It is a simple landing page builder for startups. Creating landing pages shouldn’t be like rocket science. But the platform you use can make the urge to drop your head over a spoon into a pint of peanut butter stronger than your bicep muscles.

Unicorn is pretty much a newborn as it was introduced in 2018. The platform has gained a lot of positive airtime from the Indie Hacker Forum and Product Hunt Community. They both purport that it helps you create landing pages seamlessly and (dare I say it?) have fun while at it.

When it comes to landing pages, we all three simple requirements – beautiful pages, that clearly pass the message and convert.  Unicorn debut was as an integrated HTML-based static page generator. Currently, it’s a full-blown website builder that accommodates raw power and flexibility in creating landing pages. And one sure thing, it’s still in the rapid evolution stage.

You get to create pages that are not only intuitive and responsive but engaging to your visitors’ thanks to numerous integrations. Most importantly, the landing page builder is easy-peasy to use and no learning curve is required.

Let’s see if this newbie is worth all the praise it receives.


Design & Templates



You won’t be getting typical landing page templates on Unicorn. What they have are the different components of a landing page. The landing page builder allows you to pick the pre-built elements of your page and use them to come up with your own layout. Cool, right?

They have headers, buttons, sliders, forms, tables, testimonials, basically, you need it, and they’ve got it. The components are sleek, modern, and easy to interact with. And you’re allowed to change any of the elements to suit your brand.

You can add background images, color palette, fonts, buttons, media content, high-quality copy, etc.

Code Editing and Export

If you want to go hard and code your entire website or landing page, Unicorn allows you to do that as well. You can use HTML, CSS, or JS.


I have a disclaimer here, don’t go expecting WordPress SEO. Unicorn hosts a basic SEO setting. So, you can add Meta descriptions, titles, and change URLs. However, we have to keep in mind that landing pages aren’t mainly promoted by SEO but by ad campaigns. So this is not a deal-breaker.

Payment Processing

There is nothing more convenient than the ability of your landing page to accept payments directly from your customers. A very important feature for a startup as it works for both one-off and recurring payments. But, they only allow Stripe as the payment gateway for now.

Customer Support

You’ll always encounter a hitch or glitch with technology. And support is key for you to move on. They have a Help Center with a rich knowledge base of how-to articles and a live chat option. Also, the landing page builder has numerous prompts to give you automated assistance.

What’s cool?

Beautiful Element Designs

The element designs are one of the most raved about the Unicorn Platform feature. They have refined effects like button hoovers, space between modules, giving pages an aura of professionalism. You get something that can only be achieved by highly skilled designers. Plus they look so perfect on mobile, you don’t need to fret over awkward-looking images.


Got to say Unicorn knows how to play well with others. You can natively integrate your landing page with email marketing tools, CRM platforms, messengers, and everything else you need to engage and get feedback from visitors. This makes it a one-stop-shop for a top-tier landing page design.

Export Feature

Well, have you seen a cool website that you’d like to emulate? Well, Unicorn has an export feature that lets you download any webpage in its HTML version and use it for later. How cool is that?

Target Group

The Unicorn Platform was developed as a simple and fun solution for startups.

Anyone starting out in SaaS, mobile apps, desktop software, etc. it was tailor-made to promote startups in growing and scaling their business.  For developer teams, it’s an A1 solution.


They have a free plan even though it comes with the Unicorn branding.

For more customization, you’ll need to pay up. I like that they’re pretty affordable. They have 3 pricing tiers, Maker, Startup, and Business. And all plans come with free HTML export, SSL, and custom code editing.





It is another landing page builder very similar to Unicorn.

You get to select the elements of your landing page and your page is generated for you to start editing. But they need to work on the UI. They give you everything under one large scroll-down menu which is a bit confusing. It can get overwhelming.

Regardless of the strange UI, they are handy. If you need a quick landing page without much customization, it will sort you out.

Swipe Pages

Got to say it’s a pretty good website builder with plenty of flexibility meaning you can create a landing page for almost anything. It’s super intuitive with awesome customization options and a broad range of page elements to choose from.

Okay, there is a bit of a learning curve so non-techy people might find it a bit complicated. Plus, a bit more third-party integrations would do them good.

Final thoughts

Unicorn is a solid landing page builder for anyone with knowledge in CSS and HTML. Not that the element templates aren’t classic but you get more flexibility with code. Besides, for startups looking to promote and sell products online, it’s a feature-rich platform. The integrations and cookie-cutter widgets give you value for money.

Give it a shot!

Let me know what you think about Unicorn Platform v2.0, leave a comment.