it empowers you to manage your audience micro-decisions and give them the solution they need most.

If you’re ready to build an authentic relationship with your buyers, give it a shot. This Chatbot may be the best thing that has happened to marketing yet.

Let me know what you think about ChatGen