Orbit is the go-to place to build a valuable professional community platform with ease. In today’s world, online communities are powered by product users, customers, app enthusiasts, and brand advocates. Think about the last time you had a problem with your phone or software. What happened? Chances are, you got on Google, and it took you straight to an online community where people were already discussing your question. Right?

That right there is the power of community for brands.

A community platform provides a space where customers can have their problems solved, at only a fraction of what it would cost a brand to scale one-on-one customer support.

Orbit helps you get to the position to actually scale Customer Success and Engagement via a community platform.


Community Management

Orbit provides the tools needed to efficiently and effectively communities. Regardless of whether you’re a solopreneur or a small team, you’ll be able to send invitations, search for new members, discover members, and communicate with your community. It’s a contact management hub.

You have a powerful dashboard that acts like your CRM and member management portal.

Also, it empowers you to control the content in your community removing any inappropriate information. As a result, you are at the driver’s seat of your community network. Getting insight into what they need, tracking their performance, and building a better relationship with your network.

Community Engagement

Have you joined a community platform only to feel disjointed or had a fragmented experience?

If that’s happened to you, you know that turning a community into valuable and vibrant joints isn’t a walk in the park.

Enters Orbit.

It helps you trigger vibrant discussions encouraging collaboration within the community. You can create, share, and manage events that will bring your community together making them bond. They allow you to create a resource knowledge base for your members.

Community Events

They offer a dedicated event community that facilitates your brand to connect and engage attendees before, during, and after an event. This feature allows you to automate your event invites and ticketing. You can even integrate with Eventbrite.


Basically, it’s your one-stop-shop for events. From promotion to sharing your agenda, communicating, featuring sponsors, etc.

What’s cool?

Customizable Topics and Threaded Conversations

They have topics already lined up for you to spark meaningful conversations. At no one point will your community be left high and dry.

You get to slay your engagement game without setting up a cot tied to your community platform. And without the worries of living in a sizzling case of FOMO.

Health Checks

Well, a community health check is a vital contributing factor to the continuous growth of your community platform. Got to say they are worth their salt as they have a wealth of insights and experience on what it takes to create a successful community.

Orbit allows you to analyze community stats and get concrete actionable steps to take your community a level up.


It provides your members with rich member profiles for them to connect with each other and build valuable relationships. There is even direct messaging and chat to facilitate that.

Community network

Relationships are the backbone of every community and Orbit has done a great job in helping its members connect with the right people for their success.

Target Group

Orbit is a fit for all types of businesses. From solopreneurs to SMBs and large enterprises.


Orbit refers to themselves as a “powerful community platform for the right price.”

Well, I got to say is true.

They have a free plan (Basic) that allows you to build and connect your community platform. But you’ll miss out on all the goodies like resources, events, and insights. You can upgrade to their Pro or Business plans for more features.





It is also an online community platform that helps companies to build, manage and engage online communities. They’ve made it easy to import, export, and update member data on the fly. Moderation of what’s posted is also within your fingertips. And they’ve gone a notch higher and made it possible to deliver newsletters, run email campaigns, add an RSS feed for content, and have mobile push notifications.

The UX and file management could do with an upgrade.


It’s another community platform solution that gives you all the tools and expertise you need to engage your community. You get a safe-haven for your community from inception. I like that it comes with a forum-like space that has a wide range of social network features allowing you to create a scalable social platform.

Well, they have no free tier and many users have complained of a few themes making it difficult to make your pages attractive.

Final thoughts

I have to say Orbit is one community platform that is not only committed to launching your community but to fuel its growth ensuring you surpass your business goals. They support you with creating a content calendar optimized for relevant, traffic-driving content. You’ll have all the support needed to activate your first users and making them brand advocates.

Let us know what you think about Orbit.