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5 Quick and Easy Tips for Your Email Marketing 2024

Are you getting ready to launch your first email marketing campaign? Here are five tips to make it truly awesome.

1. Leverage personalization

Personalization is crucial for the success of your email marketing campaign. It’s your opportunity to build a rapport with a subscriber by making an offer that caters to their needs. Email personalization starts from an email subject line and ends with a CTA. In other words, personalization should be throughout your email copy, from start to finish. Advanced email personalization strategies like segmenting ad hyper-personalization can help you to increase open and click rates significantly.

2. Verify email addresses

Marketers always cheer when they get more and more subscribers to their email list. Unfortunately, there might be some bots among those subscribers who won’t convert to your real customers. And that’s why you need to verify email addresses – this is the only way to prevent fraud.

Another solid reason to do email validation is better email deliverability and open rates. It’s a no-brainer: if the email address belongs to a real person, the chances are higher that they will open it. Apart from that, if all your subscriber emails are validated, it helps your sender reputation, too.

3. Do an A/B testing

A/B testing is a research methodology often used in marketing. Basically, you show two versions of your email copy to different segments of your audience simultaneously. Then, you collect their responses and see what changes should be made to your email copy.

Here are a few things you should test in your email:

  • Subject lines
  • Length
  • Visual content
  • Copy (word choice, word order)
  • Style
  • CTA buttons
  • Personalization

A/B testing helps you single out even the smallest changes that could be life-changing for your email marketing campaign. So, try not to skip this step when creating your email copy.

4. Keep your email copy simple

Good emails serve to inform the addressee. But when they are crowded with too much text or visuals, it’s hard for an addressee to decipher what they should pay attention to in an email.

Thus, a good email copy unites a simplistic design, visuals, and just enough text for an addressee to get the idea. It only uses visuals that are relevant to the subject of an email. At the same time, it loads fast on any device.

5. Make your CTA context-based

Lastly, don’t forget about creating an engaging CTA. After all, it’s the path that will lead the customer to buy your product. And an engaging CTA should always be content-based. If you have several CTA ideas, do A/B testing on them to see which one brings you the most results. But don’t overcrowd your email with CTAs. Remember – keep your copy simple.