It’s enticing, and you’re skeptical about it, right?

You have heard about people who started a ‘make money from home’ biz and hit their home runs within a few months — people who have now quit their jobs work with their own schedule, spend more time with their families, and now live their dream life.

You have probably searched the internet and come across online survey sites giving stats about freelancing industry and how it could change someone’s life. You have dismissed those online survey stats because it’s just hard for you to believe.

It sounds like a fairy tale, especially when you are living from paycheck to paycheck. Honestly, you have to wonder, especially when the internet is crowded with all sorts of bloggers trying to make you believe it’s possible.

But the truth is that this isn’t just an urban legend. After you got the hang of how the business works and after you gain the necessary skills for whichever work-at-home biz you want to pursue, you will live your dream life just like the rest.

In this post, I will walk you through how to start your work-at-home biz — from giving you thoughtful answers to the most frequently asked questions on the internet to explaining in detail some of the best ways to make money from home.

Take note that I have only selected the online or digital ideas and not the general ideas – no real estate, pet sitting stuff or something irrelevant to online business. Also, this is a long post, but I promise to make it a whole simpler for you to digest. Ready? Let’s get started.

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How Can I Make Money From Home?

You’re tired of your full-time job and looking for an option, so you can quit it, start your work-at-home biz, have more time with your family, and travel the world

Unfortunately, you have continuously come across websites and companies that are only after your hard-earned money.

Well, there are a ton of legitimate ways you can make extra money from home – from selling your old snapshots to building a huge following on social sites such as Instagram.

So yes, you can make extra cash, and I will walk through the various ways in a few.

How Can I Be a Stay At Home Mom And Make Money Online?

In this generation, everyone can make money from home — it doesn’t matter what gender you are. What matters is whether or not you can put in the effort required to make it a success.

There are many moms pocketing hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month by working from home.

It’s hard to believe, but it is a reality. For example, Elna Cain, a freelance writer, and other moms are making thousands of dollars from their blogging business about mom stuff.

Freelance writer-Elna Cain


First, you have to believe, then plan. Once you have a rough sketch of how you want to scale your work from home business, rest assured you will reap big.

What Are Good Stay at Home Jobs?

If you are serious about making money from home, then you are pretty lucky.

Telecommuting has taken shape over the years, and there seems to be a bright future for anyone who wishes to start a make money from home biz.

A study by Global Workplace Analytics revealed that the number of people who telecommute has shot from 1.8 million to 3.9 million between 2015 and 2017.

Additionally, those who work from home can save up to $11,000 every year. So what are some of the best stay at home jobs?

Some stay-at-home jobs include virtual assistance, translation, graphic designing, proofreader jobs, freelance writer jobs, website testing, social media management, web developing, transcribing, data entry among others.

What Companies Hire From Home?

This is where you get it all wrong. There are several websites with a list of companies hiring from home which aren’t up to date.

It could be that they are scammy, or they contain dead links. Don’t worry, though. Here’s a list of companies hiring from home. You could end up making them your side hustle and earn passive income from them or dive into them full-time.

How Can I Make Money While I Sleep?

The phrase ‘make money while you sleep’ sounds misnomer.

The truth is that you will make money after you have invested in something – money, time, or anything with a Return On Investment.

For example, if you create a valuable online course, you can sell it for a couple of years to come. People will purchase your course ‘while you sleep.’

You only have one task, though: to continuously update it when there’s a new trend.

Cautions to Making Money From Home

1. You Can’t Do it During Your ‘Free Time’

When you don’t drag your butt out of bed during cold seasons, don’t get stuck in a jam, or you never sit in an office all day for a paycheck, you might mistake working from home as a hobby.

Sure, you can do it part-time, but the issue of free time should never exist. If you have a full-time job, it’s fine to do your work-at-home jobs part-time.

Regardless of what you do to make extra money, don’t take it as a hobby or trust yourself you will do it in your free time because, in my opinion, there’s nothing like free time.

In my own experience, those who reap big working from home are those who take it as a business right from the first day. They don’t take chances and make good use of every time set for work.

In other words, have the business mindset; take it like a real job, and you’ll receive the warm love from the gods for your hard work.

2. You Have to Learn Continuously

I believe that learning is a continuous process, and probably you do.

If you take a keen look at the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, you’ll note one unique thing about them — they are staunch believers of continuous learning.

Fortunately, you are lucky that there are tons of online course platforms where you can continuously seek knowledge in exchange for a few bucks.

All you need to do is to load your PayPal or bank account with some money because most online courses will charge you via PayPal or through your bank account.

For example, Udemy is a great platform hosting a ton of video content courses. Most courses are always on flash sales — going at around $9.99 or $11.99.

You can also check out Skillshare and Creativelive. You could also seek your ‘personal legend’ from their sites.

3. You Have to Be More Than Smart

I’m smart, is that not enough to make money from home?

Honestly, you need to be more than smart. You have probably heard about entrepreneurs who identified an opportunity, worked tooth, and nail to bring into existence a product or a brand that people now cherish.

A good example is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the world’s largest social platform, Facebook. He identified an opportunity and worked hard to build a product that has now attracted the attention of more than 2 billion users across the world.

In other words, you have to first find an opportunity before being smart with something. You get it, right?

Okay, enough of introduction. Let’s now get into the nitty-gritty of this post — Real ways to make money from home, shall we?

10 Real Ways to Make Money From Home

1. Start a Blog

I can guess it. You are wondering why you should start a blog when the world is shifting to video content on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

But take a look at these online survey stats:

  • There are over 600 million blogs across the world
  • There are over 131 million bloggers in the United States
  • 70 million blog posts are published on WordPress every day
  • More than seventy-five percent of people read blogs regularly
  • Content marketing/ freelance writing is now a $300 billion industry

Additionally, top bloggers like Jon Morrow and Neil Patel are reaping it big. Jon says that his blog, SmartBlogger, earns a monthly income of $100,000 every month. Neil Patel, on the other hand, adds $381,772 to his kitty every month.

And the good news is that starting a blog is relatively simple these days – you don’t need to have any coding knowledge. Here’s a quick step to setting up your blog up and running:

If you are one of those small business owners without a blog, you should create one. Other small business owners have done so, why not you?

  • Choose a blog topic/ niche
  • Choose your preferred blogging platform — WordPress
  • Decide and purchase a domain name
  • Select a web hosting plan
  • Install WordPress
  • Design your blog with a theme — a premium theme
  • Install the necessary WordPress plugins such as Jetpack
  • Blog and start optimizing it (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Monetize your blog once Google starts showing you love by sending a ton of traffic to your blog – you could start an online tutoring business or enable ads on your blog.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

When I talk about making extra cash through a YouTube channel, the first thing that comes to your mind is ads, but what if I told you making on YouTube isn’t all about ad revenues? Heck, it’s not even the best way.

How to start and grow a YouTube channel from zero


Seriously, if you want to make money on YouTube, you have to explore all the money-making options available for YouTube monetization. In other words, be sure to monetize your YouTube channel through ad revenues, sponsorships from companies and brands, donations options such as Patreon, and selling merchandise.

We already have a published post that will walk you through, step-by-step how you can make money on YouTube. You can check it out. (Link to the first post we did) You can also watch this YouTube video by YouTube creator academy to know how.

3. Write eBooks: Kindle Direct Publishing

Instead of going through all the rigmarole of publishing your book using the traditional way, you can now publish your book faster with Kindle Direct Publishing.

And that’s not all. You can publish your book and start earning in 24 hours or less. While Amazon will deduct some fee, you will have the lion’s share.

Write an ebook - Kindle Direct Publishing


Below are a few steps to Kindle Direct Publishing:

  • Validate your book idea (before you sit down to write)
  • Package your book like a bestseller using tools like Canva, PicMonkey
  • Launch your book
  • Keep selling by raising your book price at least once a week

This was just a quick step, but if you want to get deep, maybe because you haven’t done this before, be sure to check the web for some guidance.

4. Become An Affiliate Marketer

You can make money through affiliate marketing, in fact, while you sleep. I’m sure that’s just what you get when you do a quick Google search, right?

Clickbank - Become an Affiliate Marketer


Take note, though. It’s not a short-term thing. You have to put more effort into it before you can start seeing results.

First, you need to choose a product or service you love. There are several ways you can promote these products or services. For example, you could promote them through your blog posts, YouTube channel, or via your social media posts.

Next, you should sign up as an affiliate. Whether you will be working with a merchant or with a network, you will need to apply for an affiliate program and wait for your approval. Some affiliate companies are strict, though, so make sure you understand their terms.

You have been accepted to be an affiliate, so what’s next? Promote! Promote! Promote, but do it considerably. Don’t bore up your followers by promoting products or services that don’t relate to them in any way.

Lastly, comply with any policies your affiliate company has put in place. For example, let people know that the link they are about to click is an affiliate link and that you will earn a commission if they use it to purchase a product or service.

5. Create and Sell Online Courses

Some things are just meant to be — you don’t require a Ph.D. or a degree to create and sell online courses. All you need is knowledge about something, and you’re good to go.

For example, Len Smith, a British Copywriter, and author of the book, “How to become a copywriter and earn from your own home” was called upon by Udemy to convert his book into an online course.

Create and Sell Online Sources


He heeded the calling and set up the course. Some months after publishing the course, his monthly income rose to $6,500 per month. Sounds like a good deal, but how do you create your course?

  • Select a topic you want to teach about — it does not matter as long as it will be valuable to your target audience
  • Begin creating your online course either using slides, videos, audios, or text
  • Identify and choose an online course platform such as Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific, Teachable, among others
  • Upload your course materials
  • Promote your course to your audience through social media, email campaigns, etc

6. Dropshipping

You’ve heard about drop shipping and how you can make extra money, right.

Of course, it’s simple, but there’s work to be done. In other words, you need to set up a few things before you can start earning from it.


Now, dropshipping is the process of selling physical products without owning a warehouse or handling the inventory.

To help you understand further, here’s a quick process to starting your dropshipping business:

  • Set up your website and integrate it with a free credit card processing
  • Take orders from customers
  • Forward the order and shipping address of the customer to your dropship supplier
  • Pay the dropship supplier the agreed amount and pocket the remainder

7. Become a Virtual Assistant

I bet everyone can become a virtual assistant and make extra cash from it just like Carrie Smith, the founder of a popular blog, Careful Cents, and Billie Gardner, the founder of Desire to Done.

Become a Virtual Assistant


In this post, Carrie Garder gives a reflection of how she started her virtual assistance business, in which she states that she began by helping one of her clients with guest posting needs.

And that’s not all. A virtual assistant can do nearly anything. The unique thing about it is that you work from the comfort of your own home, beach, or anywhere.

If this sounds like something good, below are some of the VA tasks you could include in your services:

  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting, proofreading, and editing
  • Blog management
  • Freelance writing
  • Research and fact-checking
  • Social media management
  • Marketing and webinars
  • Pinterest management
  • Data entry

And if, by any chance, you wish to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, be sure to check out this online tutoring program/ course, Pinterest VA that will walk you through how to start your Pinterest VA online business. It is one of the Pinterest VA courses you’ll ever find on the internet.

8. Become a Ghostwriter

Maybe you have been writing guest posts.

But then you see a job post stating they are hiring a ghostwriter, and you be like, “who the heck is a ghostwriter?”

Well, a ghostwriter is a freelance writer who doesn’t get credit for his or her writing. In other words, you get hired to write, get paid, but the post is published under someone else’s name.

It’s a lucrative business, BTW. You can even demand an upfront payment. And the best about it is that you can start with just a functioning computer and a stable internet connection.

Below is a quick guide on how you can start your ghostwriting business:

  • Enhance your content creation skills
  • Master the art of SEO
  • Create your portfolio samples
  • Hunt your first paying client

An excellent place to sell your ghostwriting services is Upwork. Upwork is the largest and most popular freelancing platform. Sign up today and get started.

9. Become a Transcriber

Transcribing is just another way to make money online. All you need is a functioning laptop, a stable internet connection as well as excellent listening skills.

Become a Transcriber


The reason why excellent listening skills are a must is that transcription involves listening to audio files and writing down what you hear in a specific format.

Some companies only hire professionals with transcription software, but some just want a transcriptionist — it does not matter to them whether or not you have the software.

Below are companies hiring transcribers:

10. Start a Podcast

A podcast is a great way to make money online.

Most bloggers claim that you need a blog to start a podcast business, which is wrong. The truth is that you don’t need a blog to start a podcast.

Podcast- John Lee Dumas


Heck, there is even a new platform where you can make money with your email newsletter, so you can save money you would have used setting up a website.

The best way you can monetize your podcast business is by selling sponsorships or commercial spots, which people read before and during an episode.

For example, John Lee Dumas is the host of the famous podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire. He publishes his income, and in December 2018, he earned $64,000. Want to start a podcast business? Check this post out to find the best podcast hosting.

Bottom Line: Can You Really Make Money From Home?

And there you go.

You have everything to start your online business and work with your own schedule — whether it’s a blog, affiliate marketing, proofreading, data entry, or starting a podcast, you have everything you need.

You have completed one step — knowing the ideas by reading this post. Please don’t let your guard down just yet.

Identify some of these ways and implement them because learning is only complete when the idea realized is implemented.

You can do this!