Instagram was once famous for viral photos, young girls taking selfies and making duck faces. Currently, it’s the third-ranked social networking and marketing platform after Facebook and YouTube .

With over 1 billion monthly users, feeling like a small fish in a big lake is very easy on Instagram.

The success of your brand or business is pegged on your social media presence. The prospect of building a relevant following and creating an authority brand is overwhelming. But, you shouldn’t resign yourself to feeling like a ‘minnow’ when you can be the ‘blue whale.’

Instagram Marketing Tools

Do you want to increase your authority, popularity, and boost your brand on Instagram?

There are plenty of tools for Instagram business designed to help you. You connect best with your Instagram audience when you answer the questions; what and when should I post? Which Instagram hashtags do I use? And who do I follow?

Testing every tool you come across is no guarantee to a successful Instagram marketing. As a blogger, digital marketer, or entrepreneur, setting a goal and purpose of your Instagram account is crucial for identifying your Instagram audience.

No need to do all the heavy lifting to stand out and build a long-lasting relationship with your Instagram followers.

If you want to turbocharge your Instagram marketing strategy – here is my review of the best Instagram tools to help you skyrocket your Instagram Growth.

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1. Best Tools for Instagram Followers 2024


Kicksta - Instagram - Growth Tool

Gaining followers is one of the key performance indicators of any Instagram account. It is one of the ways a brand gets to reach new customers and get exposure. As long as your content is relevant, consistent, and valuable, you need to use a growth service to grow your business. Kicksta is one of the best Instagram tools that use machine learning to give you real and authentic followers.

The numbers don’t lie, and the more followers you have, the more post engagement you get. Engaged customers will always run the marketing for you. By using AI, Kicksta does engagement marketing and gets followers based on your content. It provides an organic way to gain followers, likes, comments, and shares. Also, Kicksta can detect spam or fake accounts and avoid them.


Hashtag for Likes Instagram Tool

Do you want your content to go viral? Do you want to engage with your audience on a viral topic? Are you interested in getting new followers based on similar interests? Hashtags make all this possible.

Twitter created hashtags to enable them to organize their content. Nowadays, they appear on all social media platforms. Hashtags make it possible for followers and potential customers to follow a brand story or post. As a digital marketer or brand owner, you can track your engagement using hashtags. The key is not overusing them until they look spammy. Tailwind recommends using at least nine hashtags for optimum discovery.

Using trending hashtags is a way to boost your reach and followers. HashtagsForLikes is a simple tool that enables you to get insight into the trending and relevant hashtags to your brand. You get to grow your fan base with a genuine audience who are currently interested in your posts.

2. Best Tool for Instagram to Discover and Audit Influencer 2024


HypeAuditor Instagram Analytics

Given a chance to spot a fake and keep our distance is something everyone would want. With the development of online money making business, fraud, identity theft, and fakes have also increased. HypeAuditor is the best fake-account detection system for evaluating audience credibility.

It is an Instagram analytics tool that gives insight into the authenticity and quality of audience engagement. Every marketer, creative, and entrepreneur needs to protect their investment to Sponsored Posts and Influencers by uncovering fraudulent followers to boost credibility and increase engagement rates. Massive brand competition on social media platforms calls brands to partner with influencers for brand awareness and engagement.

Likes and followers are the basis of influencer marketing, creating an opportunity for people to create fake accounts to get paid. Currently, buying 10.000 fake followers and likes for $9.99 on the internet isn’t a strange phenomenon. This AI-powered software helps businesses work with authentic influencers. HyperAuditor commits to creating awareness about influencer marketing and identifying areas for continuous development as well as set standards.

3. Best Tools for Instagram Content Creation 2024

An Instagram account revolves around content. From the Instagram feed, Instagram stories, to IGTV content can make or break your brand. These are some of the best Instagram tools to help you create beautiful visuals and engaging content.


VSCO Screenshot

Have you ever heard the saying that a picture worth a thousand words? A single photo can convey a message more than words. For this reason, the images on your Instagram account should speak at a glance.

VSCO is one of the most popular photography apps in the market, appearing on the ‘Top 100 free apps’ list on App Store. Being the developers behind Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture filters, we shouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from them. When it comes to creating stunning photos on-the-go, VSCO is a clear winner. In fact, in a recent survey with a group of Instagram influencers, Later found that VSCO is their best photo editing application.

Do you want photos to not only have high-quality, but also they maintain their natural-like look? VSCO in-depth editing features have you covered. You can adjust the brightness, sharpness, contrast, fade, and apply filters to your photos. Remember, it’s essential to maintain consistency in filters and the edits you make on your photos for Instagram brand recognition.

VSCO doubles as an image editing app and a social media network making it a vital tool for any Instagram strategy. Take advantage of this free tool to set yourself apart and impress potential customers.

It is available for both IOS and Android platforms.


Adobe Lightroom

Have you followed an Instagram profile just because the bright, colorful, and neat photo grids caught your attention? Well, you are not alone. Many Instagrammers have done it too.

Adobe Lightroom is a complete photo package that enables you to import, edit, organize, and manage your photos. It has one of the best and easy to use RAW file editors. Once you have taken your photos, you can adjust white balance and exposure on Lightroom without risking loss in image quality. The high-quality RAW files make it easy to add filters and custom edit your photos as you see fit. With tools like a graduated filter, adjustment brush, and post-crop vignette, you can be as creative as you want.

Ever wondered where influencers and solopreneurs with well-crafted feeds get the time to edit their Instagram photos? The secret lies in using Lightroom. It allows you to save preset templates saving you time when editing other photos. As a result, you can perform a batch photo edit with only one click. Besides, you don’t have to worry about damaging your original photos, as Lightroom is a non-destructive tool. You can always get back to the original image even after many edits. It is one of the best tools for creating appealing Instagram feeds and Instagram stories.

A new plug-in LR/Instagram allows you to post your photos from Lightroom to Instagram. Link your Instagram account with this plug-in, and you are set!


Crello Instagram Tool

The pressure to create engaging content with over 200 million daily Instagram users is increasing by the day. Every marketer wants to stand out by creating the most magnetic and stunning photos and videos. Incredible graphics have the power to bring people to your door. Not everyone is a graphic designer with an aesthetic eye.

Have you ever googled, “Which design essential should every Instagram marketer use?” Crello is your answer. You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to have a stunning social media platform. It is a point-and-click design studio with many free templates for you to customize. With no prior knowledge required to create an eye-catching promo, ad, or Instagram post. The fact that it’s free, quick, and easy has made Crello a must-have-Instagram tool. It’s available for both iPhones and Android phones.


Magisto Instagram Tool

Are you Looking for a video hero for your Instagram account?

Magisto is the best business video editor to scale your digital marketing. Video marketing has increased over the past year, creating a 200% brand awareness increase. According to the study, email click-through rate has increased by over 300% with video content. Businesses are now able to close 80% more sales with video. With the statistics backing up video content, brands and businesses have to jump on the video bandwagon. The central pillar of marketing is social media, and videos play a significant role.

Magisto helps you develop high-quality videos within minutes. Being authentic is the key to today’s marketing, as social media has so much fake. Nothing delivers authenticity like a video as people get to put faces on brand stories. One can equate Magisto video storytelling to a superhuman door-to-door marketing force. It is a smart AI-powered video editor with many image options available at a click. You get to create, test, and optimize your video by channel and audience, giving you the best results.

4. Best Scheduling Tools for Instagram 2024

Do you feel overwhelmed juggling between maintaining a beautiful Instagram feed and updating content consistently? This Instagram scheduling tools will make your life easy by managing your Instagram content calendar and keeping your grid organized.


Planoly Instagram Tool

Over the years, Planoly has been a driving force behind many Instagram accounts.

Planoly is an end to end Instagram visual management platform. We help brands and influencers manage their content and marketing campaigns for Instagram. Visually plan – Use our drag and drop feature to arrange your content before posting it live.” Planoly.

One thing that has made Planoly popular is its ease of use. The platform makes it a breeze to add photos, captions, hashtags, and schedule posts. It enables you to upload a batch of pictures as it can store your photos even when you haven’t scheduled them. Besides, it comes with simple analytics, unlike the sophisticated analytics tools around.

Is color coordination is important to you? For artists and photographers Instagram grid presentation matters. You can upload your images on Planoly and arrange them to your preferred style. It is one of the best Instagram management tool vetted and verified by Instagram. It is also available for both Android and IOS.


Later Instagram Tool

Later is the leading visual marketing platform for businesses on Instagram. Founded as the first-to-market Instagram scheduler is 2014, over 1.7 million people use Later to simplify their marketing and grow their business on Instagram.” Later

Do you want to create complex Instagram content calendars? Use Later. It allows you to label, tag, bulk upload, and add captions to your posts. You are always on top of your schedule, as all your devices are synced with your social media calendar. As a result, you can upload Instagram scheduling content from Google drive, dropbox, or your computer.

Using Later, you get a notification alert reminding you to press ‘post’ on your content. It’s important to remember that providing consistent content doesn’t equate to spamming your Instagram followers.  The only limitation with Later is not being able to post into your Instagram profile.


Buffer Instagram Tool

You probably know about Buffer from Facebook and Twitter scheduling.

“Buffer is a software application for the web and mobile, designed to manage accounts in social networks, by providing the means for a user to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and Linkedin, as well as analyze their results and engage with their community.” Wikipedia

It is also a very handy tool for Instagram business accounts. You get to schedule posts from your PC or mobile, and it posts into your Instagram account. With Buffer, you also get to track the performance, engagement, and interactions of your images and video posts. It helps you amplify your reach by knowing which posts work best with your target audience.

5. Best Analytics Tools for Instagram 2024

Have you ever wondered how you can monitor, evaluate, and track your Instagram engagement beyond the in-built Instagram analytics metrics? Instagram engagement entails knowing your target audience, what interests them, their pain-points, and how to best provide a solution for them. This Instagram analytics tools provide quick insights required to optimize your Instagram marketing.


Iconosquare Instagram Tool

It is one of the most efficient analytics tools for Instagram accounts. You not only get to leverage brands leading analytics but also grow your business to another level. Iconosquare gives insight into the greatest engaging posts and the best time to schedule your content.

It’s an all-round Instagram engaging tool. You see the most popular hashtags, posts, topics, both yours and other Instagram users. You also get to know how your content posting frequency relates to new followers and lost ones. Further to analytics, it comes with a content calendar for you to schedule your posts. Also, an influencer search tool to help you with your campaigns.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social Instagram Tool

Do you have a team managing your Instagram marketing? Sprout Social is the marketing tool for your team as it combines analytics with content creation and CRM management. Its editorial content calendar enables you to schedule content across several social media platforms. Including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

It gives you hashtag performance across different geographic places enabling you to target your audience better. You can compile a report by making real-time comparisons across your diverse audience.

Any data-driven marketer loves Sprout Social as it equips them with information to create, connect, and convert. Your brand’s health and followers have to come first hence the need to manage comments and track hashtags, and run reports.


Owlmetrics Instagram Analytics


A great Instagram marketing strategy doesn’t come by guesswork. A robust analytical tool creates the basis for every decision making in Instagram marketing. The one-stop-shop for all things analytics is Owlmetrics.

It has a simple dashboard that provides insight into the key performance indicators of your Instagram profile. This includes engagement levels, followers’ growth, hashtag performance, click-through rates, as well as competitor account insights. Not only that, Owlmetrics provide in-depth insight into details like the most engaging video or photo filters, sources of the most engaging content, top tags, the best time to post, among others.

You get a clear picture of how you are building or damaging your brand on Instagram. The real-time analytics is a goldmine as you can twerk your content to create and dynamite. Competitor tracking is another handy feature in Owlmetrics. You get to see what they are doing and how you can gain a competitive edge over them. And the best thing, you don’t have to be a number-person to understand the analytics.

6. Speed Up Your Instagram Growth 2024

Instagram is getting bigger by the day, and the demand for versatile and streamlined management is growing. Leveraging on the above Instagram tools save you time and improve your online presence. Knowing what your audience wants and consistently giving it to them is all it’s about. Whether it’s increasing your audience, brand visibility, or deepening relationships, now you have the right tools to get the job done.

I hope, you like my article. Please leave me a comment and feel free to let me know if you use any other tools for your Instagram in the comments below.