Nothing creates a reaction like moving pictures with sound in the current video-centric online environment. So, do you have to be Spielberg or have his bucks to get grand results? Not really, for YouTubers, influencers, Growth Marketers, and Online Entrepreneurs, there are plenty of innovative add-ons and dazzling features for video editing. All you need is a little creativity, decent computer, and video editing software.

Besides, you don’t have to be editing a box office movie or a billboard music video to use a powerful video editing software. It has never been easier to create high-quality video footage. No wonder the pressure to stand out is so high with everyone using the best video editing programs they can find.

You want to create a slick and professional brand? Whether it’s YouTube testimonials, Facebook ads, or Instagram stories or Pinterest Video, a stunning video will boost your ROI and conversion rates. Inferior editing programs make normal video editing tasks complicated, resulting in less refined videos.

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In this article you find a list of the most versatile video editing software I recommend to meet your diverse needs.

Best Video Editing Software

“How do I choose a video editing software?”

A question often asked when choosing a video editor. You need to put into consideration the purpose of the video. Where is the video going to be viewed? YouTube, Facebook ads, Netflix, or Cinema? You also need to think of the video format or output quality. Is it HD, 4K, or 8K?

As an online entrepreneur, you need to think about the ease-of-use of the editing software. Are you a pro, or would you want beginner video editing programs? Would you rather control every aspect of the editing or you prefer your PC doing it all? The budget should also be up on your radar. You don’t want to pay dearly for a bargain. Neither do you want to spend too much on an overkill.

Ready to start?

Lights! Camera! Action!

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Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Adobe Premiere Element

Adobe Premiere Element - Video Editing Software

Looking for a video editing software that is easy to use with plenty of video editing features and unlimited video tracks?

Adobe Premiere Element is the perfect all-round video solution available for both your Windows and Mac OS.

It is one of the best video editing software for both novice and pro editors. Adobe Premiere Element is packed with outstanding features like bundled soundtracks, face detection, and audio effects. It has a friendly user interface making it fit for beginners and professionals. The editing simplicity, video stabilization options, and automated functions like smart toning and motion tracking add to its appeal.

With video effects like opacity, transitions, Chroma-keying, among others, you are guaranteed to have stunning effects on your videos. Their media library has smart searches helping you to find finished and draft files.

PRICE: Premiere Elements 2020: $99.99 upgrade for $79.99

Corel Video Studio Ultimate

Corel Video Studio Ultimate - Best Video Editing Software

Do you want simple video editing controls yet still enjoy 360-degree-editing features?

Corel video studio ultimate is a beginner Windows program that exudes power but maintains an easy-to-learn interface. You don’t need to worry about sophisticated controls while editing your video. One of the biggest pluses of Corel video studio ultimate is the broad 360-degree-editing feature. Additionally, it comes equipped with enhanced lens-correction tools, 3D-tet support, and elaborate video collages.

You are offered a 30-day trial period 30-day money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t satisfy you.

PRICE: $49


Videopad Video Editing Software

Are you making the baby steps in the multimedia video editing?

VideoPad is the tool to play around with before learning the reins. It is not only compatible with macOS and Windows, but also with both android devices and iPhones. Advanced video editors often find the interface too simple.

If you want the computer to do all the work, then this is your video editing tool. It comes with ready-made transitions library, 3D video editing features, sound effects library, and 360-degree video editing. For a YouTube Influencer, you can directly export your content to your channel from a simple drop-down menu. Also, one can export video content directly to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, and Google drive.

PRICE: VideoPad Home Edition: $39.95 VideoPad Master Edition: $69.95

Animotica Moviemaker

Animotica is the most downloaded video editor (4.4 Million Apps Installed) in the Microsoft Store and definitely one of the most easy-to-use. With this app, you can easily join, split, trim and combine video and photo, add music, add voiceover, add transitions, scale and rotate video.

Animotica Moviemaker They bring some new features soon (you can get early access on their website):  A native Screen Recorder to avoid the challenges most capturing bring. A Thumbnail Maker to generate thumbnails for YouTube, Instagram, and your blog. A Gif Maker and a Pattern Maker.

Price: Free (+ In-App Purchase range $2.99-9.99.)


This may be the mobile sensation that will make your videos go viral.

TikTok is a free application for both android phones and iPhone users. The pro video editors won’t be interested in this tool. However, you can’t brush off the 4th most downloaded software 2018.

TikTok Make Your Day - Video Editing Software

TikTok is cross-platform between Vine and Snapchat. It lets you create short, customized, social sharing videos. If you want to be an influencer, singer, comedian, even a YouTube star, TikTok might be what you are looking for.


Best Video Editing Software For Youtube


Do you want Hollywood-like images? Well, Lightworks has already been tested and verified by Hollywood. It has been used in the post-production of movies like Mission Impossible, Shutter Island, Wolf of Wall Street, and 28 days later. If you have seen the movies, you know it is a powerful video editing tool.

Lightworks - Video Editing Software

With so many YouTube influencers coming up, your chances of being a star might be in the hands of this video editing software. You can directly export video content on your YouTube channel or Vimeo after editing.

Astonishingly, there is a free version of Lightworks that comes with almost all the necessary features. The only problem with it is the output video formats, as you are only allowed a maximum of 720p.

It works well with Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.

PRICE: Lightworks Pro Monthly: $14.99 Lightworks Pro Annually: $99.99 Lightworks Pro Outright: $249.99


Have you wondered if there is a video editing program specifically created for video marketing?

Magisto - Video Editing Software

This cloud-hosted video editing tool was developed just for online entrepreneurs to edit their videos, create brand awareness, and increase conversion rates. The process of publishing and editing a video has been simplified into three basic steps. One, upload the video on Magisto, select a soundtrack from the library, and finally leave it to the AI-powered video editor for processing.

The platform also allows you to distribute your video on all social media marketing platforms. In addition, you are given insight into your video marketing campaigns, allowing you to optimize your content best.

PRICE: Premium monthly: $9.99 Professional Monthly: $19.99 Business Monthly: $69.99

Hitfilm Express

Are you looking for a powerful yet pocket-friendly video editing software? Sticking to a budget and saving a few coins if you can is one of the most important things in the life of a digital entrepreneur.

Hitfilm Express - Video Editing Software

Hitfilm express does all that and more. It can not only save you money but makes the perfect YouTube videos, films, and gaming videos. You won’t find a ‘best free video editor software’ list that has ignored this amazing tool. It has over 180 visual effects, both 3D and 2D modeling, chroma-keying and extraction, motion tracking, and exports in MP4 H.264 video format.

It is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices. Plus, it provides weekly YouTube tutorials for better understanding of the interface.

PRICE: Free. But one can purchase additional features ranging from $7 – $50


It is one of the best free video editors with a modern and slick interface that is very easy to learn. You can develop a professional-quality film from its transition features, sprites, and Instagram-like special effects. It also has a video stabilizer to remove camera shake from the video.

VSDC - Video Editing Software

For YouTube users or digital marketers who mainly display graphs and charts, VSDC is the perfect presentation tool. It also supports a wide range of output video formats and comes with an in-build DVD burner.

Best Video Editing Software for Mac

Final Cut Pro

Do you want an end-to-end post-production software for your MacBook?

Well, Final Cut Pro is the best video editing software available for Mac OS. The combination of robust hardware and cutting-edge software results in a flawless video editing experience. It has in-built state-of-the-art graphics, filters, motion tracking, unlimited tracks, 360-degree video editing, and supports RAW video formats.

Final cut pro Video Editing Software

PRICE: One-time purchase of $299


Apple iMovie comes already installed on Apple devices. It’s a simple free video editor that is very good for basic video editing. You can add effects, filters, music, and titles, make color corrections and transitions, and other video enhancements.

iMovie - Video Editing Software

One of the coolest things about this freebie is that it supports 4K resolutions, and you can easily create an animated production with credits. With the latest version, you can easily highlight action shots and give the movie the cinematic effects.

iMovie has remained very popular among YouTubers because it comes on their iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. Besides, it supports blue/green screens, titling, cutting, and transitions.

PRICE: Free. Download it here for iPhones, Mac OS computers and tablets.


Robbing a bank comes to mind whenever you think of acquiring a robust, blazingly fast, and user-friendly video editor for Mac.

MacXVideo is one of the best free video editing tools that support 4K/5K/8K resolutions. It was specially designed to seamlessly edit video on Mac OS without causing any loss in the video quality. The video editor takes simplicity to another level making it an excellent platform for novice video editors to practice.

MacXvideo - Video Editing Software

With MacXVideo, you can slice, cut or trim a video, merge or split video clips, virtually transcode any video, add subtitles or texts, and add effects. Besides, it supports a wide range of video formats making it possible to optimize video for different devices. Also, you can directly share your videos on Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook.

PRICE: Free.

Best Video Editing Software for Windows

Adobe Premiere pro-CCC

Have you ever searched for the best video editing tools for Windows? Adobe Premiere pro-CCC never lacks on the list. It is simply the best – no brainer.

Adobe Premiere Pro CCC - Video Editing Software

Image source: Adobe Premiere Pro-cc

When it comes to professional video editing, this raises the bar. Developed by one of the biggest industry names, it supports any camera, platform, format, and device. You have to invest a lot of time, and let’s not forget the cash, but it’s worth every bit of it.

Its customized interface has a wide assortment of video filters and stackable audio. It supports 360-degree editing, complex and immersive VR editing, and even lets you start editing before the video importation is complete.

This kind of creative suite does not come cheap.

PRICE: Premiere pro-CCC Single APP $20.99 Premiere pro-CCC All App $49.94

Cyberlink power director

Adobe Premiere Element - Video Editing Software

Image source: Cyberlink

Are Adobe Premiere pro-CCC and Final Cut Pro too pricy for your projects?

Cyberlink power director is a premium alternative to the two. It delivers the same high-quality and pro features minus a Hollywood budget. Its features include 360-degree video editing, multi-cam editing, video stabilization, motion tracking, and amazingly easy trimming.

Even though it’s a feature-pack video editor, there are tutorials to help you out. Most importantly, video editing on the Cyberlink power director is so much fun.

PRICE: $79.99

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker became the default video editor for most Windows PC users because of its reliable features and simplicity. However, Microsoft dropped it in 2017 for another app, but you can still download it freely from trusted websites.

Windows Movie Maker - Video Editing Software

Image source: Windows Movie Maker

What made Windows Movie Maker such a favorite? Any pre-installed app on a PC is the first go-to tool for many computer users. Its easy-to-learn interface with intuitive tools also played a great role. Additionally, some of the key features include tools to add texts, effects, and transitions; the ability to organize all your project media on the platform; the capability to directly post your output on various websites and social media sites.


Nero Standard

Finding an all-round and intuitive media management suite for video editing, organizing, file conversion, and disc burning. Nero Standard is a combination of four programs import, create and edit; burn and archive; organize and stream; rip and convert.

Nerovideo - Video Editing Software

Image source: Nero

The video editing suite comes equipped with many effects, transitions, ability to add subtitles, among others. Another plus is you can use it on mobile.

PRICE: $64.95

Wrapping up!

A decade ago, children wanted to be rock stars when they grow up. Now, their dream is to be YouTube vloggers and influencers. With videos being the lingua franca of the internet, every online entrepreneur wants to create something that will go viral.

You don’t want to be screaming, “Why, God why?” when the video editing app crashes or doesn’t do what it’s meant to. Time is money, so you can’t afford wasting it, trying to make a program work. Treat your work with the “Steven Spielberg requires it now!” approach not compromising anything when it comes to your published output.

So, what’s the major purpose of your video editing software? Is video content a big part of your marketing strategy?

Let me know what video editing software you use. Better yet, what did you pick from our list?