Nudgify is a Social proof app and FOMO and UX notifications tool. It is engineered to help you increase sales, visitor engagement, and signups on your website.

Converting cold traffic is harder than wrestling a bobcat. New visitors don’t become customers immediately they visit your website. They need to trust you first. And the social proof is one of the ways to quickly facilitate the process without having to pull tufts of feline hair from your teeth.

Popularized by Dr. Robert Cialdini, social proof is a psychological theory that describes how we rely on others’ opinions and actions to inform our decision. People are naturally curious about what is happening and more so now in the digital era. FOMO is real, and no one wants to be left out of the ‘wisdom of the crowd.’ How else would you explain Netflix shows like Tiger King?

If social proof is the key, Nudgify is the locksmith. It automatically displays ‘nudges’ of your key pages, letting visitors see what’s not usually displayed (like the most popular products or most viewed pages). These notifications are real-time, creating a sense of urgency, and cultivating trust in your business.


It’s a social proof app with a huge library of standard notifications. From Form auto-capture to custom links and styles, drag-and-drop streams, and display rules.

Here are my favorite features:

Recent activity

Ever seen sales pop details on a page? They use the recent activity nudge to do it. This nudge displays when purchases, increase in trust, or recent signups. You can even opt for popularity nudges (that show when many people have visited a page or product).

Stock Data Feed

Fomo feature

This feature is responsible for FOMO creation. Displayed to influence a customer to buy now by showing products that are low on stock. And you don’t want to miss out. Do you?

Nudge Builder

It allows you to create custom nudges. So, you can add a customized message/picture to any of your pages.

Nudge library

You don’t have to create your nudges from scratch. Nudgify has made it easier for you by having pre-built nudges to suit different industries.

Google Review/TrustPilot: Showing the best reviews of the page.


What’s Cool?

Well, glad you asked.

This social proof app takes conversion rate, customer experience, and cart abandonment issues seriously. Here’s how:

Low conversion rate

Nudgify is an ideal solution for anyone whose website has a low conversion rate. You can create streams of social proof Nudges showing customers’ experience and engagement with your products or services. It helps build credibility and earn visitors’ trust. FOMO nudges also come in handy giving your visitors a sense of agency and converting them effortlessly.

Cart abandonment

Poor checkout experiences often lead to cart abandonment issues. Any unexpected costs will result to mistrust of your brand by customers. But Nudgify allows you to create custom nudges that will guild your visitor all through the buying journey giving them an excellent checkout experience. You can offer coupons, discount codes, or even free delivery options.

Customer experience

Customer experience can make or break your brand. A store with bad customer reviews won’t convert. Nudgify allows you to create Nudges that are tailored to address your customers’ pain points. Also, you get to create Nudges that encourage customers to give feedback in a fun and engaging way. This way, you improve customer experience and get positive reviews increasing your social proof.


It fully supports 20+ languages so you can communicate with your customers in their own language. How cool is that?

Whether it’s Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Polish, Turkish, Russian, they got your back.

Target Group

The main Nudgify users are online store owners running small and medium-sized businesses. From Saas to Retail stores, Travel, Bloggers, Coaching, you name it.

This is because it provides the steroid needed for engagement, conversions, and sign-ups.  Also, It fully integrates with Shopify making it the ideal solution for eCommerce store owners.


Nudgify comes with a free 7-day trial period and a 20% off welcome coupon.

They have four pricing plans Lite, Plus, Genius, and Agency.





It is a social proof app that increases trust, conversions, and sales.

Are you looking for social validation? Fera will deliver that in spades. It will show testimonials, low stock, recently sold, and social proof. The learning curve is a bit steep and they only focus on urgency and social proof.


It is a social proof app that increases conversions by displaying recent orders, customer behavior, and product reviews. It’s mainly suitable for Shopify stores with high revenues.

The only problem is that it doesn’t fully integrate with Shopify and it has a steep learning curve.

Final thoughts

Nudgify will give your audience a reason to validate their decision. It gives them the final push to prove that your products are worth your time, money, and interest. You are able to sell trust, authenticity, and reputation. Happy customers have the capability to outsell even the most enthralling copy.

Let me know what you think about Nudgify